Palo Alto Centennial
Publication Date: Wednesday, April 13, 1994

Beatrice Hubbard

Background: Hubbard and her husband moved to Fulton Avenue, also known as Christmas Tree Lane, in early 1942. In addition to remaining active in annual Christmas Tree Lane activities, Hubbard volunteers with the Senior Center of Palo Alto.

Memories: "The war brought us here. It was the gas rationing. See, we had been living down between Los Gatos and Saratoga, but my husband was a general manager with McElroy Lumber, which had its headquarters here. This house was the second one we looked at . . . Being on Christmas Tree Lane was a big selling point. One year, during the war, when there was a blackout, we couldn't put up our lights, but we put up the trees and hung them with tinfoil balls.

"I remember looking out to the back yard from the house and being able to see all the way to old Bayshore. There was nothing in between, just open fields. Jordan Junior High had just been built a couple or so years before and it just sort of stood out there by itself. There was a big ranch on the left-hand side of Embarcadero and we used to go over there to buy our vegetables."