Fall Real Estate 2003

Publication Date: Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Squeezing the market
The lows are higher and the highs are lower

Forget Prince Charming
Seminar encourages women to buy their own homes

Mortgage rates head up
No longer at the lowest in decades, but still low

Look before you leap
Home inspections can turn up unexpected problems

Considering a condo?
A practical alternative to single-family homes

Know what you're buying
Be aware in an 'as-is' sale

Planning for the future
Hyatt Senior Residence is filling fast

Stand-out properties
Some things old, some things new

Use it and lose it?
Talk of blacklisting has homeowners thinking twice about insurance claims

Tricks of the trade?
A 1031 tax-deferred exchange can build wealth without paying taxes

A gift that keeps on giving
Donating real estate can have tax benefits