Duveneck hit hard by flooding

Classrooms at Escondido, Jordan also damaged by storm

Teachers and staff pitched in Tuesday and Wednesday to tear up carpeting and clean up Duveneck Elementary School in time for classes Thursday morning.

Most of Palo Alto's schools survived Tuesday morning's flood with just a few leaks in the roof. But Duveneck found itself in the path of the overflowing San Francisquito Creek.

Duveneck's principal, Teena Henshaw, found thigh-high water in the street when she arrived before dawn Tuesday. The water flooded into six classrooms and part of the library.

"There was six inches of water in the administration building, four to six inches of water in the classrooms and some in the library," Henshaw said.

A foul-smelling mixture of mud, water and silt still covered much of the campus Wednesday.

But when students arrived for school Thursday morning, the pavement was clean, desks and chairs were set up in the classrooms and the parking lot was cleared of a half foot of mud. The library was the only building still closed to students.

Water crept into two classrooms at Escondido Elementary and flooded one classroom at Jordan Middle School. Jordan's music building, notorious for flooding, was saved by sandbags placed by the district just the day before the rains came, said Principal Dee Brummet.

--Charlie Breitrose

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