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Monday, January 18, 2021

Santa Clara County holds back batch of Moderna vaccine that potentially causes allergic reactions

A specific lot of the Moderna vaccine for COVID-19 potentially caused a "higher-than-usual" number of allergic reactions but luckily, none of those doses have been administered to anyone in Santa Clara County, county officials said.

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A harrowing experience with COVID-19

Sequoia district adviser Rolando Bonilla shares his experience falling ill with COVID-19 at the same time as losing a family member to the virus.

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Local health care providers reeling from huge spike in demand for vaccine

Health care providers in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties are reeling from a massive spike in requests for COVID-19 vaccines last week, after state and county officials expanded eligibility.

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New COVID-19 variant increasing in Bay Area, linked to Kaiser San Jose outbreak

The L452R variant of COVID-19 -- being identified by viral genomic sequencing in the Bay Area -- has been linked to the Kaiser San Jose outbreak as well as other large outbreaks in Santa Clara County.

Monday, 9:13 AM | 2 comments

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Best Of Palo Alto: With caviar still on the menu, Michelin-starred restaurant turns to takeout

Much has changed in the age of COVID-19 for The Village Pub, a 19-year-old Michelin-starred restaurant.

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County inmates report unsafe conditions, go on hunger strike as COVID-19 cases soar

Inmates in Santa Clara County's jails are on a hunger strike as cases of COVID-19 rage through the correctional system amid reports of unsanitary, unsafe and cruel conditions.

Sunday, 7:42 AM | 5 comments

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Santa Clara County unveils COVID-19 vaccine dashboard

Santa Clara County launched a new online dashboard on Friday that tracks the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses received and administered by the county's health care sector to inform the public of how the vaccines are being distributed.

Saturday, 9:12 AM | 5 comments
Around Town: Work begins on Palo Alto's newest affordable housing project

In the latest Around Town column, news about an affordable housing project breaking ground, local residents and organizations awarded for their service during the pandemic and Midpeninsula celebrations honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

Saturday, 8:23 AM | 2 comments
Resignation creates another opening on Palo Alto's planning commission

The Palo Alto City Council will have a chance to fill three seats on the Planning and Transportation Commission in the coming weeks after Commissioner William Riggs' recent resignation.

Saturday, 8:23 AM | 3 comments

Friday, January 15, 2021

Santa Clara County ramps up COVID-19 vaccinations amid chaotic federal allocations

Santa Clara County leaders are concerned they won't have enough COVID-19 doses to continue building up their vaccination program after learning that federal officials allegedly lied about having a stockpile of second doses.

Friday, 2:07 PM | 9 comments
Palo Alto middle, high schools unlikely to reopen this school year

It's unlikely that Palo Alto Unified middle and high schools will reopen for hybrid instruction this academic year, meaning hundreds of students might go without in-classroom instruction for over a year.

Friday, 1:48 PM | 16 comments
Prime for housing? New apartment plan targets 'moderate' earners

A residential block in the College Terrace neighborhood could become the site of a 24-unit apartment building under a proposal that the Palo Alto City Council will weigh in the coming months.

Friday, 1:32 PM | 9 comments
Santa Clara County works to clear hurdles to vaccinations

One month after the first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Santa Clara County, county leaders are hurrying to fix shortcomings in the rollout system.

Friday, 7:01 AM | 7 comments
San Mateo County COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues via clinic, partnerships

In San Mateo County, about one-third of the health care workers and long-term care residents eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine have received it so far, county health officials said Tuesday.

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Relief, gratitude among seniors receiving COVID-19 vaccines

Residents at Channing House, a senior independent living and long-term care center, say COVID-19 vaccines are the first step in bringing back a sense of normalcy.

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PUBLIC AGENDA: Proposed changes to Foothills Park access; discussion on PAUSD's dyslexia program

A preview of Palo Alto government meetings for the week of Jan. 18.

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Opinion: Contradictions of COVID-19

While city councils up and down the Peninsula contemplate severe housing shortages in the decades ahead, we are also witnessing probably the largest exodus from the Bay Area in many years.

Friday, 6:59 AM | 2 comments
An Alternative View: Drastic decision keeps police information from the public

The encryption of police radio transmissions was made without any public input and without the mayor or City Council knowing about it.

