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Congresswoman grills Zuckerberg on data security

Following Cambridge Analytica revelation, CEO says company is investigating 'every single app' with access to a large amount of data

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent April 10 and 11 in U.S. Congressional hearings, facing the Senate on April 10 and the House of Representatives' Energy and Commerce Committee on April 11.

Among the elected officials grilling Zuckerberg was Congressional District 18 Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Palo Alto), who represents parts of Menlo Park, where some Facebook offices are located. (The bulk of Facebook's current Menlo Park offices falls into Rep. Jackie Speier's district.)

The company has come under growing public scrutiny since it was revealed that a political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, gained access to the private information of an estimated 87 million Facebook users. According to Facebook, that data had been collected by a Cambridge University researcher, Aleksandr Kogan, in 2013 using a third-party personality quiz hosted on Facebook.

Although Facebook tightened restrictions on the collection of such data in 2014, The Guardian in 2015 reported that Kogan had shared that data with Cambridge Analytica, a political-consulting firm. Facebook reports it asked Cambridge Analytica and Kogan to certify that the data had been deleted and says such assurances were received.

However, Zuckerberg testified in a written statement that the company learned last month from further news reporting that Cambridge Analytica, which worked on Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, may not have deleted that data.

According to the New York Times, that data included information about a person's political beliefs, interests, and friends’ information, plus, for "a small number of people," information from their Facebook timeline, posts and messages.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, in December requested that Cambridge Analytica turn over documents, according to the Wall Street Journal. In February, the U.S. Department of Justice indicted 13 Russians and three companies for using social media to promote discord, undermine Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and build support for Trump's presidential campaign.

The New York Times reported that the Russian nationals allegedly worked with the Internet Research Agency to establish hundreds of social media accounts falsely claiming to be those of Christian activists, anti-immigration groups and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to Zuckerberg's statement, the Internet Research Agency ran a "disinformation campaign" that generated about 120,000 pieces of content that an estimated 20 million people saw in the U.S., Europe and Russia, and spent approximately $100,000 on more than 3,000 ads on Facebook and Instagram that were seen by an estimated 11 million people in the U.S.

Below is a transcript from Zuckerberg's questioning by Eshoo on April 11. A spokesperson for the congresswoman stated that Eshoo's questions were drawn from constituents, who submitted 500 queries in response to an April 6 notice.


Eshoo: Thank you chairman. Good morning Mr. Zuckerberg.

First, I believe that our democratic institutions are undergoing a stress test in our country, and I believe that American companies owe something to America. I think the damage done to our democracy relative to Facebook and its platform being weaponized are incalculable. Enabling the cynical manipulation of American citizens for the purpose of influencing an election is deeply offensive. And it's very dangerous.

Putting our private information on offer, without concern for possible misuses, I think is simply irresponsible. I invited my constituents going into the weekend to participate in this hearing today by submitting what they want to ask you and so my questions are theirs, and Mr. Chairman, I'd like unanimous consent to place all of their questions in the record.

Chairman: Without objection.

Eshoo: So these are a series of yes/no questions.

Eshoo: Do you think you have a moral responsibility to run a platform that protects our democracy? Yes or no.

Zuckerberg: Congresswoman, yes.

Eshoo: Have users of Facebook who are caught up in the Cambridge Analytica debacle been notified?

Zuckerberg: Yes, we are starting to notify people this week. We started Monday, I believe.

Eshoo: Will Facebook offer to all of its users a blanket opt-in to share their privacy data with any third-party users?

Zuckerberg: Congresswoman, yes, that's how our platform works. You have to opt in to sign in to any app before you use it.

Eshoo: Well, let me just add that it is a minefield in order to do that, and you have to make it transparent, clear, in pedestrian language, just once: this is what we will do with your data. Do you want this to happen or not? I think that this is being blurred. I think you know what I mean by it.

Are you aware of other third party information mishandlings that have not been disclosed?

Zuckerberg: Congresswoman, no, although we are currently going through the process of investigating every single app...

Eshoo: So you're not sure?

Zuckerberg: ...that had access to a large amount of data.

Eshoo: What does that mean?

Zuckerberg: It means that we're going to look into every app that had a large amount of access to data in the past before we locked down the platform.

Eshoo: So you're not aware?

Zuckerberg: I imagine that because there are tens of thousands of apps, I imagine there are some that have suspicious activity and when we find them....

Eshoo: I only have four minutes. Was your data included in the data sold to the malicious third parties? Your personal data?

Zuckerberg: Yes.

Eshoo: It was. Are you willing to change your business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy?

Zuckerberg: Congresswoman, we have made and are continuing to make changes to reduce the amount of data...

Eshoo: No, are you willing to change your business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy?

Zuckerberg: Congresswoman, I'm not sure what that means.

Eshoo: Well, I'll follow up with you on it. When did Facebook learn that Cambridge Analytica research project was actually for targeted psychographic political campaign work.

Zuckerberg: Congresswoman, it might be useful to clarify what actually happened here.

Eshoo: I don't have time for a long answer though. When did Facebook learn that, and when you learned it, did you contact their CEO immediately, and if not, why not?

Zuckerberg: Congresswoman, yes, when we learned in 2015 that a Cambridge University researcher, associated with the academic institution that built an app that people chose to share their data with...

Eshoo: We know what happened with them. But I'm asking you.

Zuckerberg: Yes, I'm answering your question. When we learned about that...

Eshoo: From 2015 you learned about it?

Zuckerberg: Yes.

Eshoo: And you spoke to their CEO immediately?

Zuckerberg: We shut down the app.

Eshoo: Did you speak to their CEO immediately?

Zuckerberg: We got in touch with them, and we asked them to... we demanded that they delete any data that they had, and their chief data officer told us that they had.

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Posted by Thomas Paine
a resident of Leland Manor/Garland Drive
on Apr 12, 2018 at 8:56 am

An amazing display of profound ignorance by our congressperson. Eshoo asked if Facebook was willing to change its business model to protect privacy. This is akin to asking the PA Weekly to get stop carrying ads because they get in the way of the news. Clearly Zuckerberg needs to attend more of the $25K per person fundraisers Anna holds in SF. What she should have focused on was the role of government to protect privacy within the current Facebook system which is not going to change.

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Posted by crittah
a resident of Adobe-Meadow
on Apr 12, 2018 at 9:15 am

An amazing display of (asking questions and probing for answers/solutions) by our congressperson.

One has to start somewhere in searching for solutions. To take the strident viewpoint at the outset (like our friendly poster above) limits both the acquisition of knowledge and the ability to work towards answers.

@Thomas: what do you think is "the role of government to protect privacy within the current Facebook system which is not going to change?"

I'm genuinely interested in your answer. You are "congresscritter for a day" - what's your answer?

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Posted by anonymous
a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Apr 12, 2018 at 9:41 am

This isn't a question of ignorance by our Congressperson. These types of questions are asked to get information ON THE RECORD. As in a court of law, most of the time the inquisitor already knows the answer when asking the question...the answers given to seemingly unimportant questions asked today by one or more members of congress may become pertinent later on.

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Posted by Ryan
a resident of Atherton
on Apr 12, 2018 at 9:44 am

[Post removed.]

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Posted by Thomas Paine
a resident of Leland Manor/Garland Drive
on Apr 12, 2018 at 10:15 am


I agree one does have to start somewhere in searching for solutions. Unfortunately, when that starting point is so removed from reality it leaves little room for meaningful dialog. Eshoo’s ridiculous question generated no useful response.

Some of the other congress folk did focus on the key question; what is the role of government in regulating privacy on Facebook? If I were in congress, I would require Facebook to treat data and privacy more like a traditional media publisher. They can collect and analyze demographic information about users that allows Facebook to sell targeted advertising but at no point should they disclose to advertisers any personally identifying data. Facebook needs to be the trusted intermediary that delivers an ad from an airline to the Facebook user interested in a trip. At no point should the airline know who that user is unless the user asks for more information from the airline. BTW, this approach is more restrictive than traditional publishers who do sell their mailing lists.

I would also hope that one day Facebook will allow me to opt out of all data collection and analysis by paying them a fee. I am sure they have researched this option and discovered that only a tiny number of people are willing to pay for complete privacy.

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Posted by crittah
a resident of Adobe-Meadow
on Apr 12, 2018 at 11:10 am


>>I would require Facebook to treat data and privacy more like a traditional media publisher.

FB has been adamant that they are NOT a media company *forever* (they obviously do so to not have media restrictions.)

>> at no point should they disclose to advertisers any personally identifying data. Facebook needs to be the trusted intermediary...

FB doesn't give advertisers user info, iirc. In your example, United or Delta never know the details of ad viewership. I never know who saw my ads on FB.

This is a rather large part of the whole 'how effective is digital advertising' discussion already seen in marketing circles, btw. ex: Web Link

>>I would also hope that one day Facebook will allow me to opt out of all data collection and analysis by paying them a fee.

Yeah, now you sound about the same as you accused the congresscritters of sounding yesterday. You're asking FB to change it's very model.

Thanks again for playing "congresscritter for a day". I was just hoping you had an answer after openly blasting politicians for the process of getting Zuck on record, and an attempt to garner more actual knowledge (iffy, I know, at best...)


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Posted by Jim
a resident of Menlo Park
on Apr 12, 2018 at 11:24 am

> Menlo Park, where some Facebook offices are located.

Better to say "where Facebook headquarters is located". And all/most of their engineering team.

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Posted by Peter Carpenter
a resident of Atherton
on Apr 12, 2018 at 11:34 am

Peter Carpenter is a registered user.

Perhaps some useful and relevant advice:

The Value of Informed Choice in Protecting Consumers, a Product, and a Company

Web Link

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Posted by Down the Drain
a resident of Barron Park
on Apr 12, 2018 at 11:39 am

The politicians just display their ignorance. The hypocracy of these millionaire lawyers and landloards who cynically claw their way into office on big money contributions, pollster databases and demographic profiling is astounding. Want to talk about privacy leaks and PII carelessness ? Just look to the OPM fiasco. How about the rampant committal of IRS tax fraud using other taxpayers SSN ? Where are the hearings on that ?

