Spring Real Estate 2007

Publication Date: Friday, April 28, 2007

Spring Real Estate 2007
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Narrowing the home search

Internet allows more customized house hunting

Surfing the 'Net
So many sites, so little real information

Internet search is just one strategy
House hunters use every tool in the box

Spring 2007 snapshot of the market
A close-up of median-priced homes

Hot properties at high end
Solid community wealth keeps market active

Lost -- but not forgotten -- neighborhoods
So, where exactly do you live?

New housing abounds
More than 350 new homes coming to Palo Alto and Mountain View

Paring down while living well
The Hamilton provides amenities, as well as location

Surviving a remodel
Local author throws a life vest to homeowners

Getting your foot in the door
Townhouses, condos offer entrée for first-time buyers

Spend to save
Rebates, tax credits offered on energy-saving appliances

Sub-prime loans:
The good, the bad and the ugly

Editor: Carol Blitzer
Designer: Dana James