Friday, 6:59 AM | 1 comment

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Under assault: Data shows Santa Clara County hospital workers routinely attacked on the job

Each year, hundreds of health care workers in Santa Clara County hospitals are punched, kicked, spat on, slapped or worse, and it's a problem that has nurses worried someone is going to get killed.

Thursday, 1:15 PM | 7 comments

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Santa Clara County opens up COVID-19 vaccines to all residents age 75 and older

All Santa Clara County residents age 75 and older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine effective immediately, vastly expanding the number of people eligible for immunization against the virus.

Wednesday, 5:00 PM | 4 comments
'I will vote to impeach this traitor': Rep. Anna Eshoo supports removing Trump from office

Granted only 30 seconds to speak on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Anna Eshoo did not mince words regarding President Donald Trump during Wednesday's impeachment hearing.

Wednesday, 4:58 PM | 32 comments
Debate over Foothills Park access continues as Palo Alto weighs new restrictions

Nearly a month after Palo Alto opened the once-exclusive Foothills Park to the broader public, city leaders are preparing to adopt new restrictions on Tuesday to curb the sudden onrush of visitors.

Wednesday, 4:44 PM | 14 comments
California's new goal: Vaccinate a million people in 10 days

Acknowledging that vaccinations have been too slow, state officials aim to ramp up the pace. But many questions remain about expanding to the next groups of Californians.

Wednesday, 1:41 PM | 1 comment
New numbers, same concerns as Palo Alto challenges housing mandate

A recent adjustment by regional planners could lower the number of housing units the city is required to plan for between 2023 and 2031. It has done little, however, to quell the City Council's anxieties about the allocation process.

Wednesday, 9:45 AM | 11 comments
New California law requires insurance companies to cover more mental health treatment

A landmark mental health care law took effect in California this month, finally giving some teeth to mental health parity laws that have been ineffectual for years.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Paly, Gunn student-athletes can again train outdoors in person starting next week

High school athletes aren't allowed to compete in games yet, but they can train outdoors while keeping 6 feet apart and staying within stable cohorts beginning next week at Paly and Gunn.

Tuesday, 5:38 PM | 9 comments
Sheriff's Office forms task force to investigate right-wing extremists

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office has formed a special task force to combat right-wing extremists due to the recent Capitol attacks and heightened security ahead of the presidential inauguration.

Tuesday, 5:24 PM | 19 comments
Newsom's school reopening plan puts tight deadlines on districts, legislature

Schools would have to offer in-person learning for primary students starting Feb. 16 in order to get the full funds under the governor's budget. Lawmakers face early deadlines in February and March.

Tuesday, 2:27 PM | 2 comments
VTA plans to run more buses on seven lines, so fewer riders are left behind

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority is going to run some bus lines more frequently so fewer passengers get left behind, including routes that serve Mountain View and Palo Alto.

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Facebook's Willow Village now includes giant glass dome, 'High Line' path and more

On Friday, Facebook and Signature Development Group submitted updated plans for the proposed Willow Village development. Among the new features: a giant collaboration dome and senior housing.

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After political tussle, Vice Mayor Pat Burt on track to join the VTA board

When elected leaders from four north Santa Clara County cities meet later this month to pick their representative for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority board, Pat Burt will find himself in the driver's seat.

Tuesday, 1:31 AM | 14 comments

Monday, January 11, 2021

Downtown Streets Team issues apology, retraction after board chair's 'inaccurate' comments

The Downtown Streets Team has issued an apology and retracted the false comments made by its board chair, who claimed that the Weekly "got it wrong" when it reported on allegations of sexual harassment against the nonprofit's leaders.

Monday, 11:40 PM | 14 comments
Supervisors to consider requiring health care systems to provide vaccination plans

Seeking to know how many vaccines are being given out, Santa Clara County supervisors will consider requiring large health care systems to produce a written plan and timeline for administering the doses.

Monday, 9:01 PM | 4 comments
Stanford Shopping Center was a hot spot of violations when public health inspectors came calling

Eighteen stores in the Stanford Shopping Center were fined for violating Santa Clara County COVID-19 health orders over the Black Friday weekend, according to county documents obtained by the Weekly.

Monday, 9:39 AM | 9 comments
Struggling small businesses could get boost from Newsom's proposed $227B budget

On Friday, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a $575 million grant program for small businesses and nonprofits as part of his $227 billion budget proposal to the state legislature.

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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Opinion: California's plan to bring many students back to school for in-person learning in careful stages

A Stanford professor who serves as president of the state Board of Education writes about why she supports the safe reopening of schools.