That anybody thinks this circus serves any other purpose than an opportunity to grandstand on TV by the politicians amazes me. They haven’t the slightest grasp of the technology nor the faintest idea how to prioritize the relative threat.

This is a complete waste of time and money.

If the politicians cared about real problems causing real injury, they’d be dealing with the criminals that were responsible for the 08 crash. How many Americans lost their homes to that? How about the OPM leak. ALL YOUR PII is on the dark web thanks to that government agency incompetency and the politicians don’t care!

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Posted by Bye Bye Privacy
a resident of Woodside
on Apr 12, 2018 at 11:53 am

I rather think that everyone is looking at this in the wrong way. Instead of beating Facebook up, why is Congress not dealing with the massive number of data breaches across our country.

For example, for every piece of personal data that is compromised, there will be significant fine which will be reimbursed to each individual that have had their data breeched. For Example, Face Book, has let's say 72million accounts that were breeched. A fine of $100,000 per individual data breech, and the entire amount of the fine is passed on to the individual that had their data breeched. Naturally this is all supposition, but, again, where is congress? I suspect many companies would focus much more time and effort about containing private data if they had to pay for each individual data breech.

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Posted by Down the Drain
a resident of Barron Park
on Apr 12, 2018 at 12:10 pm

Why do I care if my friends names or opinions on a social media site are “leaked”? So what? It’s a social media site. I put it out there to share it.

What I do care about is my PII like SSN, birth certificate info, income, employer ID, tax records. I don’t put that on social media because I don’t want it shared. THAT is the stuff that needs protection.

The junk we put on Facebook is not private and if you want it to be, don’t post it on social media. DUH!

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Posted by Anonymous
a resident of Duveneck/St. Francis
on Apr 12, 2018 at 5:18 pm

Many times I find the TOS for an app unacceptable. I choose not to use these apps. People need to look into these and read them.
Meantime, facebook and their buds (you know which companies I include!) are reaching monopoly status. Time for breaking them up. Government, where are you?

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Posted by Mono poly
a resident of College Terrace
on Apr 12, 2018 at 8:30 pm

"Time for breaking them up. Government, where are you?"

Break up the banks and oil companies also?

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Posted by Ahem
a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Apr 12, 2018 at 9:40 pm

The Silicon Valley business model explained in 15 seconds:

1. Eliminate as many jobs as possible by developing and marketing automation.
2. Export any jobs that can't be easily automated to low-wage nations.
3. Import workers from low-wage nations to suppress wages for all of the jobs that can't be easily exported.

Pretend it is all about inclusion and diversity. If anyone challenges the model, call them a "raciss" or a NIMBY.

What's this got to do with Facebook?

Facebook's business is automating the private investigator (PI). Before Facebook if you wanted to know about someone's private life you had to hire a sleazy PI to follow them around, listen in on their conversations, seriticiously take pictures, go through their garbage, read their mail, maybe even beFRIEND them and pump them for information. PI were sleazy, but they are also skilled at their craft and too expensive to be used on a mass scale.

Mark Zukerberg is the Henry Ford of private investigation.

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Posted by Not a Facebookie
a resident of Barron Park
on Apr 13, 2018 at 2:34 pm

"I would also hope that one day Facebook will allow me to opt out of all data collection and analysis by paying them a fee. I am sure they have researched this option and discovered that only a tiny number of people are willing to pay for complete privacy."

I am also sure Facebook researched this option, and it discovered that the amount of money it makes aggregating and exploiting users' private data far exceeds what most users are willing or able to pay for Facebook's services. Therefore their privacy is their payment.

I'm glad the real Thomas Paine wasn't this naive.

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Posted by CrescentParkAnon.
a resident of Crescent Park
on Apr 13, 2018 at 6:17 pm

Congresswoman Eshoo had 4 minutes to ask questions. How can anyone expect to do anything in that time?

It is easy to criticize or name call, but Eshoo sent out requests for people's ideas of what to ask Zuckerberg. Here is what she receive that she sent out in email today:


