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The 800 block of Hamilton Avenue

The homes on the 800 block of Hamilton Avenue look spit-shined and well cared for. All the lawns are neatly mowed and edged and walkways are swept. The street reflects the calm and wealth of old Palo Alto, where a number of prominent Palo Altans reside. The houses are a blend of old and new - a bone of contention for some in the neighborhood who decry the three monster homes that have been built on the block.

Fifteen years ago the Weekly profiled the 800 block of Hamilton Avenue and found it in a state of flux. A new crop of residents were just beginning to move onto the block. There seemed to be a quiet distance between the new and the old. At the time, one resident said "if the people who bought the house across the street a while back walked into my living room today I wouldn't recognize them." Since then, all but three homes on the block have been sold. The households are now mostly two-income and self-sufficient. Live-in nannies, landscapers and house cleaners are common. On a daily basis, there's little mingling between neighbors, who are busy working and spending time with their families. It's a rarity today to see school children running from home to home, turning their neighbors into surrogate families. Two decades ago, that wasn't the case. Children were seen as the glue that kept the neighbors together.


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