Spring Real Estate 2008

Publication Date: Friday, April 18, 2008
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Love 'em, so don't leave 'em

Local residents slow to offer their homes for sale

East Palo Alto housing sales in motion
Foreclosures, short sales create active, volatile market

Spring 2008 snapshot of the market
What do you get for close to the median price?

New homes on the horizon
Newly built houses create instant neighborhoods

A place of one's own
Palo Alto's Below Market Rate Housing program bridges homeownership gap

Rent Watch
Must tenants move in and pay rent on the first of the month?

Slow, but steady sales at higher end
Pricey houses typically take longer to sell

An answer to the subprime mess?
Loan-limit lifeline promises more than delivers

Guiding the home-loan bewildered
Local brokers write mortgage primer in these subprime times

Avoiding the refinancing trap
Foreclosure isn't always worst-case scenario

A colorful, quiet neighborhood where people like to stay