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Palo Alto Story Project videos

Brief tales about Palo Alto from adults and children. The Palo Alto Story Project is an initiative of the Palo Alto Weekly and Palo Alto Online. (Updated November 2009)

JUNE 2010

VIDEO: The poetry of Palo Alto

Palo Alto poet Pearl Karrer recites her poem about Foothills Park while photos of the area are displayed. (Posted June 7, 2010)

MAY 2010

VIDEO: 31st annual Palo Alto Tall Tree awards

Highlights from the 2010 Palo Alto Tall Tree awards. Stern Mortgage Company, Vic and Mary Ojakian, the Downtown Streets Team and Roxy Rapp were honored. (Posted May 3, 2010)

APRIL 2010

City Manager James Keene talks to Midtown residents -- Part 6

Part 6. (Posted April 19, 2010)

City Manager James Keene talks to Midtown residents -- Part 5

Part 5. (Posted April 19, 2010)

City Manager James Keene talks to Midtown residents -- Part 4

Part 4. (Posted April 19, 2010)

City Manager James Keene talks to Midtown residents -- Part 3

Part 3. (Posted April 15, 2010)

City Manager James Keene talks to Midtown residents -- Part 2

Part 2. (Posted April 15, 2010)

City Manager James Keene talks to Midtown residents -- Part 1

Palo Alto City Manager James Keene discussed the city budget and city priorities with residents of the Midtown neighborhood on April 13, 2010. Part 1. (Posted April 15, 2010)

VIDEO: Investing in Palo Alto K-9s

Three Palo Alto police dogs earn bulletproof vests during a ceremony at City Hall. (Posted April 13, 2010)

MARCH 2010

VIDEO: Finances, infrastructure highlight 'State of the City'

Highlights from Palo Alto Mayor Pat Burt's "State of the City" address. (Posted March 2, 2010)


VIDEO: Feds begin investigation into plane crash

Two-part video featuring an afternoon press conference about the fatal crash of a small plane in East Palo Alto Feb. 17. (Posted Feb. 18, 2010)

VIDEO: Silicon Valley report shows a 'region at risk'

Joint Venture CEO Russell Hancock discusses the "2010 Index" report. (Posted Feb. 10, 2010)

VIDEO: El Camino bell to grace El Palo Alto site

Bellmaker John Kolstad installs a new "El Camino Real bell" to mark the site of the historic El Palo Alto, the city's namesake tree. (Posted Feb. 4, 2010)


VIDEO Streetwise: 'Tell us about your first kiss'

Everyday people share their "first kiss" experiences in this video. Shot in high definition. (Posted Jan. 22, 2010)

VIDEO: Serenity in sound

Artist Steve "Spike" Finch finds peace in propane tanks by turning them into gentle Zen Tambour drums. (Posted Jan. 15, 2010)

VIDEO: Bomb threat empties Palo Alto City Hall

City employees are forced to evacuate Palo Alto City Hall following a bomb threat Jan. 7. (Posted Jan. 7, 2010)


VIDEO: New Lytton Plaza opens in Palo Alto

A refurbished Lytton Plaza in downtown Palo Alto debuts during a special ceremony Dec. 18. (Posted Dec. 18, 2009)

VIDEO: Palo Alto Vignettes

Former and current Palo Altans recall Greenmeadow neighborhood's early days, foothills communes, electrical substations and tennis at Stanford. (Posted Dec. 10, 2009)


VIDEO: It takes an urban village

Video about the Oct. 18 grand opening of the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center. (Posted Oct. 23, 2009)

VIDEO: Palo Alto's oldest black church celebrates rebirth

Video about the revitalization of Palo Alto's historic A.M.E. Zion Church. (Posted Oct. 16, 2009)

VIDEO: Palo Alto City Council candidate interviews

Highlights from interviews with the 14 candidates for the Palo Alto City Council. (Posted Oct. 12, 2009)


VIDEO: Midtown explosion, fire draws help from three cities

Footage from the aftermath of a two-alarm house fire on Maureen Avenue in Palo Alto. (Posted Sept. 30, 2009)