Sunday, 8:28 AM | 7 comments
Best Of Palo Alto: Renovated hotel looks to target locals with its daytime amenities

At a time when most business and leisure travel have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nobu Hotel Palo Alto has moved forward with a multimillion-dollar renovation.

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Pro-Trump business owner documented at Capitol rally faces backlash

Some people are threatening a boycott of a Menlo Park business after it came to light that its owner attended a pro-Trump rally on Jan. 6 after which a mob violently invaded the U.S. Capitol.

Saturday, 10:31 PM | 40 comments
With COVID-19 surge, Stanford frosh-soph students can't return to campus after all

Stanford University announced Saturday that freshman and sophomore students would not be allowed to return to campus for winter quarter, citing a surge in coronavirus cases.

Saturday, 9:41 PM | 1 comment
Around Town: Meet Jalen, the first baby born in 2021 at Stanford

Stanford Children's Health welcomed seven babies on Jan. 1 -- the first being Jalen Ramos, who entered the world at 1:53 a.m. The healthy infant arrived at 5 pounds and 2 ounces.

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Friday, January 8, 2021

Here's who'll be eligible for the next phases of COVID-19 vaccine distribution

The first phase of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution program is well underway in Santa Clara County, which could move to the second phase as soon as the end of January, health leaders say.

Friday, 4:17 PM | 7 comments
As visitors flock to Foothills Park, city plans to restrict access

Concerned about the recent surge of visitors to Foothills Park, city leaders are planning to restrict access to the preserve by temporarily closing the entrance gates when the open space reaches maximum capacity.

Friday, 9:42 AM | 56 comments
Newsom wants extra $600 stimulus for low-wage Californians

Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed a $600 stimulus for low-income Californians. He also wants to extend the state's eviction moratorium, which is currently set to expire Jan. 31.

Friday, 8:40 AM | 4 comments
Next COVID-19 vaccine phase rollout could come in weeks

California's Community Vaccine Advisory Committee is preparing to outline who will receive COVID-19 vaccine doses in the next phase of distribution and how to make sure they are administered equitably.

Friday, 6:59 AM | 4 comments
Editorial: Poor decision to encrypt police radio transmissions should be reconsidered

Following a year of unrest and protests urging police accountability, blanket encryption is the wrong move to make.

Friday, 6:59 AM | 10 comments
Americans are living 30 years longer on average — and that's a big plus for businesses

A recent Stanford conference looked at everything from business innovations to caregiving to new ways for Americans to work and thrive throughout the increasingly long lives they're now living.

Friday, 6:58 AM | 3 comments

Thursday, January 7, 2021

PUBLIC AGENDA: City Council considers VTA board seat nomination; selection of commission leaders

A preview of Palo Alto government meetings for the week of Jan. 11.

Thursday, 3:52 PM | No comments yet
January could be the pandemic's worst month following holiday season, health officials say

There were zero ICU beds available in the county as of Wednesday, which is impacting the region's 911 system too, county leaders said.

Thursday, 9:28 AM | No comments yet
Fresh off reelection to City Council, Greg Tanaka sets sights on Congress

After winning a second term on the Palo Alto City Council, Greg Tanaka is eying a new venture: a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives that has long been occupied by Anna Eshoo.

Thursday, 8:55 AM | 17 comments

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Politics cast a cloud over Palo Alto's representation on the VTA

As Palo Alto prepares to win representation on the VTA board, City Council members find themselves facing a question that they had seemingly answered months ago: Whom to choose for the position?

Wednesday, 3:25 PM | 7 comments
'A day from hell': After rioters overrun Capitol, lawmakers have harsh words for president

U.S. Rep. Anna Eshoo was among hundreds of legislators who fled the House floor on Wednesday as thousands of rioters supporting President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol.

Wednesday, 1:00 PM | 56 comments
As Palo Alto police switch to encrypted radio, newsroom scanners go silent

In a sudden move that will severely limit the ability of journalists and citizen watchdogs to cover breaking news, the Palo Alto Police Department encrypted all of its police radio communications Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday, 9:25 AM | 17 comments
Jail-based unemployment fraud schemes prompt Santa Clara County crackdown

The loss of millions of dollars in unemployment benefits that allegedly went to jail inmates across the state has prompted Santa Clara County prosecutors to start clamping down on the problem.

Wednesday, 9:11 AM | 4 comments

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