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Building permits in Palo Alto

15 water heater changes

Residents around the city are removing, adding and updating their water heaters. Among these listings from July 8 to Aug. 3, 15 water heater building permits were issued. Changes range from tank to tankless and in-home to garage installments.

332 Oxford Ave. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

3864 El Camino Real revised plan includes two new AC units in attic space associated new duct work throughout new demised space, $n/a

1003 Middlefield Road replacing one door, $4,380

1010 College Ave. replacing seven windows, $16,125

461 Washington Ave. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

1501 Page Mill Road revision includes remodel of existing lab in building 2 lower, $n/a

249 Matadero Ave. residential rewire of three bedrooms and living room, run new circuit for living room and rewire lighting in bathroom, add two circuits and outlets for laundry room, $n/a

450 Lambert Ave. re-roof, $71,000

570 Kingsley Ave. residential gas line replacement from meter in public row to house, $n/a

251 Lincoln Ave. change to the engineer of record, minor changes to the structural details, $n/a

3151 Cowper St. residential electrical breaker replacement, $n/a

875 Blake Wilbur Drive electrical for two illuminated signs, $n/a

3474 Kenneth Drive re-roof, $14,500

3797 Louis Road re-roof, $13,772

736 Garland Drive temporary power, $n/a

443 Fulton St. re-roof, $13,000

260 California Ave. revision to extend stairway, $n/a

103 Melville Ave. new residence with attached, covered porch and carport, second house includes two tankless water heaters, address request to 105 Melville, $342,680

2500 El Camino Real interior layout changes, $n/a

427 Lincoln Ave. temporary power, $n/a

1822 Edgewood Drive remove, replace water heater, $n/a

3378 Vernon Trail remove, replace water heater, $n/a

1042 Cowper St. remove, replace water heater, $n/a

777 San Antonio Ave., Unit #80 kitchen and bathroom remodel at a townhouse, $35,000

837 Altaire Walk add four recessed lights in townhouse, $n/a

103 Melville Ave. new residence with garage, includes two tankless water heaters, $280,940

180 El Camino Real deferred placement truss, $n/a

824 San Antonio Ave. Bay Area College of Nursing: add one condensing unit on the roof, $19,000

3391 South Court roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

4185 Alta Mesa Ave. re-roof, $18,000

723 Oregon Ave. bathroom remodel, includes removing one interior closet wall to make bathroom cabinets, $14,000

1544 Walnut Drive roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

3400 Hillview Ave., B5 Nest Building 5: structural upgrades to roof framing to support air filter, $10,000

215 High St. 215-237 High St.: multifamily re roof, $24,826

3125 Louis Road add exterior AC unit and a furnace in the attic, $n/a

3500 Deer Creek Road Tesla: 26 lower, remodel for existing tenant space, includes interior partitions and doors, $24,000

480 Cowper St. Mitsubishi Corp., Suite 300 for existing tenant, includes adding two interior walls, door, and rewiring four switches, $8,250

461 Washington Ave. garage re-roof, $2,350

1755 Webster St. residential remodel, including relocating existing closet and new window on second floor, $100,000

461 Washington Ave. re-roof, $16,665

4113 Park Blvd. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

610 California Ave. Historic Category 2: re-roof, $4,000

525 Lowell Ave. residential trenchless pipe replacement for laundry line from garage to sewer, no work in the public row, $n/a

2814 Kipling St. replace water heater, $n/a

365 Kingsley Ave. re-roof, $8,456

2501 Park Blvd. Brewer Law: install new illuminated sign, $n/a

4279 Wilkie Way replace water heater, $n/a

755 Page Mill Road, Suite A revision for rack anchorage detail and trench patching detail, $n/a

2120 Princeton St. temporary power, $n/a

2046 Bryant St. replace water heater, $n/a

684 Wellsbury Way temporary power, $n/a

3295 El Camino Real re-roof, $27,500

202 Bryant St. residential sewer line replacement, $n/a

875 Mockingbird Lane replace slab in garage, reframe front wall of garage, expand width of window in kitchen, reduce wall at coat closet, reduce length of overhang, replace dry rot post at backyard patio, $n/a

260 Homer Ave. accessibility upgrades in parking lot and interior path of travel, $n/a

700 Welch Road commercial dry rot and termite damage repair, retrofit dry rot beam columns and shear walls, $165,000

950 Sycamore Drive replace garage tank water heater, $n/a

936 Boyce Ave. re-roof, $n/a

725 Christine Drive remove brick fireplace and replace with faux fireplace, $n/a

395 Page Mill Road office tenant improvement for existing firm "Disney-Playdom," includes new conference room for Disney, complete build out of new space for new firm "Jaunt, Inc.," includes use and occupancy for "Jaunt, Inc.," a virtual reality firm, $182,830

