Remembering 9/11
Updated Thursday, June 1, 2006 11:52 AM

Palo Alto Weekly
September 11, 2002

Are we safe?
Prepared for the worst
One year later
The price of security
Anthrax scare reached Palo Alto

Heroes' welcome?
Art imitates life
Editorial: A nation taken aback pauses to look back
Guest Opinion: Chiseled words: Combat 'every tyranny over the mind of man'
Guest Opinion: The pain of the scarf has not gone away
Finding resilience
Uncovering the depths of trauma

Almanac News
September 11, 2002
Police, fire agencies step up training, watchfulness
County organizes to counter biological or chemical attack
Churches prepare for memorial services
Widow of Flight 93 passenger says community support is unwavering
Be prepared for disaster, says police officer
School observances range widely
Reporter's viewpoint: My brother, a New York firefighter, has little to say about September 11

Mountain View Voice
September 6, 2002
Schools prepare for 9/11/2002

Pleasanton Weekly
September 11, 2002
Remembering September 11th

Palo Alto remembers
Although the tragic terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 occurred on the other side of the country, the ripples of that emotional day can still be strongly felt here in Palo Alto. Numerous organizations are opening their doors on or near the anniversary of the attacks for those wishing to honor the multitude of men and women who lost their lives that day. Here is a list of places to go for reflection, healing, and community sharing.


Stories from Previous editions

September 11, 2001
Local churches, synagogue respond to tragedy
City takes precautionary measures
Stanford evacuates law school, Hoover Tower
Schools help parents talk to kids
Stanford expert: Planes hit twin towers with A-bomb force

September 12, 2001
Blood center at Stanford overwhelmed with donors
Anti-Palestinian graffiti found at Gunn High
Peace vigil at Stanford draws nearly 100
Contact information and what you can do
Stanford-San Jose State game postponed

September 13, 2001
Bomb threat at Stanford Hospital
Police investigate hate e-mails
Bomb threat unfounded at Stanford hospital
Awaiting the word
: Menlo Park's urban rescue team stands by

September 14, 2001
Reactions to attack
Connected by a telephone line
From a distance
How to help
Police investigate hate emails
Awaiting the word
Midpeninsula donors step up to help disaster victims

September 17, 2001
Deployment near for Menlo firefighters
Community invited to discuss tragedy

September 19, 2001
Experiencing trauma
Midpeninsula donors step up to help disaster victims
Deployment near for Menlo firefighters
Menlo fire district seeks companies' help
A nation taken aback begins to look forward
Menlo Park rescuers head to New York

September 20, 2001
Cinematic fall out: Studios delay releases and alter upcoming films following last week's attacks

September 21, 2001
Religious leaders call for peace

September 26, 2001
Grounding lifted for flight-training at Palo Alto Airport
Pastor provides succor to NY rescue workers
Backlash too close to home
Gunn grad witnesses Trade Center attacks
Case of mistaken identity?
'Disaster dog' at work in New York
Was television the true target of terrorists?

October 1, 2001
Getting ready at the hospital

October 3, 2001
The elusive enemy
Combating local 'micro-terrorists'
Palo Alto woman tests the power of a scarf
The price for exterminating terrorism

October 17, 2001
Flight restrictions strangling Palo Alto Airport
Why we must start flying again

October 31, 2001
Blood donors back out of promises
Menlo firefighters home from New York for good
Airport businesses breathe easily again

November 28, 2001
Sweet bells echo in the heart of a new American
Give locally for direct, meaningful impact

December 12, 2001
Police to conduct interview connected to terrorism

December 19, 2001
Bioterrorism response plan is in place

December 26, 2001
Why we must start flying again

February 27, 2002
'Is that our Danny?'