Fall Real Estate 2004

Publication Date: Friday, October 1, 2004

Finding a winning strategy
Homebuyers need to do their homework in this challenging market

Balancing act -- security vs. savings
How much risk is there with adjustable-rate mortgages?

Coming clean
How to organize the stuff of life

Pack it up, move it out
Options abound for moving and storing goods

Another way to buy or sell
Companies use ClickHome to offer no-cost employee benefit

Upping your home's value
Ten home-improvement projects that make a difference

Eichlers reborn
New owners are updating Eichler homes for the 21st Century

A cut above
How does a seller choose an agent?

Choose me, choose me
Local agents strive to find ways to differentiate themselves

What's new?
Brand-new houses are at a premium

A reasonable alternative
Mobile-home living offers a culture unto itself

Who're you going to call?
Personal referrals can be hard to come by in construction

Does your broker have insurance?
If not, you could be left with major liability