Page 1 of 25 ...
Representative Anna G. Eshoo House Committee on Energy and Commerce “Facebook: Transparency and Use of Consumer Data” 2123 Rayburn House Office Building April 11, 2018 On April 6, 2018 I asked the 21,141 subscribers of my newsletter to submit one question they would ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg if given the opportunity. I received the following 510 responses, which have been curated into seven categories:
1. Policies Facebook will adopt in response to the Cambridge Analytica controversy
2. Privacy of consumers’ data
3. Specific questions about the Cambridge Analytica controversy (when did Facebook know, why did they wait to alert consumers, etc.)
4. Government policies in response
5. Facebook’s role in the election/Russian ads on Facebook/fake news spreading on Facebook/ etc.
6. Broader questions about Facebook’s business model—i.e. that the business model is selling consumers’ data
7. Miscellaneous
Policies that Facebook will adopt in response to Cambridge Analytica controversy (97 Questions)
1. What reparations will Facebook give the American people for allowing this breach of our democracy on your platform, and what is the timeline to complete them?
2. My family wants to know why Facebook’s policies on unacceptable speech weren’t adhered to. Slander and lies ARE NOT free speech.
3. You said you would get a notice to users affected by Cambridge Analytica. That notice has yet to arrive, and you should have known it was expected before this hearing. Please explain what measures you will take to prevent such high-profile failures in the future.
4. What specifically will be done to inform users of how data about them will be used?
5. What would restorative justice look like for all those harmed and impacted?
6. What actions have you taken with those responsible for allowing third party access to user’s information?
7. Can you guarantee that a similar or comparable breach will not happen again? Explain why.
8. What specific policies and strategies do you intend to protect the privacy of Facebook users and give them control over what gets shared and with whom?
9. What will Facebook do THIS time to insure that this doesn't happen again? (Similar issues in 2010.)
10. How do you plan to change your company's policy on transparency and WHEN will we see those changes
Page 2 of 25
11. What are Facebook's guidelines on valuing users and customers, and how are they implemented?
12. Are you willing to state specific policies FB will implement to prevent a similar travesty?
13. What is Facebook doing to protect my data now? And how is Facebook planning on making amends?
14. What can Facebook do to prevent and deter the malicious third parties from using and selling the data they accessed and can now provide this data to other third parties?
15. How will Facebook give users control of personal data's use?
16. Will Facebook offer its members a blanket opt-out of the sharing of all personal information?
17. What is his plan to prevent such data breaches in the future to keep users safe?
18. What preventative measures are being implemented so that this does not happen again?
20. To make a better Facebook user experience, why not give *users* access to and control over that exp?
21. Now that you know the high cost of your carelessness, what steps are you taking to remedy.
22. What commitments will Facebook make to allow the public full transparency and oversight of the political activities taking place on the Facebook platform?
23. What steps are you taking to retrieve and delete the information that has already been scraped?
24. Can we be sure it won’t happen again?
25. What steps have you taken to assure that this kind of data stealing does not happen in the future?
26. What other vulnerabilities is Facebook addressing?
27. Does he plan to notify all the affected consumers and let them know EXACTLY the data breached?
28. What will you do to prevent this from happening again?
29. What steps are you going to take to earn our trust?
30. What changes will be taken to insure transparency in advertising sources?
31. Americans do not yet fully understand the high cost of free. What are you willing to do at Facebook
32. Despite its best intentions, Facebook has continued to make decisions about privacy that help Facebook itself at the expense of users, from features like Beacon to the latest scandal about oversharing data with third-party apps. It seems like each time a problem is fixed, a new one appears. Whatever process is in place, it doesn't seem to be working. So my question is, what fundamental changes is Facebook making to prevent these sort of user-hostile decisions from being made in the future?
33. What controls do you plan to put in place to protect privacy and prevent misuse of data?
34. Are rumors true that FB’s considering charging users to ensure protection of privacy?
35. What specific steps are you taking to ensure that all Facebook users' data is secure and protected?
36. What will Facebook do to prevent this security breach from happening again?
37. How will you make amends for illegally distributing private information of my constituents?
Page 3 of 25
38. Can hacking be totally prevented in the future?
39. What concrete steps can you show the American public that you will put social responsibility above $
40. What do you plan to do in the future to prevent a repeat and guard our privacy?
41. Users want the ability to limit the data about them that is collected. Can you commit to that?
42. Moving forward what will be done to prevent future slips and any steps to recoup?
43. Please tell us what you have done, rather than are going to do to address these problems.
44. What steps can and will you take to insure our privacy in the future?
45. How will you keep my information safe going forward? What will you do to fix illegally obtained info?
46. Given your business model, how can you guarantee that this will not happen again?
47. Why did you not foresee this and prevent it?
48. What is Facebook doing to make sure this doesn't happen again?
49. Walk us through concrete steps of how such abuse will be stopped in the future.
50. Will the Facebook board of directors be holding any extra meetings over the next few months to deal with this new set of challenges?
51. After these issues are resolved would you take it upon yourself to ensure that companies advertising on Facebook are not predators exploiting the public for unnecessary monetary gain?
52. What security will be applied to your software to avoid a reoccurrence?
53. Precisely, what will Facebook do to allow users to control what companies/apps have access to data?
54. How will you ensure that user's data is protected from now on so that this sort of egregious activity will not recur and have safeguards in place by (date to be set by your committee)?
55. What kind of policies will you put in place to protect the people using Facebook? How will you test?
56. How will you ensure users are aware, consenting, and involved in changes that impact their privacy?
57. What steps is Facebook taking to make sure our data is not shared without our permission? Why should we believe you?
58. What will he do to make sure this doesn’t happen again?
59. Will you be reporting your progress to the public on a regular basis?
60. How are you going to change your business model to protect customer data, give customers control over it, not give third parties access to it without explicit permission, and remove the incentive to seek maximum monetization of customer data.
61. Are you solving this privacy issue at the ethical level or just the one technical level that caused the current problem?
62. What safeguards is he putting in place so this doesn't happen again?
63. Will you, Mr. FB CEO, provide a published Telephone # & Account Assistance Resource for All Users?
64. When did he go back on his promise to keep Facebook users' data private?
65. Does Facebook have adequate policies in place to ensure both privacy and security?
66. What steps has Facebook taken to correct the mistakes that have compromised the personal information of millions of Americans & other?
Page 4 of 25
67. What steps are you taking to ensure the privacy of our data?
68. What changes will be put in place to insure this does not happen again?
69. Is Facebook going to fix this access problem immediately and completely and ensure that it never happens again?
70. Will you fund fact checking on Facebook, and actively counter lies published as news?
71. Is it possible as a fan of Facebook to have a location directly on our news feed fact checker on items posted to our page? This would help Facebook and users. What do you think should be done to Cambridge Analytica for causing this problem?
72. Are you willing to commit, today, to educating your users so they are both aware of the data you and other companies harvest, and are better able to be critical consumers of information online?
73. How can you assure us that this won't happen again?
74. What do you have in place to prevent this again, negate its damage now, and punish ALL perpetrators?
75. What definitive actions will you take to protect the individual's right to keep data private?
76. Will you provide users the guaranteed option to 1) download a copy of ALL data you have acquired on them and 2) allow and guarantee EVERY past and present user can have ALL their data deleted from ALL servers and ALL archives?
77. How can you keep this from happening again?
78. What will you do to ensure that people's data already released will not be used improperly in the future? What changes will you implement to keep people's data safe moving forward? How will you keep bots from setting up phony accounts? How will Facebook combat the spread of fake news?
79. What are you planning to do for the people whose personal data was stolen?
80. To regain public trust, could FB allow individuals to opt-out of ALL ad targeting?
81. What measures were taken to prevent malicious third parties to gain access to the info leaked?
82. Can you imagine centrally sourcing and tracking/tracing all usage of Facebook data by third parties?
83. If he's required to break off some of his company, what components would he spin off?
84. What are you doing to restore public faith and keep Facebook as safe as possible?
85. What steps are you taking to ensure that this does not happen again?
86. I would ask Mr. Zuckerberg what guarantee can he give his users that Facebook will treat our personal information and data the way he would like his to be treated.
87. What will Mark and Facebook do in the future to protect Facebook users' privacy?
88. How can you change your business model to protect the personal information of your Facebook members while maintaining your marketing sales?
89. FB failed to protect its users’ private data. How will FB make it up to its users?
90. What will Facebook do now to assure that our data will not be misused?
91. How will you ensure equal access and free speech as a gatekeeper to the new public forum?
92. What, specifically, are you doing to fix this problem?
93. As a matter of policy, does Facebook have allegiance to any nation?
94. Why can't FB comply with European privacy standards here in US?
95. What are his plans for avoid this in the future?
Page 5 of 25
96. Will you make the security level you apparently personally enjoy available to customers if requested?
97. Since Facebook profited from monetizing users whose privacy and right of privacy has been irrevocably compromised, shouldn't Facebook now compensate those users?
Privacy of consumers’ data (103 Questions)
98. Is there any way to stop Facebook algorithms from collecting users' data?
99. Why should I believe that Facebooks's problems with privacy will be resolved this time when they were clearly not adequately resolved when Facebook first had privacy issues exposed several years ago?
100. Has Facebook ever sold any user data under a data licensing program? If yes to who?
101. I'm not a Facebook user. When will Facebook & it's entities stop adding unauthorized cookies to my browsers?
102. The information button Facebook announced (with source, wiki site, and related articles) is a step in the right direction. Will they offer fact checking services and ratings: notification if an item has been artificially promoted via troll farm and do they have further protections in development such as watermarks or tags too identify video and audio that has been manipulated?
103. Will you hold Facebook USA to the same privacy standards as Facebook Europe?
104. What policies will you put in place, and how will you be transparent about data privacy and security, about assuring users that they have full control over all their information?
105. You created a world-wide platform and your social media platform with 2 billion users changed the world. What is Facebook doing to make a positive impact to society? 2. In light of what happened, the misuse of user data, and your platform dependence on the user data as a revenue source, how will Facebook lead the way on data security and privacy? What are your thoughts on how we (in government) should respond to prevent the misuse of user data? 3. Apple uses a process it calls "differential privacy" to anonymize user data that it aggregates. What is Facebook's process? How can your process provide security and privacy protection for all 2 billion users?
106. Why not have the end user decide if they want to have their info kept within Facebook?
107. How many people on FB had their information compromised by all apps not just Cambridge Analytica?
108. Why does FB fill your page with ads from sites you visited instead of using info from your friends?
109. 1) What right does Facebook have to freely gather all this private metadata and actual communications of people using its service without notifying how they may be impacted negatively by the company’s activities? 2) Should Facebook be regulated by the Federal Government to insure that these abuses
Page 6 of 25
do not occur again? 3) Should Facebook be required to disclose all third parties who may be accessing a user's information without the user giving specific permission to such third parties? 4) Many finance companies are required to obtain annual permission from customers before releasing their information to subsidiaries or other affiliated entities. Why should Facebook not have similar requirements? 5) Why should the Government now allow Facebook to claim they will fix these abuses of our privacy without the Government being able to monitor and regulate their activities to assure compliance?
110. How long are third parties legally allowed to retain the user data that they got from Facebook (e.g. 1 yr, 5 yrs, forever)?
111. - Will you pledge to require all advertisers to disclose in detail their funding sources through methods including, but not limited to, notices attached to every single advertisement that appears on your site, which viewers can easily access by clicking a single link? - You recently stated that Facebook will support Sen. Klobuchar's Honest Ads Act. What other recommendations does Facebook have to improve regulation of political and other content on its sites? How will you go beyond the letter of the law of the Honest Ads Act? - Do you pledge that Facebook will work aggressively, proactively, and sincerely to ensure that your platform will be a positive contributor to the democratic process from now on, rather than an obstacle to fair and free elections as it was in 2016? - Will Facebook continue to use sophisticated methods to limit its federal taxes, or do you intend to take a more civic-minded approach to your business?
112. Should the US recognize a web user's right to personal data privacy such as the EU has?
113. Can Facebook offer a fully private ad-free annual membership plan like an unlisted phone number?
114. Mr. Zuckerberg, Facebook is already operating in European countries with much stricter privacy laws. What is stopping you from applying your already existing stricter European software to your American customers? We understand that if you sell less personal data you will make less income. At what point do you demand decency over dollars?
115. How will you protect user’s privacy?
116. What do you think Facebook's responsibility is to protect data & privacy of your users?
117. When can you implement plagiarism-detection software to ID & intercept propaganda
118. Haven't you monetized people's need to be connected with family and friends? You say it's free but the cost Facebook users pay is to lose their personal information about themselves and their relationships with others to people who just want them to fear more and spend more. Isn't Facebook just a form of data mining?
119. Why should we trust you again with our important information, our friend’s contacts and our family secrets? Information that could be used against us, and was used against our Democratic elections process. Information that could be sold on the black market steal our identities.
120. What is his plan to prevent such data breaches in the future to keep users safe?
121. Can we get the names of ALL individuals and organizations that Facebook has shared users’ private data with and when was it shared?
Page 7 of 25
122. Ask him why he and his company reneged on his promise to the BBC back in 2009 that the person who owns the data is the one who put it there.
