Prison dodge ball is a great game

Prison dodge ball is a great game to play at P.E. The object of the game is to try to not get hit with a rubber ball anywhere below the waist. You are separated into two equal-sized teams at the beginning of the game. Then your team tries to hit people with balls and tries to get them out! You get them out by hitting them with the balls. It's fun to play but, the only hard part is being in jail. You see if you get hit with the rubber ball you go to jail, the jail is on the other side of the opponents parts of the court. The only way to get out is that a person on your team throws a ball to you and you hit someone on the opposite team. Then the person you hit is out and you return to your team. I recommend playing in a basketball court.

--Carla Mendoza, Grade 5


Play Hammer Hammer

The game Hammer Hammer is getting better and we need more people to play it. If everyone plays it will be more fun. Talk to Jin-Jay, Buck or Aki, if you want to play at Nixon School. Hammer Hammer is a game where the nails are chased by the hammer. The hammer is a tagger. There are bases for nails and the free hammer frees the nails. It is really fun, come out and play. You should try it.

--Buck Landstrass, Grade 3


Sports are fun, if you like them

Well, I think that handball is liked more by the fourth-grade class, A-2. Twelve kids like handball. I don't know why. Because I don't really like it, handball is not really fun for me, but I play it. Seven kids like soccer, and seven kids like football. I like soccer and football and rounders. No one likes rounders. Well, sometimes kids play it, but they don't like it. Sometimes I play it, but I don't really like it. One person in our classroom likes basketball. Well, I watch it on TV, but I don't play because I can't really play it, but it's fun to watch on TV. I think that all sports can be fun if you like them.

--Cynthia Prieto, Grade 4

Recess at Nixon

The kids at Nixon School play at recess and lunch. At recess and lunch, they play handball, soccer, football and many other games. They play games on the playground (either on the blacktop or the field). They play games because they are fun to play and they want to take a break from class. Recess starts at 10 a.m. and goes until 1020 a.m.

--Lucy Lanza, Sasha Pasko and Yuko Waki, Grade 3

Recess ball games

Students at Nixon play all kinds of games during recess. The most popular are football, handball, soccer, basketball and rounders. All of these games are fun to play because a lot of kids like to play these games. We interviewed one class from each grade. We found that 28 students like to play football, 33 students like to play soccer, 16 students like to play handball, 16 students like to play basketball and 5 students like to play rounders. Usually the older students play with the older students and the younger ones stick with the younger ones.

--Jose Ayala, John Lambert and Hanspreet Sandhu, Grade 3

Touchdown, basket, score!

Swish, swoosh, through the hoop! What kinds of P.E. sports do Nixon students like the most? From my own experience and a survey I did asking what kids like in P.E., it has to be a toss up of handball, basketball and football. The following fifth-graders shared these thoughts with me about P.E.
Jamie Gamble said, "I like basketball the most because they put us in groups of advanced or intermediate."
P.J. McGranahan said, "I like football because I like running around and scoring points."
Atara Santis told me, "I like hockey because it is fun to guard the goals."
Liz Wise said, "I like getting fit."

--Ken Martinez, Grade 5

Handball at recess

Mark Ustinov plays handball at recess on the little kids' handball court. Ustinov plays handball with his friends, Eric Stewart and Emil Bergner at recess and lunch. You play the game handball by letting the ball bounce once on the ground and hit the board and you play until somebody makes the ball bounce twice.

--Eric Stewart, Grade 3

Students' favorite sports are soccer, football and handball

Soccer, football and handball are the fourth-grade students' favorite sports at Nixon Elementary School. The students in room A2 voted on which sport they liked best. Seven people chose football, six people chose soccer, and 12 people chose handball. I would say handball is the most-liked sport of the students in room A2 and soccer is their least favorite sport.
I think more people chose handball because it is more popular to play at recess and familiar to most of the students at the school. I think soccer was picked as the least favorite because soccer is not liked by girls due to the fact that that they can get muddy or can slip while playing. However, I believe that all these activities are very fun and I look forward to playing them every day.

--Jane Rue, Grade 4

Recess time sports range from handball to rounders

At recess time, the Nixon kids play all kinds of games, like handball, basketball, soccer, rounders and football. The kids play in different places, too. They play handball, basketball, and rounders on the blacktop. On the grass field they play soccer and football, when the grass is not wet. The students are usually happy and excited during the recess time, but not always. Even though there are many basketball hoops and handball courts, it still seems like it's not enough.
"People play football on basketball courts," said Jimmy, a fifth-grade student. He added, "Also, people don't agree on the rules."
"Sometimes all the handball courts are bombed, and they all have the same exact rules. Why don't they just play together? There should be more handball courts," said Andy Ball, another fifth-grade student.

--Yan Yan, Grade 5

Favorite recess activities

What are Nixon School students' favorite recess activities? Some of us like to play sports like handball, basketball, football, soccer, and rounders. Some of us like to spend our time by walking, talking, or going to our library to read or play on the computer.
In a survey of 15 fifth-graders, three students each preferred handball, football and games. No one preferred soccer, basketball, stickers, library or rounders. Six students preferred walking and talking with their friends. The following fifth-graders gave these comments about recess:
Monika Williams said: "I like to talk to my friends because it's better than getting hot and sweaty."
Johan Christensen said, "I like football because it's exciting."
Eliana Mendoza said, "Handball is my favorite sport at school."

--Atara Santis, Grade 5

Knock out is a popular game

Knock out is a game which a lot of people play. The way you play knock out is there is a line of people and the first person and the second person in line both shoot a ball, if the first person in line gets the ball in before the second person he gives the ball to the next person in line. The way to get someone out is if the second person in line gets the ball in the basket before the first person in line.

--Jimmy Shoven, Grade 5

Aggressive skating

Aggressive skating is a very popular sport. There are many different combinations for grinding, such as back slide acid or a fish brain. There are many groups of skaters, they all skate together in a big group. Most of the time, grinding blades are very expensive. Most grinding blades cost from $150 to $350. There is now a rule that when you grind, you must have a helmet on or you must take your blades off and leave the place where you are grinding.
Usually, people grind at Stanford. It is a good place to grind because they have everything to grind on, like curbs, rails, sidewalks and stairs. But the main reason they come to grind at Stanford is there is a very big campus so there is more space where people can grind. But there is a disadvantage to grinding: you can get hurt easily, but if you know how to grind it is harder to get hurt because you have practice grinding.

--Dylan Stewart, Grade 5

Stanford wins against Washington

Both these teams really wanted to win. Both teams had worked very hard and never gave up. Washington was very disappointed because they lost. The stadium was very big and many people were there. In fact, the bleachers were covered. I wanted Stanford to win and they did. I was very excited.

--Sophia Hifai, Grade 3

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