984 Amarillo Ave. remove and dispose of existing material, install new metal panels, $15,000

249 Matadero Ave. add a tankless water heater, $n/a

4011 El Cerrito Road single-story addition and remodel, replace electrical throughout entire house, $110,000

510 Ashton Ave. re-roof, $12,000

1510 Walnut Drive residential kitchen and bath remodel, no structural changes, includes removing and replacing a new hot water heater to attic, $33,352

1017 Forest Court re-roof, $13,960

501 Forest Ave. install two dual EVSE Level 2 at parking lot for tenant sharing, $n/a

418 Fernando Ave. remove/replace water heater, $n/a

335 Kingsley Ave. residential furnace replacement and new AC unit in side yard, $n/a

904 Elsinore Drive residential copper repipe, $n/a

3000 El Camino Real revising auxiliary restroom from male and women restroom to unisex restrooms, $n/a

911 Hansen Way original scope to decommission and remove PCW, $n/a

1501 Page Mill Road deferred submittal for structural anchorage, $n/a

3730 Carlson Circle roof cleaning and coating, $10,318

415 California Ave. La Boheme: stand alone use and occupancy only, $n/a

92 Churchill Ave. first-story addition to an existing two-story, single-family residence, $74,705

3338 Waverley St. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

2960 Bryant St. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

1183 Amarillo Ave., Apt. #7 replace tank water heater, $n/a

180 El Camino Real deferred skylight/roof glazing, $n/a

2650 Birch St. add two stairs at the exterior and add an accessible walkway at the side of the building, $n/a

1918 Emerson St. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

512 Thain Way residential kitchen remodel, $35,000

855 California Ave. revision to add disabled access upgrade compliance checklist to plan, $n/a

60 Roosevelt Circle remodel the kitchen and two bathrooms, new foam roof, rewire the entire house and re-Sheetrock the interior of the house, replace all windows within existing openings, sewer replacement trenched and replace water line from meter to house, no work in the public right of way, and electric service upgrade, $75,000

1730 Embarcadero Road revise location of temporary office trailer location, $n/a

560 Cambridge Ave. multifamily re-roof, $50,000

945 Forest Ave. re-roof, $18,000

636 Waverley St. re-roof, structural changes to building, $n/a

201 Maclane St. replace the water line from the meter to the house, no work in the public right of way, $n/a

201 Maclane St. install NEMA outlet in garage, $n/a

430 Tennyson Ave. detached garage re-roof, $1,406

2879 Louis Road temporary power, $n/a

945 Forest Ave. garage re-roof, $5,349

2840 Emerson St. foundation repair: add 21 push piers, $23,000

390 Charleston Road roof cleaning and coating, $8,390

539 Rhodes Drive temporary power, $n/a

345 California Ave. reflected ceiling, light fixtures, eliminated office and wall covering finishes, $n/a

261 Hamilton Ave. revise plans to include garage design at basement and first-floor office layout and restrooms to match previously approved bulletin, $n/a

811 Hansen Way re-roof, $124,802

3091 Ross Road re-roof, $15,000

992 Elsinore Drive roof-mounted PV system and wall mounted inverter, $n/a

389 Matadero Ave. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

850 San Antonio Ave. install illuminated sign for "Beam Suitable Technologies," $n/a

3645 Ramona St. roof-mounted PV system and wall mounted inverters, $n/a

790 Gailen Ave. re-roof, $17,882

1501 Page Mill Road deferred submittal for equipment anchorage, $n/a

2100 Geng Road changes to parking required by accessibility inspection, revise parking slopes and restripe accessible parking spaces, no changes to number of parking spaces, $n/a

1486 Dana Ave. demolish existing house, $n/a

1196 Hamilton Ave. re-roof, $33,365

2190 W. Bayshore Road, Suite #190 GreenStreets: use and occupancy only, change of ownership and tenant name for existing business, $n/a

665 Wellsbury Way re-roof, $14,500

3506 Emerson St. kitchen remodel, includes replacing seven windows, $20,000

2745 Byron St. replace three exterior stairs due to dry rot, $24,800

1950 Newell Road field clarification, bay windows and data, $n/a

1486 Dana Ave. demolish existing detached garage, $n/a

1761 Edgewood Drive revision to the bathroom layout, $n/a

544 Rhodes Drive residential addition, new one-car garage, and remodel includes relocating the electric meter, relocating the gas meter, includes converting garage to living space, addition of a new driveway approach across the planter strip was removed from scope, now using existing driveway approach, $137,378

