Fall Real Estate 2007

Publication Date: Friday, October 12, 2007 Section 1 | Section 2

Cities of dreams
If you list it in Palo Alto, Menlo Park or Mountain View, it will sell

Buyers in the 'magic bubble' beware
Mortgage crisis aftershocks affect Palo Alto, but are combatable

Fall 2007 snapshot of the market
What do you get for close to the median price?

Building green
Everything from insulation and resource monitoring can assure less future energy use

What's it all mean?
From 'mortgage' to 'foreclosure,' it's important to understand terms

Real estate paparazzi
The new privacy invasion

Turnkey for the now generation
Fully furnished homes offered by agent/stager partners

Neighbors stay connected through e-newsletter, social events

Beyond knowing the market
Agents provide special expertise to Spanish-speakers, seniors or green buyers

Taxes going down?
Homeowners can appeal for home reassessments from the county assessor

Back to basics
Course demystifies home remodeling and building processes

All rules must be equally applied to all tenants

Editor: Carol Blitzer
Designer: Dana James