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June 17, 1998

The flood next time

Putting the flood behind us

June 12, 1998

Eleven claims filed against city
Residents blame the officials for thousands of dollars in property damage

June 10, 1998

City admits it was a little unprepared
Inexperience and lack of a warning system were magnified by unpredictable weather, report states

Notification system planned
City's need for emergency system apparent in wake of February flood

June 3, 1998

Flood cost may top $40 million
City underestimated repair cost for flooded private property

April 10, 1998

City hires flood claim consultants
Victims can find free help with their paperwork through April 18

February 13, 1998

Libraries reopen, clean up
Process begins to restore 120,000 water-damaged books and papers

How to apply for federal flood aid
Agencies are setting up shop to help homeowners and tenants recoup losses

February 11, 1998

After the flood: asking why
Midpeninsula residents appreciate the efforts city officials made after the flood, but many ask why they received no warning.

Council bears brunt of anger
Flood victims give them a piece of their minds about city's response

Our Town: Behind flood coverage
by Weekly Publisher, Bill Johnson

Reassessing San Francisquito Creek
Preliminary report examines options for flood protection

Counties declared disaster areas
Federal financial aid available for flood victims

Editorial - The great flood: Were we prepared?
The conditions were the worst imaginable: multiple breaches of San Francisquito Creek in the middle of the night at high tide. But was enough done to warn the community?

Near disaster on West Bayshore
Flash flood almost trapped 40 tenants

FEMA map proves nearly accurate
City officials revising plans to appeal FEMA flood zone

Heavy damages for Oregon Avenue
Small neighborhood near 101 and Page Mill Road reels from the effects of the flood

A hard hit
One Palo Alto family was about to sell their now-flooded home

Red Cross gets flooded out
Urban Ministry seeks new site for homeless drop-in center

Menlo Park pumping problems
Residents advised to hire private companies to pump basements

East Palo Alto tenants get eviction scare
Apartment tenants were told they couldn't come back

Flood, rains overwhelmed drains, sewers
City says storm drains not designed for situation; sewers backed up too

Storm Web page gets heavy use

February 6, 1998

Local cities declared disaster areas
East Palo Alto damage estimated at $12 million; hundreds in Midpeninsula lose phone service

Palo Alto reacts to flood
Some residents are angry that there was no warning

The anatomy of a flood
Most flooding was caused by a 'wave' that moved south from San Francisquito Creek

Duveneck hit hard by flooding
Classrooms at Escondido, Jordan also damaged by storm

Council challenges flood zone
New storm drain negates need for flood zone designation, Menlo Park says

Where to find help

After the flood: tips for cleaning up, staying healthy

February 4, 1998

Palo Alto under water
Battered by heavy rains, the Midpeninsula copes with the biggest floods in memory

When the water doesn't stop
Some South Palo Alto residents were rescued and taken to Red Cross shelters

When the waters poured
An approximate chronology of the Flood of '98

Great Flood of '98
A first-hand account by Weekly Sports Editor, Keith Peters

Map of flooded areas

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