123. Why doesn't Facebook make the default setting MAXIMUM PRIVACY?
124. How much would the service cost for consumers to maintain their privacy? Would Facebook still be as popular?
125. You’ve already broken your past privacy promise. How can we trust you to protect our privacy now?
126. How do you plan to protect individuals’ privacy and data from use by others without specific written?
127. When are you going to seriously protect user data and stop exploiting it?
128. Why isn't "Opt Out' the default for everything? Why not only as for 'Opt In' when someone accesses a feature that might need it?
129. Why are you willing to risk our democracy by selling your customers privacy merely to make money?
130. Is it possible to 100% protect user data?
131. What steps to limit access to users' data had Facebook considered but implemented prior to these breaches? For what reasons, apart from technical limitations, were they not implemented?
132. What distribution and publishing rights does Facebook have to user's info and uploaded files?
133. Why were they seeking patient records from hospitals? What is off limits for them? For Congress? For Citizens?
134. Describe in detail how you are now protecting the privacy of your subscribers.
135. How do users benefit in anyway at all in having 3rd party people be privy to their private info?
136. When new privacy settings are added, why are they opt -in instead of opt -out?
137. Why can't companies like Facebook take initiative in protecting users instead of waiting to be regulated by the government?
138. What measures will Facebook web designers do to ensure personal information be the property of users themselves to change and modify as those individuals see fit?
139. How can FB increase the transparency and authentication of account owners to avoid AI BOTS?
140. How can we find out if our personal data was scraped?
141. Hi. Thank you for soliciting our questions. As a Facebook customer I’d like to know if the customers will know they were breached and how we can be assured that our personal data is not being used currently or in the future for malicious purposes. What algorithm sent each end users data to Cambridge Analytica? Linda Miola Furrier Palo Alto, CA
142. Since interconnected personal information is continually being collected freely on Facebook's social network, what do you feel is Facebook's obligation to its community to provide transparency around what is being collected, and how and when this information is shared, and secondly, what are your thoughts around providing all Facebook users with the ability to request on-demand reports that detail what personal information is shared with who and when?
143. When the environment on the internet is so hostile, and your business model is built specifically to harvest user data, how can you, over the long run, actually protect any data
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at all? Isn't the only real answer to turn control over every user's data completely back to them?
144. Mr. Zuckerberg, has Facebook considered "dual factor" encryption, such as used by DOD and our national labs, to secure its digital reserves? Paul Grant
145. How can you make it crystal clear what information is being shared with whom, and make it an Opt-In choice?
146. Is Facebook responsible for content, or is it a neutral platform like a telephone service provider?
147. Why does Facebook put up so much resistance to having one single page for privacy settings?
148. You've been repeatedly apologizing for Facebook's violations of its users' privacy since the company's founding-including signing a consent decree with the FTC in 2011. Why have you been consistently unable to correct or account for your inability to foresee the consequences of your decisions?
149. What assurances can you give the public that their data will not be accessed by unauthorized (by them) third parties?
150. Please discuss why FB did not comply with the 2011 consent decree requirements?
151. How may I help you protect our data and identity information?
152. How does Facebook plan to implement protections to user data in its application, and how will these changes be communicated to account users in a user-friendly way?
153. Is there a way Facebook can allow users to share their data with individuals but prevent automated data harvesting robots from getting the data?
154. Who legally owns the data that is posted on Facebook? The individual posting it or Facebook?
155. Mr. Zuckerberg, in "joining people together" did Facebook, in your opinion, adequately protect users from advertisers? How is it that Facebook believed it had the right to sell user information without informing them, or obtaining user consent?
156. Why won't you commit to extending to US citizens the privacy protections extended to EU citizens?
157. Why does Facebook need to harvest my personal information? Isn't your advertising enough?
158. The EU says consumers own their information, do you believe consumers own their data about their likes and preferences?
159. I thought that information collected by FB or an App, would be general, telling something like guys preferred black ties with polka dots so manufacturers could make them and sell them like hot cakes. When did it switch so that the data collectors knew who in particular liked the poker dot ties? And why?
160. Will you allow your users to remove data they consider private? When?
161. If Facebook aware of other third-party information mishandlings that they have not disclosed?
162. User privacy and advertising ease are sometimes in tension. Will you commit to consistently privilege user privacy over advertising ease, and exactly how?
163. Facebook requires users to provide email and cellphone numbers. The latter are used for two-factor authentication. FB has monetized security information. Is this a good idea?
164. How can I control my personal data on Facebook?
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165. Will your company make privacy easier for the consumer to understand and use so they do not have to be concerned about their personal information?
166. Shouldn't Facebook make users decisions on privacy decisions OPT-IN, not OPT-OUT
167. Why isn’t my privacy a top priority?
168. If Facebook continues to be free, what am I giving up for this service?
169. Why is it we have to pay for protection to keep our site safe?
170. Do you think data and privacy issues imply that government oversight of tech companies is needed?
171. What gives you the right to use personal information for profit and not feel responsible for knowing how it will be used?
172. Should FB allow users to opt out of sharing any privacy data with ANY 3rd party users?
173. When will Facebook notify users that their profiles were misappropriated?
174. Is Facebook willing to allow subscribers to opt out of ads and not have to pay for that?
175. Will you commit to not selling your customers data, and safeguarding their data?
176. What guarantee do I have that friends-only data is not used outside that context?
177. How will you ensure user data privacy in future?
178. How big (pervasive) do you think Facebook should be, by what measure(s)?
179. Who were the parties involved and what data was accessed?
180. What software or hardware systems did Facebook have to prevent hacking into accounts?
181. Did not Facebook Users Give Permission To Share Their Data?
182. How do you use the information given you by those who sign up for FACEBOOK?
183. If you sincerely & primarily intended to connect friends & families, why allow the monetarization of the data to a vast array of unaccountable groups w/out promptly blocking for months after outside pressure to take action?
184. If you did not use any FB apps, how much was your data exposed?
185. What other 3rd parties is this information being sold to? How will FB prevent this for ALL elections and referendums in the future?
186. When can you provide a detailed list of everyone who has my data, data being any info with my name linked? When can you purge all my data and provide proof of the purge?
187. TV ads use content as target. Does FB connect people or make people TARGETS using their PII/SPI? As a parent and with my knowledge of technologies, I have raised the issue of privacy in local public schools for a long time but to no avail. I had to live with frustrations trying to raise my kids by providing an environment that allowed them to learn and grow and to make mistakes but not be defined by them or made targets. But those who made money of my children's innocence donated a fraction of it back to schools that effectively made them turn a blind eye and deaf ears to privacy concerns. The Terms of Service of Facebook and other "free" services were written to make them inculpable and they "knew" that no one would read it or understand it. The Terms of Service of Facebook and other such "free" services should be made similar to the lengthy fine-print contracts of no annual-service "free" credit cards that protects consumers. We must also be consistent in our message as leaders. If we have learned anything about the recklessness of data privacy in social networks, should leaders be encouraging constituents to sign-up to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to contact them? The icons of FB, Twitter, and Google+ were there on your Contact page with no warnings to users that doing so could potentially compromise their privacy. I find such inconsistent messaging
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playing directly into the hands of services reaping the benefits of PII and SPI inadvertently provided by people using them. Between the phone and me, I am the smart one. Do we want to create a world where devices define who we are and trap us into stereotypes? Do we want to create a world where people can define and redefine themselves without having to also update profiles on devices around them?
188. Mr. Zuckerberg, what's your plan in fighting abuse of user data?
189. Is account info safe, such as private information: name, contact info if set as private
190. What are you doing to PREVENT unauthorized access to users¿ personal data like the Cambridge Analytica breach during the 2016 Presidential election campaign?
191. What will Facebook do to protect users?
192. I think that the basic question is: "What is the potential impact of having this data stolen? The answer should include implications on their (those affected) personal, financial and social their effects." 2nd question is: "What safeguards will be implemented to prevent data breeches in the future." 3rd supplemental question is: "What methods of assuring privacy will be implemented in their processes"
193. Can he ensure only anonymous data is shared?
194. Does FB really delete personal info when users request so? Are FB aware others accessing their data? If so, what they do? If not, why not?
195. To protect user privacy, is user data anonymized before being shared outside Facebook?
196. How are users to trust whatever FB puts into place, isn't it too little too late?
197. Will you promise that people who quit FB will have all their data deleted?
198. Is there any reason we should trust Facebook with our privacy data? What safeguards are in place to?
199. Why would Facebook think it was OK for a user's friend to be able to give away that user's personal data to unknown 3rd parties?
200. Can anyone buy access? Do you have any criteria?
201. Does Facebook have any constraints /guards in place to protect users’ personal data or have they always been selling it? If we have an account, should we assume that dell our privacy has been breached?
202. Is money more important than privacy?
Specific questions about the Cambridge Analytica scandal (when did Facebook know, why did they wait to alert consumers, etc.) (29 Questions)
203. When did you really know that Cambridge Analytica misused data?
204. When did FBook 1st allow 3rd party access and did you receive any remuneration for it?
205. How is it that you didn't anticipate this?
206. Did you know, and how do we know this won’t occur again?
207. How will we know on a quarterly basis if any corruption occurred?
208. When did you learn that FB could be manipulated for 'psy-ops' purposes, and what did you then do?
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209. Please ask why FB’s Consent Decree didn’t deter the Cambridge breach. ??U!
210. Why did it take so long to notify users?
211. Describe their vetting system that allowed the researcher to gain access to so much of Facebook.
212. When you learned that Cambridge Analytica's research project was actually for targeted psychographic political campaign work, did you contact the CEO immediately?
213. Did Cambridge Analytical breach the terms of their agreement with Facebook and if so what action is being taken.
214. What did you know? And when did you know?
215. Why did you allow them to get/buy these files?
216. Were Facebook people working with Cambridge Analytica and the Trump Campaign to set up targeted messaging?
2) What is their accountability? They need to change their business model of making money off of the user’s data.
3) What are the safeguards they are instituting? -we need oversight to ensure this does not happen again.
217. Facebook was aware of the issue for two years. It was brought to light by someone other than Facebook. Why didn't Facebook let their users know of the breech?
218. How did this security breach happen, was it just to get dollars?
219. Why did Facebook decide not to let its users know while knowing it in 2016 or maybe even earlier?
220. Did you release the original data to the researcher with personal names and if so why?
221. Why was a written "We deleted the data" enough from those who took it illegally?
222. What other organizations have accessed Facebook users' account information?
223. Why did it take so long for you to acknowledge the problem and now what are you going to do to fix??
224. When did you know and exactly what did you do?
225. Who has been damaged because of your company’s practices?
226. Why does Facebook take so long (years) to notify folks that their data has been stolen and misused?
227. Was Mr. Zuckerberg's data included in the data sold to the malicious third parties?
228. What went wrong and what can Facebook do to assure its customers have privacy?
229. Did your relationship with your investor Yuri Milner influence your release of information to Cambridge Analytica and in selling hits to Russian hackers??? Rubles huh?
230. Will he guarantee that we will know as soon as he knows in the future?
Government policies in response (25 Questions)
231. Why shouldn't government regulate your industry?
233. Sen Mark Warner is supporting his bi partisan bill, Honest Ads Bill and had approached Zuckerberg several times about bill. Until now, Zuckerberg would not sign on to bill. IsPage 12 of 25
he really ready to do so now and what will he do to follow up? Thanks so much for "grilling" him! (Fran Codispoti)
234. Why should Congress allow you to remain the Chairman and CEO of Facebook after you knowingly allowed your users private information to be scraped by Bad Actors and then after seeing it put to evil use did nothing!
235. How can Congress work with Tech firms to ensure safeguards to media accuracy and citizens’ privacy?
236. How do you think tech companies should be held accountable through policy and federal regulation?
237. Does Mr. Zuckerberg support EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and should the US adopt the GDPR, would doing so negatively affect FB?
238. Should the US adopt the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? If not, why not?
239. Is Facebook willing to have some government regulation?
240. What measures ensure data breaches like this won't happen again? Can we (govt) help?
241. What additional curbs should the government place on social media to prevent political hacking?
242. Social media is media. Will you agree to be regulated like normal media companies are?
243. What can our Intelligence Agencies due to better inform Facebook of likely risks and collaborate together to minimize foreign interference in our national discourse?
244. Isn't time to institute a DSGVO in the US?
245. Will Facebook agree to sufficient government oversight to insure upgraded security measures are implemented?
246. What public interest FCC regulation (existing or new as appropriate for your co) would you propose?
247. Question is for the Congress - Why don't we have data privacy laws similar to EU?
248. Why shouldn't the United States pass personal privacy laws at least as stringent as those in Europe governing companies, including social media?
249. Why should the Federal Government continue to allow Facebook to operate without placing significant restrictions to prevent future data misuse and breaches? What new actions will Facebook implement?
250. What penalty should Facebook pay if it is used to unfairly influence voters in the 2018 election?
251. Hi Anna -- This is a massive betrayal of every Facebook user and of democracy. Criminal negligence?
252. How could FB not follow up after FTC had fined them and raised concerns
