Man indicted in four overseas homicides

Kevin Dahlgren was indicted by the Czech Republic on Thursday for alleged killings of relatives

A man who allegedly killed four relatives in the Czech Republic turns out to be a case of "The Man Who Never Was": Though claiming on social media to be from Palo Alto, he is, in fact, not.

Kevin Dahlgren, 23, who was indicted on April 7 by the Brno, Czech Republic, Regional Prosecutor's Office for the murder of his aunt, uncle and cousins in 2013, had claimed to be from Palo Alto on his Facebook page. The Palo Alto pedigree was widely reported after his arrest in 2013, including by the Palo Alto Weekly, and it is again showing up in news stories after Thursday's announced indictment.

But he never lived here, his father, Wayne Dahlgren, said on Thursday evening. Kevin Dahlgren lived in Roseville, in Placer County, and graduated from Granite Bay High School.

Dahlgren allegedly killed his aunt, uncle and two cousins at their home at Zatloukalova Street No. 49, in the city of Brno between May 21 and May 22, 2013, according to a U.S. Attorney General's Office complaint for extradition.

He had been living with his relatives in the Czech Republic since about April 30, 2013, according to the complaint.

He is accused of using a knife to kill 51-year-old Martin Harok, Veronika Harokova, 47, and their two sons, Filip, 24, and David, 18. Dahlgren allegedly attempted to burn three of the four victims' bodies by setting them ablaze in the basement of the home. Medical examination confirmed that the victims were dead before they were burned, according to the complaint.

A neighbor of the Harok family told police that on May 20, 2013, Martin and David Harok had given him a ride to downtown Brno. During the drive, they mentioned that Dahlgren had behaved strangely during the night between May 19 and 20. Dahlgren allegedly ran around the house, holding a knife. Martin and David Harok said they had a strange feeling about him. The Haroks also said that Dahlgren had allegedly boasted that he had managed to smuggle a knife onto a plane and was not detected.

A postal carrier who arrived at the house on May 22, 2013, at 8:45 a.m. said that Dahlgren had answered the door and appeared "discomposed."

Dahlgren also allegedly told a cleaning lady who came by the house at 11 a.m. that day that Veronika Harokova had left the house and there would be no cleaning needed. The cleaning lady tried to explain that she would clean the house anyway, but Dahlgren allegedly positioned himself in the doorway leading inside the house, spread his arms in the door frame and told her again there would be no cleaning that day, according to the report.

Dahlgren was later identified by a taxi driver, who said that the American had asked in English to be transported to the Vienna Airport in Austria at about 3:05 p.m. He dropped Dahlgren at the airport at 5:45 p.m.

A neighbor saw smoke coming out of the basement window of the Haroks' house at about 9 p.m. that evening. Several neighbors investigated and found a smoldering pile of blankets and duvets, which covered three victims. A fourth victim was found upstairs.

Dahlgren sent messages to his Facebook friends that he would be returning to the U.S., according to the complaint. He arrived in the U.S. on May 23, 2013, and was stopped at Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. Among clothing in his luggage were a blood-spattered pair of shorts. DNA analysis determined that the blood matched the victims', according to the complaint.

Dahlgren fought extradition successfully until Aug. 31, 2015, when he was returned to the Czech Republic. He is the first U.S. citizen ever extradited to the country, according to Czech news source Lidovky.

A Czech psychiatric expert testified in court on March 10, 2016, that Dahlgren was sane at the time of the crime. Police completed their investigation on March 21, 2016, and turned the case over to the Regional Public Prosecutor's Office in Brno. The prosecutor's office filed the indictment on April 7, 2016, with the Regional Court in Brno. If convicted, Dahlgren faces life in prison, according to news source Lidovky. The court could order a trial within three months.

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Posted by resident
a resident of Downtown North
on Apr 7, 2016 at 5:13 pm

This story is making the international news. Some reports hint that Kevin Dahlgren moved to Europe to escape from problems he was having in Palo Alto. Does anyone have more information about this young man? Did he attend Palo Alto schools? He is reportedly being represented by the same lawyer who helped Amanda Knox beat murder charges in Italy, so expect a worldwide high-profile trial in this case, too.

