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Building permits in Palo Alto

Roof changes account for more than 20 percent of building permits from June 7 to July 10

It's the summer of the roof in Palo Alto. Among these 156 listings from June 7 to July 10, 38 mention maintenance to a roof, whether that be re-roofing, cleaning, coating or installing a PV system.

Palo Alto building permit information is sourced from the City of Palo Alto Planning & Community Environment Department.

143 Monroe Drive two-bathroom remodel, no exterior changes, $40,000

1918 Emerson St. install EVSE in garage, $n/a

190 Iris Way sewer line replacement, no work in the public row, $n/a

1726 Edgewood Drive install Level 2 EVSE on exterior gate, $n/a

559 Loma Verde Ave. upgrade existing panel, install new subpanel in garage, $n/a

3481 Janice Way install Level 2 EVSE charger in garage, $n/a

1740 Guinda St. three-bathroom remodel, $24,256

85 Roosevelt Circle temporary power, $n/a

1247 Wilson St. re-roof, $27,000

1147 Ramona St. detached garage construction, no exterior changes, $n/a

312 Iris Way floor heating system and gas line demolition, new attic furnace, $n/a

4322 Silva Ave. temporary power, $n/a

626 Glenbrook Drive remove/replace water heater, $n/a

869 Embarcadero Road install roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

2153 Waverley St. water heater replacement, $n/a

4001 Miranda Ave. construction trailer in parking lot for unoccupied building, $500

457 Kingsley Ave. re-roof, $48,500

315 Homer Ave., Unit# 302 replace existing fireplace insert; install recessed lights, chandelier and electrical box in living room, $n/a

3149 Alma St. emergency gas leak repair to main line, $n/a

3240 Ross Road re-roof, $4,500

791 High St. ballasted PV system, $n/a

1050 N. California Ave. install roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

419 El Verano Ave. re-roof, $13,000

1224 Webster St. bathroom remodel, $17,500

3101 Middlefield Road remodel kitchen and bathroom in every unit, $21,000

3948 Nelson Court single-story addition under existing overhang, $24,000

4322 Silva Ave. revised architectural and associated structural, $n/a

4173 El Camino Real, Unit# 26 two-bathroom remodel, $12,000

1810 Middlefield Road temporary power, $n/a

170 Hawthorne Ave. new detached garage (code enforcement case), $10,984

720 Kendall Ave. replace water line from meter to house, $n/a

845 Arastradero Road install roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

164 Hawthorne Ave. new detached garage (code enforcement case), $10,984

2130 Oberlin St. kitchen remodel, $50,000

3373 Hillview Ave. changes to detail on ceiling attachment to "dirt" solid wall and glass wall, $n/a

951 Shauna Lane re-roof, $15,600

1651 Page Mill Road metal stair drawings and calculations, $n/a

2440 Cowper St. re-pipe from water meter throughout house, water heater replacement, $n/a

1651 Page Mill Road cooling tower anchorage calculations, $n/a

659 Channing Ave. sewer line replacement, $n/a

1235 College Ave. electric service upgrade, $n/a

664 Hamilton Ave. install mini-split system and wall mount units, $n/a

4154 Solana Drive water heater replacement, $n/a

340 Ely Place water heater replacement, $n/a

1176 Palo Alto Ave. added tankless water heater, $n/a

1447 Byron St. single-family residence demolition, $n/a

992 Elsinore Drive roof cleaning and coating, $6,730

531 Cowper St. install two illuminated signs, $n/a

3632 Evergreen Drive roof cleaning and coating, $10,525

1447 Byron St. detatched garage demolition, $n/a

4309 Miranda Ave. Nema 14-50 EVSE and electric service upgrade, $n/a

2130 Barbara Drive install garage closets and cabinets, strengthen ceiling joists., $n/a

707 Coastland Drive replace boiler and piping, $n/a

2002 Columbia St. remove HERS requirements, $n/a

1501 California Ave. temporary power, $n/a

610 Melville Ave. re-pipe, no work in the public row, $n/a

1324 Dana Ave. second-story remodel to existing house, $39,051

813 Colorado Ave. EVSE at front of house, no upgrade to existing panel, $n/a

440 Cesano Court EVSE and subpanel installation, $n/a

861 Matadero Ave. crawlspace improvement, $2,975

2819 Ramona St. truss calculations, $n/a

490 San Antonio Ave. install new fence between playfield and EVSE, install new bollards between EVSE and parking area, new disconnect from EVSE, $n/a

