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Last updated Saturday, November 2, 2002

Bay Area loses Olympic bid to New York
Sympathy for terrorist attacks could have swayed voters deciding U.S. city to compete for 2012 Summer Games

by Keith Peters

BASOC logoSentimentality won out over good weather and good sense on Saturday when New York City beat out the Bay Area to become the U.S. candidate for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Members of the Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee (BASOC) had put together a solid plan that included having 80 percent of the Olympic venues already in place, near-perfect summer weather, the best low-risk financial package, and fabulous vistas.

New York, meanwhile, countered with the prestige of the Big Apple, charismatic leadership and sympathy from last year's terrorist attacks. It is believed that sympathy apparently swayed the vote in New York's favor.

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