253. "Mr Zuckerberg, what do you think the US government should do to prevent abuses like this from happening again to any current, or future media system?" (Because I personally believe Facebook was, and continues to be, exploited by bad actors. Facebook SHOULD absolutely do more going forward, but we can't say they HAD to do more in the past). And I bet they know better than anyone what could be done. Hope this helps :-)
254. What penalty is appropriate to ensure Facebook will not hide a hack again?
255. What level of restitution is appropriate for a data breach?
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Facebook’s role in the election/Russian ads on Facebook/fake news spreading on Facebook/ etc. (83 Questions)
256. Why did you ever let the Alt-Right and Neo-Nazis organize on Facebook; why do they still get to?
257. How did Donald Trump asking me to vote for him in Presidential campaign break into my FB news feed?
258. How can you ensure that no enemies of our state--be it countries, individuals, or organizations--are paying for or otherwise proliferating political memes, ads or false news?
259. What is your plan to prevent another Election 2016 disaster for the 2018 midterms?
260. Will Facebook commit to follow the same political advertising standards print publications and broadcast networks are held to?
261. What mistakes has Facebook made in handling user data & distributing false news?
262. Rather than be a force for the democratic good, Facebook is in the terrible position of supporting the rise of facism and hatred in the US. Would Facebook be willing to start a grant program, like the one it developed for community builders, to help educate ALL American consumers about critical thinking when evaluating news, and online civility?
263. Will Facebook cooperate with the FEC to investigate allegations of collusion with political campaigns?
264. Did any political organization obtain personal data from Facebook prior to 2016.
265. Ask him how it feels to be complicit in the wrongful election of Trump!!!
266. In hindsight, in order to avoid influencing future elections, what would you have Facebook do differently?
267. Would you support impeaching Trump to atone for fake news placement and propaganda on Facebook?
268. Why weren't you more thoughtful about how Facebook could be leveraged by bad actors on the platform?
269. Why did you collude with Russians in order to elect a madman? Ask it just like that or no vote from me.
270. Why did FB continue to take Russian $ even though its involvement was clear months before the election.
271. What does Facebook plan to do to rectify the damage it has done to the 2017 Presidential election?
272. Get out of influencing politics, both candidates and issues.
273. Do you feel you have a moral responsibility to run a platform that protects our democracy?
274. CA bill AB 2188 would make social Media Political Ads disclose their true funders. Why not just do It.
275. How will you stop the divisive communications from Russia and/or other groups who strive to further their own agendas while dividing the American people?
276. What specifically is FB doing to stop the spread of fake news on social media?
277. Here is another article on the two college kids who CAN figure out how to identify Russian bots. Please ask Zuckerberg why FB, with ALL their resources and smart people, can't or won't - do an even better job. Bots of ALL kinds should be clearly identified by aPage 15 of 25
big red box around the post, OR better, bot accounts should be deleted entirely as soon as they are identified. Web Link
278. What went wrong that enabled these bad actors to manipulate Facebook to influence the American electorate? What specific policies and protections can we put in place to make sure that this never happens again? Doe can that be enforced without getting government into your (and others) technical processes? If you were a govt administrator responsible to insure that Russian and other foreign bad actors couldn't access Americans private information and manipulate Americans as they did with Facebook in 2018, what would you do?
279. What do you plan to do to address the spread of fake news and propaganda which your platform facilitates? Why were you so dismissive about the usage of FB to disseminate lies and hatred when concerns were raised by your employees before the presidential election?
280. Is your plan to stay politically globally neutral or is it to favor a position by featuring one and obscuring another?
281. Does Facebook have a responsibility to promote democracy? If so, how can you implement this?
282. The most primitive "big data" analysis tool would have discovered the foreign influence. Why was it not used?
283. Why is Andrew Bosworth still working at Facebook after encouraging both the Russian influence ad campaign, and, the Cambridge Analytica breach with his disturbing growth memo? Why did you then say that he has a divergent viewpoint last month and acknowledge its authenticity and seriousness, while exposing your failed obligation to enforce ethics with your executives as CEO and Chairman of the Board? Mr. Bosworth wouldn't be employed elsewhere making such statements...I want to know how you feel you can be effective as Facebooks CEO and chairman now?
284. Were there earlier incidents of malicious third parties in prior elections, and if so, why were they undisclosed?
285. When was Facebook first aware that user data may have been compromised for political purposes?
286. How you will block fake and doctored videos from your users' uploads?
287. What bad actors have my profile and personal profile photo? I want a list so I can defend myself.
288. How will you verify users in the future to make sure that those communicating on Facebook are real?
289. To what extent do you feel responsible for the corruption of reality the right wing is suffering?
290. What fraction of Facebook's income comes from the sale of people's data, from the dissemination of questionable information and from the sale of advertisements to external political organizations such as Russia? Would it hurt Facebook so much as to eliminate these sources of income?
291. Could Facebook construct and maintain social network graphs of cyber propaganda sites on Facebook?
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292. How could your company accept money on political posts and not think it was against our Constitution.
293. How will you prevent Facebook from thwarting our elections?
294. How, short of regulation, can Facebook prevent bad actors from undermining trust in democracy?
295. Where is the due diligence in marketing/sales when accepting foreign accounts, i.e. Russia???
296. How is your company going to actively combat Russian interference in our democratic process?
297. What type of FB person were the 3rd parties looking for? For what reason? What did they do with the information?
298. What is Facebook currently doing to prevent malicious actors from gaining access to users’ data?
299. What steps have you taken since the 2016 election to protect against these breaches in the future?
300. In addition to what Facebook has already done since the 2016 Russian meddling in our election (which is a bipartisan issue), what else is Facebook doing to ensure this kind of attack does not happen again?
301. What concrete steps are being taken to insure that there will not be foreign influence in our democratic process?
302. In your opinion did FB content targeting and compromised personal data result in DT¿s electoral win?
303. How will the company specifically monitor fake news and bots and protect user security?
304. Does Facebook have a duty to prevent the use of its platform from undermining elections? Is transparency the right antidote?
305. Why did Facebook sell all of our private information? Was it to further Trump's campaign?
306. How will you prevent Russians and anybody from weaponizing Facebook for improper uses?
307. So we heard, a couple of months ago, how your staff carefully explained to the Trump team how to use your system to get personal data on your subscribers and how to use it. Now you think we forgot how you handed them the store and that this was all some mistake or negligence? It wasn't a mistake. It was deliberate collusion.
308. Did you allow the same access to President Obama's election team?
309. How has your position changed on the role Facebook is playing in our democracy?
310. How can you recognize third parties that are malicious, if they are not well know?
311. How does he plan to balance advertising/data revenues v protecting privacy and combatting fake news
312. Are they doing enough right now to protect Midterm elections?
313. FB now understands the nefarious activity of the 2016 election, but bad actors are always one step ahead. What are you doing to stay in front of any such activity and finding out before it's too late?
314. How can you, on one hand, tell advertisers that your platform is an effective use of marketing dollars, while on the other, try to tell the American people that illegally-run election ads placed by foreign nationals wouldn't have made a difference?
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315. How do you plan to protect your platform from future exploit by foreign entities?
316. How to control untruths via Facebook
317. What is FB doing to trace how the hacked info is being used for purposes other than political targeting?
318. How would you verify not only the legitimacy of a post and also prevent the spreading of hatred?
319. What specific actions is Facebook taking to prevent false news stories and malicious meddling in the 2018 election?
320. Using AI or conventional methods, what steps will you take to detect/eliminate trolling and misinformation from foreign/domestic entities?
321. Cambridge Analytics reportedly used Facebook data to target Brexit voters in 2016. Why didn’t this manipulated outcome (done without Facebook users’ permission) get your attention before Trump did the same thing in the U.S. election? How can you guarantee that this will not happen again in 2018?
322. Explain, without excuses, the wide variance between your statements and real events with Russian uses of FB.
323. In your estimation, how can we, as a country, protect ourselves from misinformation that undermines our democracy and tears our society apart? What do you see as social media's role in ensuring that it serves all of our best interests and is not a tool for those who might want to do us harm or sow the seeds of discontent?
324. Will you pledge to be transparent about foreign powers trying to use Facebook to subvert elections?
325. What specific actions will you take to prevent foreign interference in US elections?
326. Mr. Zuckerberg, did Facebook provide user data to the Obama campaign in 2012?
327. How can we stop invisible Individually-targeted propaganda machines that seek to alter election results?
328. Mr.Zuckerberg: Can you tailor Facebook's business model so it will not become an existential threat to American Democracy?
329. What are you doing about Russian meddling? Have you investigated whether the Russian ads affected voter turnout in 2016? If not, why not? Did you collect the appropriate data to do so? Do you now collect the appropriate data? Are you setting up randomized experiments so that you can conduct such tests in future election cycles? (Note that this can be done even if you don't know which ads are Russian, or "fake news," or otherwise created to manipulate.)
330. How come when Zuckerberg helped the Obama campaign in 2012 to harvest Facebook data, the Democrats never complained?
331. How can you stop users from posting "fake news"?
332. What responsibility do you think a company like Facebook has in the proliferation of fake news?
333. Should Facebook individual users expect that their political expressions or 'profile' will not be shared internally or externally (beyond their 'friends' settings) -- as the "default" setup, meaning, not available to Advertisers unless explicitly authorized?
334. Were there no early warnings of the Russian trolls?
335. What is Facebook doing to fight fake news?
336. What about the 2012 election when people were applauding Obama for data mining?
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337. How do you plan to protect the public from the insurgence of fake news on your platform, which continues to threaten our democracy, particularly as it relates to the 2018 midterms?
338. What cab Facebook do to block Russian interference in our elections?
339. Please list all of the companies that are paying to disseminate false information on your platform?
340. Please ask him if he believes meddling in US election process is here to stay and something we need to realize is real.
341. Why is Facebook being less than totally open to investigation of misuse?
Broader questions about Facebook’s business model—i.e. that the business model is selling consumers’ data (47 Questions)
342. Have any other third parties abused personal data to this extent, through Facebook, in the past?
343. Why doesn’t he admit that making money has been and is his major goal and drives his business?
344. Facebook's business model is based on monetizing user's information. Why should we trust you?
345. Given that your business model is based on selling personal data, how and why would you protect user data?
346. Will Facebook, at minimum, implement (not just make available) European Union's GDPR’s rules everywhere with only a few exceptions?
347. Why doesn’t FB require all users to pass a ¿robot¿ check? Eliminate bots.
348. Describe how your business philosophy distinguishes the harm to individuals from the harm to society
349. When will Facebook switch to OPT-IN instead of OPT-OUT?
350. Why collect all this personal data from users such as real birthdays, real names, etc. if you weren't planning to monetize it in this fashion, sell it to others whether or not users wanted to share it? If that wasn't the plan from the beginning, why demand real personal information from users, no fake names, etc.? A note: It's clear to me that using all that data was the whole point, no matter what Facebook claims. I think social media is disastrous for personal privacy and consider Facebook to always have been the worst offender. I will have nothing to do with it. I prophesied that this would happen years ago and no one I knew believed me. And now here we are. Of course it was foolish to put all that information online for strangers to see and take. The twitterverse has taken over reality. Go get 'em Anna!
351. I was getting ads from NRA after I deleted them from my news feed. Is profit more important than our precious children and citizen's lives and privacy?
352. Does he plan to change his business model of selling his customer data if so how?
353. How did they allow advertisers to market to people's bigotries?
354. How do you intend to keep FaceBook profitable if you are no longer selling access to data about your members to businesses interested in that data?
355. (1) From FB's perspective, what are the principles underlying the balancing act of protecting data privacy vs. sharing data to advance company's priorities in growth and to advance pro-social initiatives?
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(2) What metrics does FB use to measure its effectiveness in safeguarding user data? How does FB benchmark itself in comparison to other tech companies? What standard / target measures does FB hold itself up to?
356. Was this all part of the strategy to accumulate monetary wealth by selling users’ personal information to anyone willing to pay regardless of their intentions?
357. What other companies and applications have had access to user's data over the last 10 years?
358. How does Facebook earn revenue? Is it selling user data?
359. Is it accurate to say that a Facebook user is really the product and that Facebook cannot exist without monetizing the data of its users?
360. Which third parties have accessed Facebook, which data was obtained, and how did they obtain access?
361. How revenue much per FB user would be lost by not sharing user data? How much market cap?
362. Was the Facebook business model, originally conceived to offer up user data to sell to advertisers?
363. How many other organizations like Cambridge Analytical have paid Facebook for our profile info?
364. To what extent would restrictions on access to users' data reduce Facebook's profitability?
365. Would he be willing to give up his business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy?
366. Would you consider offering users a paid subscription to your service rather than ransoming data?
367. My question is, When FB says they allowed 3rd parties to access data, does that mean they sold our private user data? FB needs to be transparent and limited to the data they can release. The User needs regulated privacy. Why are they dealing with malicious 3rd parties?
368. Once again privacy of FB users has been treated without high regard. This is not first instance. Why should we believe anything you will say about changing attitude, adherence and respect? Note: in the past FB has made system changes and done such things as putting default two less privacy settings as an example. I believe there have been other instances of privacy not being taken seriously. It is now a pattern. This CEO has a flippant attitude towards respect for others as customers.
369. You were informed by employees in 2010-2011 that Facebook was not auditing what was being done with it.
370. What is Facebook's responsibility to its customers and users?