2512 Cowper St. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

440 Sequoia Ave. garage only re-roof, $8,993

3365 Saint Michael Court re-roof, $14,760

3500 Deer Creek Road revised fire rating assembly, $n/a

984 California Ave. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

1050 Arastradero Road install VAV terminal unit with reheat coil, connect into existing duct and piping, $2,000

754 Los Robles Ave. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

180 El Camino deferred submittal for joist placement, $n/a

1170 University Ave. emergency gas leak repair, $n/a

3866 El Camino Real The Great American Framing Shop: use and occupancy only for tenant space, demising wall constructed under landlord improvement permit, $n/a

3500 Deer Creek Road revision to Title 24, $n/a

74 Erstwild Court re-roof, $19,332

2049 Dartmouth St. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

960 Waverley St. replace existing water main from meter to house, $n/a

3427 South Court roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

2500 El Camino Real revised tiedown substitution, $n/a

1445 Hamilton Ave. kitchen remodel, $24,000

345 Fulton St. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

1635 Madrono Ave. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

299 Creekside Drive roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

217 California Ave. Bandalou Baby: use and occupancy only for first floor, $n/a

993 Embarcadero Road temporary power, $n/a

400 University Ave. replace sewer line on private property, no work in the public row, $n/a

2380 Santa Ana St. re-roof, $11,500

2380 Santa Ana St. re-roof, $1,500

223 Homer Ave. replace exterior lighting control, no exterior changes or replacement of lighting, $n/a

3826 Magnolia Drive install gray water system for irrigation, $n/a

3826 Magnolia Drive 14-2263: relocate generator and ac units. adding skylights and associated eave changes. increase window size on ground floor., $n/a

251 High St. existing office tenant improvement, $133,000

1221 San Antonio Ave. temp power fed by pg&e, $n/a

3284 Murray Way roof cleaning and coating, $11,919

222 High St. owner improvement includes rooftop units, install associated fan coils and controls and adjust existing diffusers at mezzanine level, $n/a

1996 Louis Road install torch-down roof system, $10,500

560 Loma Verde Ave. re-roof, $19,000

142 Ely Place two-bathroom remodel, $24,862

234 Walter Hays Drive kitchen addition and remodel, $58,658

3357 Kenneth Drive install new water heater, $n/a

369 Churchill Ave. deferred submittal for truss calculations, $n/a

3400 W. Bayshore Road The Girls' Middle School: add interior door for existing tenant, $4,750

2305 El Camino Real bathroom remodel, $n/a

1521 Portola Ave. reduction of foundation, concrete and footing specifications, $n/a

440 Sequoia Ave. re-roof, $16,976

3449 Waverley St. re-roof, $9,000

744 High St. revised plans include new service sink, $n/a

409 Pratt Lane install new rooftop flush-mounted solar panels (4.42 kw), $n/a

390 Charleston Road two-bathroom remodel, $10,000

724 Ellsworth Place residential re-roof existing garage 200 sf, $800

2191 E. Bayshore Road Fusion Academy: use and occupancy for a private tutoring facility, construction of new temporary below-grid demising wall, $4,170

660 Los Trancos Road residential install Level 3 Nema outlet in garage, $n/a

430 Lambert Ave. improvements to existing parking lot, remove and replace four existing trees, $25,000

524 Hamilton Ave. use and occupancy for Stillwater Investment Management, financial investment firm to occupy second floor, $4,500

