Spring Real Estate 2009

Publication Date: Friday, April 24, 2009
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Sitting on the Fence

Both buyers and sellers await the perfect moment

Mortgage market on the upswing
Applications increasing but lending standards still strict

Spring 2009 snapshot of the market
Here's what you can get for close to the median price

Real estate in retirement
Local seniors find increasing housing options

Put on a happy face
Staging can give prospective buyers a good idea of a home's best features

To list or not to list?
A question of how to best market a home

Web blogs re-shape real-estate market
Readers near and far gather in-depth information

Condo market bottoming out?
Competitive pricing, incentives encourage sales

When real estate ignorance isn't bliss
Find out as much as possible about your future new home

Rent Watch
Can a landlord refuse to rent to a home day-care center?