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Three cheers for the Nixon News! This publication marks the 5th annual Palo Alto Weekly student newspaper, produced this year by the third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students of Lucille M. Nixon School on Stanford Avenue.

We are excited to announce the Nixon News is the first student newspaper to be published in its entirety online. Be sure to log onto the Internet at www.PaloAltoOnline.com to read the full student text, which has been edited down in print due to space constraints.

The goal of this project is to teach elementary school students what a newspaper is all about and the important role it plays in our community. Approximately 25 members of the Weekly staff worked for five weeks with seven classes (approximately 222 students) providing hands-on, in-class education about the business of newspapers. The finale of the curriculum was a tour of the Weekly offices.

Special thanks to principal Ginger Fullerton and former principal Ruth Malen, office secretaries Barbara Halldorson, Ginny Chu and Loretta Mueller, and all the teachers involved in this special project: Melissa Beressi, Gloria Williams, Kerrie Swan, Kathleen Bianchini, Donna Rumwell, Tanya Green, Rachel Jordan and Brian Pederson. They are the ones that make it happen for these students on a daily basis, and our hats are off to them for the job they do.

Debbie Ford-Scriba, Promotions Director
Lisa Van Dusen, Marketing Director
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