4021 Villa Vista kitchen and bathroom remodel, $21,000

2191 E. Bayshore Road Fusion Academy: use and occupancy for a private tutoring facility, demolition of existing below-grid walls, suspended T-bar ceiling and associated mechanical, electrical and plumbing, construction of new restroom and ceiling, $310,000

2345 Princeton St. revised gas line diagram, $n/a

435 Tasso St. Suite 205: tenant improvement and use and occupancy for Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, includes new conference room, office, open office, reception, coffee area and restroom upgrades, $350,000

2735 Ross Road temporary power, $n/a

3500 Deer Creek Road cafeteria improvements for existing tenant, Tesla, $80,000

601 Matadero Ave. change interior height, $n/a

510 Tennyson Ave. new fixed window in the master bedroom, relocate washer and dry, $n/a

455 Grant Ave., Unit# 8 kitchen and two-bathroom remodel, $24,000

940 Commercial St. voluntary seismic upgrade, $n/a

450 Adobe Place sewer spot repair, no work in public right of way, $n/a

430 Emerson St. revision to re-route ductwork to existing mechanical equipment, no new rooftop equipment, $n/a

318 University Ave. illuminated sign for David's Tea, $n/a

518 Everett Ave., Unit# G replacing three windows and one door, $5,972

1050 Arastradero Road commercial tenant improvement for Stanford School of Medicine, includes renovation of two biomedical research rooms to create fish housing, $140,000

124 University Ave. installation of wiremold, $n/a

930 Emerson St. AltSchool: school to occupy entire building, no exterior work, $487,000

431 Kipling St. Vino Locale: subpanel in basement (existing subpanel but was installed without permit), $n/a

3484 Rambow Drive kitchen and bathroom remodel, upgrade existing panel to 200 amp, sewer replacement, no work in public right of way, $20,000

2260 South Court roof change on detached garage, $n/a

756 Chimalus Drive replace window with patio slider, $6,200

1972 Edgewood Drive water heater replacement, $n/a

853 Fielding Drive demolish detached garage, $n/a

2300 Geng Road, Suite# 250 tenant improvement for HackerRank, data management firm to occupy second floor, $138,315

744 Cowper St. replace existing furnace and condensing unit, $n/a

341 California Ave. revised seating to show ADA compliance at each function, revised urinal clearance in men's restroom, $n/a

3661 Ramona St. single-story addition and remodel, new covered porch, relocate electric service and upgrade to 200 amp, $201,000

2761 Kipling St. second-floor window removal, revised 1st floor layout, enlarge bedroom on second floor, $n/a

4271 Ponce Drive remove/replace water heater, $n/a

150 Middlefield Road re-roof, $n/a

558 Madison Way demolish pool and equipment, $n/a

554 Kelly Way roof mounted PV system, $n/a

280 Walter Hays Drive bathroom remodel and expansion, $20,000

236 Scripps Court replace bathroom fan and kitchen exhaust fan, install living room lights, $n/a

1635 Bryant St. exterior fire pit., $n/a

558 Madison Way demolish detached garage, $n/a

325 Kingsley Ave. run dedicated circuit for attic vent fan and switch, $n/a

558 Hawthorne Ave. roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

561 Center Drive re-roof, $21,325

4225 Manuela Ave. steel beam reinforcing detail at stairs, $n/a

3505 Middlefield Road Peninsula Bible Church: interior wall removal, $5,000

2935 Alexis Drive roof-mounted PV system, $n/a

856 Matadero Ave. replace pergola, replace concrete in backyard, install new french drain, voluntary foundation repair due to cracks, $23,000


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Posted by Palo Verde Resident
a resident of Palo Verde
on Jul 24, 2015 at 9:21 am

How did that small lot next to Peninsula Bible Church on Middlefield Road get a permit to build two houses?

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Posted by PBCer
a resident of Adobe-Meadow
on Jul 24, 2015 at 11:38 am


It's actually not a small lot, it's just narrow and deep. I assumed it was a guest house in front and the main house in back, but there is also a 3rd building at the back, right corner that looks to be right up against the property line. I wondered about the whole project too, but wasn't able to find it on the City's website...

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