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Posted by Col. US Army (ret.) Paul Musil
a resident of Stanford
on Jun 1, 2016 at 8:44 pm

I am a retired U.S. Intelligence officer of Czech birth. I wonder if this message could somehow be delivered to the family of Kevin Dahlberg. I want the attorneys of this family to review the evidence apparantly from Czech Military Intelligence that was delivered to me regarding the process with Kevin Dahlberg. If it cannot be refuted then this process can be thrown out and the accused returned free to the United States.
The process is allegedly a political deal after a felony of former Director of NSA [ National Security Agency] in the Czech Republic see Web Link resulted in a leak of classified information that allowed Russia the electronic attack against USS Donald Cook ar Crimea in 2004. He is allegedly a foreign agent.
I have been unable to refute this evidence myself and from my previous work for the U.S. I am aware of several events that in fact support this evidence. I seek indemnity in this apparent miscarriage (travesty?) of justice.

Thank you for helping me by contacting Kevin Dahlberg’s father.

Pavel (Paul) Musil
My ID: naturalized on August 23, 1977 in San Francisco

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Posted by Col. US Army (ret.) Paul Musil
a resident of Stanford
on Jun 3, 2016 at 5:21 am


Kevin‘s capital sentence has already been meted out when he was given an “ex-offo“ attorney. In the Czech reality, ex-offo lawyers cooperate with the police because they are unable to make living on their own. Kevin’s attorney can‘t even speak up for his client. Kevin has been extradited with reference to a treaty signed between the U.S. and Czechoslovakia before WWII. With the break up of Czechoslovakia in January 1993 all such treaties ceased to be valid. The break up itself has been in violation of the Constitution of Czechoslovakia – see the documents in Manhattan Library, NYC – corner of the 42nd St. And 5th Ave.

Kevin can never survive Czech prison. Now with him, his father is seeing his son for the last time. Kevin‘s imprisonment will start with a gang rape. There is no physical evidence for the life-long sentence [the death sentence has been abolished] – only a statement by a so-called psychiatric expert. This is a communist leftover when such “trials“ were used to “legally“ kill the dissenters. Kevin can never get a fair trial – but I am not here to interfere with his attorneys. I am writing this message for Kevin’s father because ASL can get Kevin out of the Czech Republic alive by getting him a Presidential Amnesty.

I am the Managing Director of Anti-Semtex League, Inc., [ASL] registered by in MD in September 1998 and outsourced by a U.S. Agency to carry out a classified project of tracking down the collusion betweeen US Defense contractors participating with Czech and Russian firms in developing the innitially Soviet technology left behind when the Soviets left Czechoslovakia in 1990. As a US Intelligence Officer I have a mirror – a Czech born, retired Colonel of the Soviet Red Army, who passed on to me the a.m. evidence. It may also be a trap due to Kevin’s process so I must not ignore it.

ASL has been running and continuously updating the US-military compatible wargaming model first deployed by Bechtel Corp. of San Francisco to protect the U.S. in the aftermath of U.S. defusing the Soviet nuclear weapons in Kazakhstan in 1993. Kevin has become the proverbial sacrificial lamb for the felonies committed in the Czech Republic by Booz Allen Hamilton, Bechtel, Hewlett Packard and others who have ultimately made U.S. civilian nuclear facilities indefensible against a (post) Semtex attack – see the suspension of Bechtel – SIAC project in Nevada‘s YUCCA Mountains. [sorry for the typo: … at Crimea in 2014…]

By letting Kevin get slaughtered by Czech – US – Russian Organized Crime [CUROC] we all shall have accepted that in any of over 150 sites in our backyard a radioactive / nuclear fall out may be triggered. This evidence is IRREFUTABLE, US court admissible, and ready in the U.S. to be submitted. BY HANDING KEVIN OVER THE U.S. HAS GIVEN IN TO CUROC‘S NUCLEAR TERRORISM BLACKMAIL, WRITTING KEVIN OFF. By issuing an international warrant of arrest, CUROC have made themself subject to criminal persecution. The key is in the hands of a Russian Corporation: [OMZ – United Heavy Machinery].


Col. U.S. Army (Ret.) Pavel (Paul) Musil
c/o US DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency]

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Posted by Nobody Knows Chicken Like the Colonel
a resident of Stanford
on Jun 5, 2016 at 9:25 am

Paul, you sound almost as paranoid as Dahlgren himself.
Here in Brno, he went after us at the end of a social meeting of English-speakers in a quiet local pub, with a bottle which he promptly broke and shoved threateningly, in several faces. "I'll kill you, M.F." he growled. Until my other fellow American blasted his face with an armful of snow from the top of the car he was standing by. The guy was psycho before he hit Czech soil. This was not a setup Paul. I blame it on the slivovice.

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