1527 Castilleja Ave. new two-story house with basement, and garage attached to the house by the foundation and a beam, $660,093

2180 W. Bayshore Road, Suite #120 install two illuminated sign for "Chef Zhao," $n/a

1501 Page Mill Road revised interior work, $n/a

1944 Bryant St. reconstruct detached two-car garage, $15,000

1527 Castilleja Ave. temporary power, $n/a

3373 Hillview Ave. field clarification kick brace detail, $n/a

3160 Porter Drive remove existing domestic water heater, tank and pump in mechanical yard and install new skip-mounted package DHW system on concrete pad, $45,000

661 Bryant St. revised conference room design to accommodate load bearing wall, $n/a

601 Alester Ave. residential bathroom remodel, $21,000

2190 W. Bayshore Road, Suite #190 install illuminated sign for "GreenStreets", $n/a

3481 South Court roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

659 Glenbrook Drive upgrade electrical service, $n/a

2133 Webster St. add new Btu gas insert, $n/a

3661 Ramona St. revised location of addition due to field conditions, $n/a

2076 Edgewood Drive residential addition at rear, $43,200

640 Emerson St. Historic Category 3: commercial replacement of two existing roof-top units in same location, replacement of existing roof-top exhaust fan with new HVAC unit in new location, $21,725

1426 Pitman Ave. revised bathroom and laundry layout on first and second floor, $n/a

844 Ross Court re-roof, $13,000

445 California Ave. Brioche: electrical for new illuminated sign, $n/a

4085 El Camino Way deferred submittal for awning design, $n/a

3750 Corina Way roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

993 Embarcadero Road demolish existing detached garage, $n/a

543 Hilbar Lane replace wood beam with a steel beam, no change to exterior, $n/a

993 Embarcadero Road single-story addition and rebuild, kitchen and bath remodel, covered porch and attached garage, includes new tankless water heater, new AC unit at side yard and relocation and upgrade of existing panel, $n/a

1681 Castilleja Ave. kitchen and master bath remodel, $65,000

425 Margarita Ave. demolish existing detached garage, $n/a

4327 Miranda Ave. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

911 Cowper St. install heat pump with three indoor wall-mounted air handlers, $n/a

855 California Ave. tenant improvement for existing tenant, "Merck," includes minor wall modifications and relocation of equipment in lab and AHU replacement, $275,000

4015 Miranda Ave. tenant improvement and use and occupancy, including new partitions, ceilings, finishes, mechanical, plumbing and electrical, re-roof, $5,600,000

4247 Pomona Ave. replace furnace and add AC unit, $n/a

180 El Camino Real, Suite #721 interior non-structural demolish in preparation for tenant improvement under separate permit, $n/a

180 El Camino Real, Suite #99 interior non-structural demolish in preparation for tenant improvement under separate permit, $n/a

1105 Channing Ave. re-roof, $14,791

2291 South Court add electrical to detached accessory structure: six outlets, one light, one switch, and two circuits, $n/a

944 Forest Ave. re-roof, $11,153

1440 Dana Ave. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

2300 Harvard St. roof-mounted PV system expansion, original system installed in 2006, $n/a

2426 Park Blvd. use and occupancy only for "Parker Salon, Inc.," $n/a

3067 Emerson St. 3067-3077 Emerson St.: window retrofit, $15,368

249 Matadero Ave. repipe water lines throughout house, $n/a

660 Arastradero Road re-roof, $25,900

537 Hamilton Ave. two commercial illuminated blade signs, $n/a

660 Arastradero Road detached garage re-roof, $6,400

596 N. California Ave. re-roof includes, $29,000

1125 Channing Ave. replace sewer line, $n/a

230 Maclane St. install AC unit on side yard and associated electric and mechanical, $n/a

1301 Bryant St. re-roof, $17,000

621 Arastradero Road roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

3382 Kenneth Drive re-roof, $16,400

3505 Middlefield Road re-roof, $58,000

1301 Bryant St. re-roof, $18,000

2111 Yale St. sewer line replacement prow, $n/a

645 Channing Ave. replace water line from meter to house, street work permit under, $n/a

311 Everett Ave., Unit #A multifamily kitchen and bath remodel, $24,741

958 Addison Ave. engineering for sliding patio door in living room, $n/a

1651 Page Mill Road deferred submittal for anchorage of site railing, $n/a

1651 Page Mill Road deferred submittal for parapet anchorage, $n/a

840 Melville Ave. install two AC units associated electrical and mechanical, $n/a

390 Margarita Ave. revise downspout locations, $n/a

Palo Alto building permit information is sourced from the City of Palo Alto Planning & Community Environment Department.

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