The Year in Photos

The year in photos
Portaits of a year marred by tragedy

Photographs by Kate Robertson, David Neville, Cindy Chew & Robert Bradshaw

The Sept. 11 attacks dwarfed all other events in 2001, creating ripples felt even in the relatively safe confines of Palo Alto.

In the wake of the tragedy, local residents showed their support for victims in New York and Washington D.C. by donating blood, time and money for relief efforts. Vigils were held throughout the community, and elementary school students sent homemade cards to New York police officers and firefighters.

Menlo Park firefighters contributed to the cause by sending a task force to search for survivors in the rubble of the World Trade Center.

As devastating as the attacks were, however, the year also marked several unrelated milestones. In Palo Alto, a sitting mayor was defeated for the first time in decades and three new faces ascended to the City Council. The Fitzhugh case went to trial, with Kenneth ultimately found guilty for the second-degree murder of his wife.

IKEA became a sore point for East Palo Alto last year, with residents divided over whether or not the furniture giant would actually benefit the community. Palo Alto schools Superintendent Don Phillips left the district and was replaced by Mary Frances Callan of the Pleasanton elementary district. In Ravenswood, Superintendent Charlie Mae Knight spent much of her time in court, coping with a special education lawsuit and successfully defending herself from criminal charges.

On the following pages, the Weekly presents photographs representing some of the stories that made 2001 unique, as well as quieter moments that define our lives day in and day out.


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