371. Did you oversee the terms and conditions associated with the "Facebook Messenger" phone application? If so, were you aware that Facebook essentially stole the information of people without these individuals not signing the terms and agreements?
372. How does fake news go viral and how does Facebook decide what people see or don’t see?
373. What specific steps are you taking to protect Facebook accounts from disinformation and propaganda?
374. Was Facebook paid by affiliates or other companies in exchange for user data?
375. How does keeping users' information private benefit Facebook?
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376. Why should the public trust Facebook going forward?
377. How can we be confident that FB will protect users data with business model focused on advertisers?
378. What can you do (and what is being done) to assure true identities of users?
379. What does Facebook sell and to whom?
380. Have your original intentions, priorities and goals changed, and if so, why. And how?
381. What percent of your revenue is from sharing user data with third parties?
382. Is Facebook collecting data on citizens for the purpose of monitoring people to increase profits?
383. Why should Facebook users need to pay you for full data privacy?
384. Isn't Facebook's Board complicit after years of transgressions and apologies by management?
385. If individual Facebook employees were using Facebook's internal data & surveillance tools to commit crimes or violate the law, would Facebook have any way of knowing this was occurring?
386. Did Facebook ever consider that selling personal information would be used for political targeting?
387. Does FB consider users as stakeholders or as ones to deceive?
388. FBs revenue model relies on selling personal info. Could a paid model satisfy your investors? And bring in enough revenue for FB to survive?
Miscellaneous (121 Questions)
389. Why is Facebook deleting accounts of Palestinians at the request of the Israeli govt? This is unfair political censorship and a double standard!
390. Why didn't you listen to women when they were reporting doxxers and swatters before Trump-Pence?
391. How many lobbyists and lawyers does Facebook have? How much did it spend on lobbying last year?
392. My question may sound wacky, and it is really more of a suggestion, but I would like to ask him how Facebook can grow a 'conscience' going forward?
393. Fact: If I stole a pizza, I'd be in jail. Why shouldn't you and other facebook execs be in jail? (that happened to a person in Palo Alto)
394. Recent press reports indicate that messages you have sent to others at Facebook have been "recalled," or deleted, from their inboxes. It’s widely known that your company is under investigation once again by the Federal Trade Commission. Can you explain to the committee why you are deleting your messages—which many might call evidence—in the middle of a federal investigation?
395. Do you consider yourself a "true" American patriot? If "yes": How do you reconcile that with your company's behavior?
396. Do you consider the people who use FB commodities or customers?
397. Rather than be a force for the democratic good, Facebook is in the terrible position of supporting the rise of fascism and hatred in the US. Would Facebook be willing to start a grant program, like the one it developed for community builders, to help educate ALL American consumers about critical thinking when evaluating news, and online civility?
398. Facebook turned its back on all it users, for money? You should be protecting us.
Page 21 of 25
399. How do you look at yourself in the mirror?
400. How could U? Does the nation, its values & its people who made U so obscenely rich mean nothing to U.
401. Why didn't you do anything to stop this for 2 years? You knew and did nothing!
402. How do you take responsibility for the result of the national election of 2016 after all your users' info on Facebook had been used to manipulate the election? 2) How will you prevent the same thing from happening again? 3) Please explain why you and other exec's of Facebook had had the liberty to delete (or unsend) your own messages and yet you hadn't allowed any other people on Facebook to do the same? What other liberties do you or other execs have in terms of privacy and security while all the other people don't or didn't (considering you'll fix those unfair issues)? 4) Please tell us what you are going to do specifically to gain back our trust because right now many people don't trust you or your company. Thank you.
403. How do I unsubscribe from Facebook? Bernie
404. Before you had children yourself, did you care about how your greed would affect our children?
405. The Facebook application is presumably going to evolve, so what have you taken away from this episode with respect to being a socially responsible innovator?
406. I want to know if I was one who had her data stolen. If so I want reparation.
407. Sean Parker, Facebook's founding president, said last November that it is designed to be addictive, that it is intentionally "exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology". If Facebook is addictive by design, does that mean using it can be potentially self-destructive, like using any addictive product? Who should pay the costs of managing and treating addictions intentionally created by Facebook?
408. What has Facebook done to identify and assist users that exhibit compulsive or addictive behavior on your site?
409. How much are you going to pay everyone who had their data stolen? Sorry will just not cut it.
410. How will Facebook address the "affiliates" problem? (See Bloomberg Businessweek, April 2, 2018. p56
411. A fundamental bias on your part appears to be that users bear some responsibility for their own protection from bad actors. Yet it seems clear that a sizable percentage of your user population lacks the cognitive abilities, skills and training necessary for successful self-protection online. How do you propose that these users should proceed?
412. Social responsibility to our children -- increasing signs of mental distress from SM?
413. How do you confirm who is paying you for information?
414. What steps are you taking to verify what clients tell you?
415. Why was it OK when President Obama's team downloaded user earlier. No problem until it is public.
416. When will he be stepping down?
Page 22 of 25
417. Will we continue believing that one man can fix this? A convenient narrative that allows us to duck
418. Mr. Zuckerberg, what bad thing will really happen because of this data breach?
419. Good luck. He will make the senate/congress look buffoonish. He has already done in Menlo Park
420. Mr Zuckerberg, what protections do use for your personal information? Should your user expect less?
421. After tragic consequences from bullying on FB emerged, how is it possible that FB failed to look for other forms of manipulation based on feeding human prejudices?
422. Do you understand how offensive Facebook’s actions have been to users?
423. Give him an example if you can, of how a family could be affected by the way he operates without it.
424. Why is it not morally and ethically repugnant to you to sell the personal data of your customer?
425. How can a user who is locked out of their email and change phone number close their account?
426. Hi, Anna - Sylvia's daughter Diana here. I think the only thing I can think to ask is "Why?"
427. Can hacks be reduced if servers encoded time, location and IP addresses on each message?
428. Why is it so difficult for a user to cancel Facebook?
429. How do you explain this to your mother?
430. What will you do with to prevent people from selling false goods on Facebook? I was a victim of that.
431. My techy husband and I are both flabbergasted at his arrogance and his "I'm above the fray" attitude. Perhaps this can be turned into an appropriate question. Thank you for all you do for us.
432. Why is it so difficult to delete Facebook pages?
433. How's it feel to go from cyber hero to cyber fool in a cyber instant?
434. Have you considered amongst your options, stepping down and maybe taking a job at Squaw or Heavenly?
435. Tim Cook, CEO (Apple, Inc.) stated that "privacy is a human right." Do you agree Mr. Zuckerberg?
436. Was all of Mr. Zuckerberg's data accessed? If not why not? Is his data treated differently than a normal users?
437. Is your company looking into the next possible threats, beyond data hacking?
438. When are you and Sheryl going to step down and let people with actual ethics run Facebook?
439. How am I to trust your FB Company in the future?
440. Does all Technology companies spy on Americans?
441. When your executives claim connecting people at any cost is good, how do you hold them accountable?
442. What is the Facebook's internal Mission Statement and how do Corporate Officers measure your progress?
443. How many privacy analysts does Facebook employ?
Page 23 of 25
444. Given this critical breach of public trust, does the current leadership of Facebook need to be replaced?
445. Did you profit from your mistake?
446. What does Facebook plan to do to leverage its platform to facilitate a desirable future for all?
447. What are the fines, penalties for Facebook's violating its 2011 deal to better protect its users? Stop pussy-footing around these tech giants. Thank you for this opportunity. Florence
448. This country supports free enterprise, but not monopolies. What prevents FAANG from becoming a Mon?
449. I'm now getting Facebook communiques from real estate agents for my house which isn't in the market. a) Is there a 'privacy' button which can filter out unwanted spam? And b) suggestion: have source-identifier attribute to messages.
450. In his opinion, should we be worried about the practices of other social media?
451. There is no justification for putting profit before privacy.
452. How do users know if their data has been compromised? Can you ensure faster response time if this happens in the future?
453. Why can you delete your Facebook data permanently but users cannot?
454. Facebook made promises in 2010-11 to protect users. It did not. Now?
455. Why would you put your personal wealth ahead of the interests of the citizens and future of the U.S?
456. As a social MEDIA company, why do they not comply with media advertising rules?
457. Why are people unable to delete their accounts?
458. FB users have few alternatives if they leave; is this as an opportunity to serve or to exploit?
459. Given what has happened, setting aside what you say FB will do in the future, why should the American public trust you?
460. When will Facebook provide its users the capability to completely erase their content and history?
461. Was his own, his family's, other Execs at FB, etc. personal data also provided/accessed?
462. When will you start paying for the personal data you are stealing??
463. How can we retain the benefits of a free press when technology now allows anyone to have a press with tremendous dissemination of information / disinformation?
464. How is Facebook's problem of information "scraping" different from information gleaned from a person's credit card, banking, and other activity that occurs electronically????
465. Zuckerberg should be penalized for lack of sight of his company and have a heavy fine to teach
466. We are heading down the wrong road. Stop Trump, stop wasting time with honest people.
467. In your opinion, what constitutes harm?
468. Only a comment. Thank goodness I deleted my account several years ago.
469. Who are your paying customers and what are they paying for?
470. Do you think you will be able to solve the problems? If so, how?
471. Have you ever turned down advertisers or third parties data was being sold to due to ethics concerns?
Page 24 of 25
472. Why did you wait till Facebook stock was effected to take action on the data breach?
473. How much is people’s private info worth to you?
474. Why did Facebook collect and share text messages and phone call data from user phones?
475. The most pressing question of our time is what is the truth and what is a fact, how will you ensure your platform is a vessel for truth?
476. Why did he not fix this problem when he knew about it years ago?
477. Why aren't you getting out of selling personal info? & doing subscriptions instead?
478. Will he support my safety by defunding sanctuary cities and cooperate with ICE
479. Your site helped elect Pres Trump! Are you going to help get him impeached?
480. In our "Buyer/User Beware" world we live in how does and why should you company protect the personal
481. What are dos & don’ts you recommend people use on social media? Can they pay for their privacy?
482. Why did you not fire or suspend your VP who wrote/comments about life or death at the time, what were your comments to him back then when he did this? For only now u are opposed when u have been exposed?
483. Is there any privacy on the internet at all? Please explain.
484. Has FB grown too big to control? Should it be considered a utility and broken into smaller companies?
485. How can Facebook safeguards be trusted, given irreparable damage already done and cover-up
486. Please explain why you feel it acceptable to track individuals who have never signed up for Facebook
487. Today I opened my iPhone, a screen loaded touting NEW Camera, the full screen of my phone looked like an iPhone camera, click here to accept, it wasn't apple it was Facebook. Yet another example of how easy it is to be led into relinquishing control of my personal information with absolutely no context of the magnitude that a simple click accomplishes. Apparently when I previously used the phone I was reviewing friend posts in Facebook, I don't share, I post frugally within my close friend circles yet I am constantly exposed to traps not Facebook alone but given the current situation I would think Facebook would be more thoughtful in launching new features without some sort of disclaimer... no place on the 'camera' update did it say Facebook.
488. How would you feel, Mark, if you knew your information was in the hands of a malicious third party?
489. No question but recommend that this company be regulated like the media company that it is.
490. Why should you not be in prison?
491. Could Facebook be a social network where we are the customer not the product?
492. Why should we trust you?
493. For Anna: This certainly IS critically important! Why only 4 minutes/person?
494. Why shouldn’t the same principle of truly informed consent (as in research) apply to fb?
495. Russia, a historical US Ally must be able to assert our joint national security interests yet you disallow freedom of speech when it does not support Hillary Clinton whose husband former Pres Bill Clinton was Impeached nearly removed shy 1-2 votes in the US Senate for abuse of power and lying to FBI and Congress etc.
Page 25 of 25
496. Please just let him know how transparently selfish & delusional he has shown himself to be. My privacy is MINE, not Facebook's to sell! How dare he ignore that?.
497. I am praying for you. Laurel Smith, Saratoga,CA
498. Comment to April 2, 2018 blog "Eight Questions Members of Congress Should Ask Mark Zuckerberg,": "Remember, Facebook users are the product, not the client." Facebook's business model is the processing and selling of member data, justified as a benefit to both users of the program and users of the data. Question: is it possible to envision a purely member centric model for Facebook and what would that look like compared to what it is now?
499. What do you consider the biggest danger to your real users and what are you doing to protect them.
500. Two family members work for you and believed in your goodness. How will you answer to them?
501. Please ask Mr. Zuckerberg if the rumors for many years are true concerning the CIA having complete access to our Facebook accounts. Thank you, Mark Schwenne
502. Did he vote for Trump?
503. How often do u change your tee shirt and do you plan to wear appropriate dress before the committee?
504. Does Facebook have to concentrate all their employees in Menlo Park? Spread the joy!
505. Does your board want you to resign? Not addressing security is armature behavior ?
506. Please forward to the Congresswoman my suggestion --for her to formulate into a question-- to seek from Mr. Zuckerberg and Facebook the commitment --including periodic progress reports of this commitment-- to use the Facebook platform to cultivate users to become immunized of the credulity of artificial news. It is more important call out Facebook to step up to the plate to help our democratic process and culture to countervail the bad actors who try to weaken or disrupt it, than it is to let Mr. Zuckerberg and friends retreat to the obfuscation of their technology.
507. Do you see the danger of this trend continuing with home assistance devices?
508. Thanks for employing so many people, what are your expansion plans
509. How can we stop invisible Individually-targeted propaganda machines that seek to alter election results?
510. The Menlo Park Police Department are getting calls from Facebook customers who are frustrated that they can't get through to Facebook to answer their questions, delete their account. Could you Mr. Z tell me about your customer interface and how your Facebook users can get their answers answered directly...not digitally?

