Single Family

The Single Family (R-1) Zone District Regulations and Adoption of an Individual Review (Design Process)

March 21, Planning and Transportation Commission Study Session Staff Report

Status CMR on Single Family (attachment to March 21 Staff Report)

Over-Ride Principles (attachment to March 21 Staff Report)

Comparison of Lot Size and Max Coverage (attachment to March 21 Staff Report)

Comment on the R1 for P&TC (Explanatory page for proposed changes to the R-1 regulations)

R-1 regs only for P&TC (proposed R-1 regulation changes)

Other Issues Comments and Update for P&TC (other issues identified by Advisory Group of importance to be addressed outside the Single Family Review)

March 21 Commission meeting minutes

May 23 R-1 Staff Report (May 23, Planning and Transportation Commission 2nd Study Session Staff Report)

May 23 Study Session Minutes (May 23 Commission meeting minutes)

IR Guidelines (Draft - Individual Review Guidelines)

Single Family Action on June 6 (June 6 Planning and Transportation Commission Public Hearing Staff Report)

CMR for June 18th Committee of the Whole

Source: City of Palo Alto