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Posted by Constituent in PA
a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Apr 14, 2018 at 10:37 am

My response on reading this is Eshoo is one smart cookie. She is getting Zuckerberg to commit to some very basic facts on public record. It will make it hard for Zuckerberg to obfuscate later, though he clearly tried.

I don’t have a facebook account for those reasons. If I can’t understand the privacy conditions easily or if I have an expectation that the platform will change them on me (which is just a burden to keep an eye on), I don’t want to join. This situation is no surprise, given how dodgy Facebook is about privacy protection in the sign up process.

Any honorable alternatives out there? Seems like it’s a good opportunity.

10 people like this
Posted by Rey T
a resident of Mountain View
on Apr 14, 2018 at 11:06 am

@Constituant in PA,

"Any honorable alternatives out there? Seems like it’s a good opportunity."

A lot of people are asking this question, along with the related question to Facebook on whether they will offer a version of their services that users pay for with fees instead of with their private information. It's a great opportunity for an honorable service, but sadly not much of an opportunity for a sustainable venture, let alone a massively profitable one as is the "sell your soul" model.

ps - I agree with you that Anna Eshoo's strategy is very clever. I look forward to seeing Mark Zuckerberg's answers to the 510 questions, which she tells us he is obligated to provide.

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Posted by Sheep
a resident of another community
on Apr 14, 2018 at 12:58 pm

You people are easily distracted from the bigger issue.

Facebook has nothing that puts you at risk.

The federal government allowed the 2008 crash and did nothing, NOTHING!, about it. Can you name more than ONE PERSON that when to jail and can you even name ONE person that went jail for any actions of consequence in relation to 2008 ? Yet it cost us all (or shoud I say our chiuldren) trillions of dollars in the government bailout that congress implimented to pay off all the banks. Can you cay Jaime Daimon ?

The OPM (office of personnel management) release all out SSN's, names, and other PII. That stuff is all out there on the dark web. When someone comits identify fraud against you where will Anna be ? What is Eschoo doing about it ? NOTHING. NOTHING. She is grandstanding in front of TV pretending to understand Facebook.

EQUIFAX release all out PII (SSN's, CC account numbers, and PII) and what is Anna Eschoo doing about that ? She is grandstanding in front of TV pretending to understand Facebook.

Sheep. Sheep.

Facebook is friends and social interaction. It is meaningless data.

2008 resulted in lost homes, ruined lives, lost $ trillions.

Equifax is ruined credit and destroyed lives.

Why are you worried about social media data ? Do you not get it?

They think we are Sheep. Facebook is a distraction because it is actionable. In the meantime you kids will owe trillions (you're not paying it, right ?) so Jaime Diamon could dominate the banking industry.

Don't be a sheep. Hold congress accountable.

3 people like this
Posted by Bucko
a resident of College Terrace
on Apr 14, 2018 at 3:34 pm

}}} Facebook is friends and social interaction. It is meaningless data.

Ever heard of Cambridge Analytica? Mercer?

They stole the data and used it with falsehoods in a political campaign, in conjunction with a foreign country.

It ain't meaningless.

7 people like this
Posted by Sheep
a resident of another community
on Apr 14, 2018 at 3:51 pm

OK ....And what did the data thieves do with the data that is different than what a thousand different polling organizations and paid influence paddlers (lobbyists) did not already do ? It' socially public data.

Wake up my friend

All Eshsoo did was put herself on the same stage with Zuckerberg. Someone you THINK you know and Facebook something you THINK you understand. So she looks really important huh?

Quantify the damage Mr. Bucko
what was the impact. What was the relative cost of the facebook info that could not be gotten elsewhere ?

Whay are we paying Ms Eschoo to pursure this?

You and I pay the bill.
Where are Eshoos's priorities ?
re-election profile ?
or protecting you from real danger ? .. I wonder ?

as I said. Sheep!

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Posted by Anonymous
a resident of Duveneck/St. Francis
on Apr 14, 2018 at 4:07 pm

Thank you, CrescentParkAnon for the full list of questions submitted to Congressmember Eshoo
I found my submitted question in the 400’s
I didn’t find this list in Anna Eshoo’s weekly email to constituents

My husband tells me Patrick Leahy essentially stated my question!
I’m pleased to say I am not on facebook, despite some social shunning by sheeple.

Let’s make wise choices with our social media.
Inread TOS and avoid apps, etc. where I find unacceptable terms or risks
They aren’t all equivalent by any means
Try to educate those around you as to these distinctions

10 people like this
Posted by Sheep
a resident of another community
on Apr 14, 2018 at 4:18 pm

lets be clear.
your SSN bank accounts and credit card info is out there.
It is out there.
It is out there.
It is gone.
You cannot recall it.
This is because of
1) OPM
2) Equifax
3) and various bank hacks

YOU or your chrildren) now owe Trillions of dollars because of the 2008 rip-opp of the american people. Lives were ruined. Homes were lost.
Your will face identity theft in your lifetime.
This ^^^ has nothing to do with facebook.
Where is Eschoo?

Where is Eschoo ?

Eschoo should be recovering your money and lives.
... becauae people like bucko think it is important and because he can spell analytica.

Facebook is a distraction.
wake up!!

Go after the real threats!

Otherwiswe you are just sheep.

1 person likes this
Posted by Mahmbough
a resident of Community Center
on Apr 14, 2018 at 4:24 pm

Call peeps sheep, that's your view... While hijacking a thread and grabbing your soapbox about a completely different topic.

Sheep? Wolf? Or just missing the boat with a topic hijack?

8 people like this
Posted by Sheep
a resident of another community
on Apr 14, 2018 at 5:35 pm

The thread is about Eschoo and her "grilling".
Not so?

13 people like this
Posted by Ahem
a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Apr 14, 2018 at 5:45 pm


You come off like a FB employee desperately trying to deal with cognitive dissonance and working through the first through third stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining) after being confronted with the fact that you are not part of a great social movement, but just a mass production line-worker in Mr. Zukerberg's computer automated PI factory.

Mark Zukerberg is the Henry Ford of private investigation.

Henry Ford didn't invent the automobile, but he did figure out the mass production and distribution business model for the automobile. Every production line worker in one of Ford's factories could afford to buy his car, so Ford's factories were simultaneously mass producing the product and the consumer.

Zukerberg didn't invent private investigation, but he did figure out the mass production and distribution business model for private investigation. Zukerberg figured out how to turn every consumer of private investigation into a producer of private investigation.

12 people like this
Posted by sheep
a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Apr 14, 2018 at 5:57 pm

When your identity is stolen,
When your accounts are emptied,
When you childrens taxes are doubled,
Who will You blame ?

Does stifling me solve the real problem?
You are only helping them get away with it.
And showing Eshoo that she can obfuscate.

14 people like this
Posted by Ahem
a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Apr 14, 2018 at 6:50 pm


Nobody is stifling you. I do agree Eshoo is just grandstanding.

Neither Eshoo nor her party had the courage to prosecute and regulate the big banks or Equifax in any meaningful way.

I'm sure the local Democratic party machine sees Facebook as too big to fail and we need to remember Facebook GAVE the DNC the same kind of information that they SOLD to Cambridge Analytica.

6 people like this
Posted by Online Name
a resident of Embarcadero Oaks/Leland
on Apr 14, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Online Name is a registered user.

"I'm sure the local Democratic party machine sees Facebook as too big to fail and we need to remember Facebook GAVE the DNC the same kind of information that they SOLD to Cambridge Analytica."

Got supporting evidence?

14 people like this
Posted by Ahem
a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Apr 14, 2018 at 7:41 pm


Try to imagine the devastating effect of a Facebook failure on the local democratic party's partnership with the real-estate industry and their development plans for the area.

Eshoo is just grandstanding while she is in limelight. Eventually the lights will fade and she will quietly walk away from any confrontation that could endanger Facebook's growth.

13 people like this
Posted by Shoe
a resident of Adobe-Meadow
on Apr 14, 2018 at 9:39 pm

"Got supporting evidence?"

Everybody was marvelling at how great Obama used FB in 2008. His campaign manager has bragged about how in 2012 they got lots of inside FB data not available to Mittens because FB was all in for BO (said the campaign manager, look it up, Google can remove your ignorance).

At least now that the Russians stole the election with Zuckerberg's help, the sheepeople have woke-en up a bit. Maybe now something good will happen, like regulate FB, and save democracy!

32 people like this
Posted by Ahem
a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood
on Apr 15, 2018 at 12:19 am


I thought everybody knew about Facebook's collusion with Obama campaign manager Carol Davidsen, but I guess Anna Eshoo didn't put anything about that in her newsletter.

At the 19 minute mark in the link below campaign manager Carol Davidsen explains how Facebook allowed her to "ingest the entire social network of the US that's on Facebook" before turning off the feature that made it possible.

"Carol Davidsen | You Are Not a Target" Web Link

8 people like this
Posted by Gail
a resident of Downtown North
on Apr 16, 2018 at 5:22 am

This whole thing looks like a mockery to me. There are no specific questions, which would prove to profound knowledge of the topic by Eshoo. Actually anyone could ask these questions and anyone could answer to them - in the way that wanted to be heard by mass listener. It's just another Eshoo's step to make a good general impression to the public. But we are smarter and expect more...
Web Link

5 people like this
Posted by crittah
a resident of Greenmeadow
on Apr 16, 2018 at 8:42 am

"But we are smarter and expect more..."

Perhaps you haven't read the thread. So let's start with: you have 4 minutes to make a statement and ask a/some questions. How much of that 4 minutes do you use to "prove to profound knowledge of the topic by (you)."

In what way would you prove profound knowledge?

In what way would you use the 4 minutes to tie the witness to statements and facts for further use/possible prosecution/legislation.

What smarter questions would you ask?

I look forward to your questions.

Also: what in the heck is your link about? (businesscheck dot co dot nz ) Spam?

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Posted by 4th gen Palo Altan
a resident of Midtown
on Apr 16, 2018 at 11:10 am

Since the topic was 'privacy rights', I found it strange that no congressperson (especially Anna Eshoo), asked Zuckerberg about his own passion for personal privacy, i.e. buying all the homes surrounding his property in Crescent Park to maximize his privacy.

11 people like this
Posted by crittah
a resident of Greenmeadow
on Apr 16, 2018 at 11:42 am

4th gen Palo Altan: "I found it strange that no congressperson ... asked Zuckerberg about his own passion for personal privacy"

From the Zuck testimony:

Senator Dick Durban: "Would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night?"

Zuckerberg: "Um," long pause "No."

Durban: "If you've messaged anybody this week, would you share with us the names of the people you've messaged?"

Zuckerberg: "Senator, no, I would probably not choose to do that publicly here"

Durban: "I think that might be what this is all about — your right to privacy, the limits of your right to privacy, and how much you'd give away in modern America"

There's more. Google the testimony in full. What specific question would you have asked? Would you also ask about the many other families in PA that own multiple properties in the same neighborhood? (There are numerous, of course.)

Like this comment
Posted by KJH
a resident of Stanford
on Apr 16, 2018 at 11:53 am

KJH is a registered user.

I thought Zuckerberg did a pretty good job answering the questions. I particularly liked the contrast between him and the "politicians".

12 people like this
Posted by Yuri
a resident of another community
on Apr 16, 2018 at 3:41 pm

Go Anna! So tired of the techies who think they know it all and criticize Senators and members of Congress for not being "tech savvy". What does Zuckerberg know about our Constitution? What do self proclaimed techies know about Trident Submarines, Tomahawk Missiles, F-22 Raptors, or George Washington Class Aircraft Carriers? Use to be that technology meant so much more than coding, social networks, and advertising profile algorithms. The head of the SR-71 program from the early 1960's has stated openly that we cannot rebuild that aircraft with our current technology and engineering pool. Good thing America is number one in video games and mindless online chat. No offense PA online.

Like this comment
Posted by CrescentParkAnon.
a resident of Crescent Park
on Apr 18, 2018 at 3:10 pm

>> The head of the SR-71 program from the early 1960's has stated openly that we cannot rebuild that aircraft with our current technology and engineering pool.

I am not sure how that relates specifically or only to Facebook? A great dramatic quote, do you have an actual attribution/link for it?

2 people like this
Posted by Curmudgeon
a resident of Downtown North
on Apr 18, 2018 at 5:01 pm

"What do self proclaimed techies know about Trident Submarines, Tomahawk Missiles, F-22 Raptors, or George Washington Class Aircraft Carriers? Use to be that technology meant so much more than coding, social networks, and advertising profile algorithms."

That was before techies learned they can make way more money from coding, social networks, and advertising profile algorithms than from Trident Submarines, Tomahawk Missiles, F-22 Raptors, or George Washington Class Aircraft Carriers. You get what you pay for.

"The head of the SR-71 program from the early 1960's has stated openly that we cannot rebuild that aircraft with our current technology and engineering pool."

Why bother making new SR-71s? They're sitting ducks for modern SAMs. Plus, the big money's in coding, social networks, and advertising profile algorithms.

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