VIDEO: Union strikes in Palo Alto

Workers represented by Service Employees International Union (SEIU) march and chant at City Hall and around downtown. (Posted Sept. 24, 2009)

VIDEO: Two-alarm fire chars downtown restaurant

Firefighters hit the scene of a two-alarm blaze at Evvia Estiatorio in downtown Palo Alto. (Posted Sept. 24, 2009)

VIDEO: 2009 annual Electric Car Rally in Palo Alto

Highlights from the electric-car rally at Palo Alto High School. (Posted Sept. 4, 2009)


VIDEO: 2009 Senior Games -- Roger Gentilhomme interview

An interview with 100-year-old Senior Games athlete Roger Gentilhomme. (Posted Aug. 14, 2009)

VIDEO: Celebration of Athletes at the 2009 Senior Games

Highlights from the Celebration of Athletes ceremony of the 2009 Summer National Senior Games, featuring Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young and former Olympian Jennifer Azzi. (Posted Aug. 9, 2009)

VIDEO: Interviews with the 2009 Senior Games athletes

Up close and personal: Palo Alto Online reporter Sue Dremann talks with a 94-year-old triple jumper, 57-year-old archer and others. (Posted Aug. 9, 2009)

VIDEO: Fireworks, torch relay open Senior Games

Highlights from the torch relay and cauldron lighting that marked the start of the 2009 Summer National Senior Games. (Posted Aug. 2, 2009)

JULY 2009

VIDEO: Hanging mannequin prompts 911 calls, rescue

Footage from a search-and-rescue simulation in East Palo Alto. (Posted July 27, 2009)

Protesters rally outside office of Anna Eshoo

Video of protesters outside the Palo Alto office of U.S. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo. (Posted July 20, 2009)

SLIDE SHOW: Clinical compassion

Slide show about the Ravenswood Family Health Clinic. (Posted July 10, 2009)

JUNE 2009

VIDEO: Thousands visit Palo Alto World Music fest

Video from Palo Alto World Music Day on June 21, 2009. (Posted June 22, 2009)

VIDEO: Palo Alto High School graduation 2009

Highlights from Palo Alto High School's 2009 graduation. (Posted June 10, 2009)

VIDEO: An eye on the world

Video montage featuring the judging and winning images of the 18th annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest. (Posted June 5, 2009)

VIDEO: 'A fascinating machine'

Robert Huw Morgan performs on the Fisk-Nanney pipe organ in Stanford's Memorial Church. (Posted June 5, 2009)

VIDEO: City eyes mezzanine for bigger police station

A tour of the mezzanine above Palo Alto police headquarters. (Posted June 4, 2009)

MAY 2009

VIDEO: Goats for the greater good

Stanford Goat Project fundraiser brings livestock to campus. (Posted May 21, 2009)

VIDEO: They've done it all

Video interviews with the Lifetimes of Achievement recipients for 2009. (Posted May 1, 2009)

APRIL 2009

VIDEO: And the walls come tumbling down...

The long-abandoned California Craft and Floral building on Alma Street gets demolished. (Posted April 28, 2009)

VIDEO: A celebration of everything Earth

Palo Alto residents celebrate Earth Day 2009 at the Lucie Stern Community Center. (Posted April 22, 2009)

VIDEO: Bird-like electric car to make Palo Alto debut Wednesday

Reporter Gennady Sheyner and photographer/videographer Veronica Weber get a glimpse of two Aptera electric car prototypes. (Posted April 20, 2009)

VIDEO: 2009 Tall Tree awardees honored

Five separate videos featuring the acceptance speeches of the 2009 Tall Tree Award winners. (Posted April 17, 2009)

VIDEO: A total cure for health care? - Part one

Harold "Hal" Luft speaks on the idea of universal coverage for hospital stays and chronic illness. (Posted April 3, 2009)

VIDEO: A total cure for health care? - Part two

Harold "Hal" Luft speaks on primary-care doctors and eliminating health insurance companies. (Posted April 3, 2009)

VIDEO: A total cure for health care? - Part three

Harold "Hal" Luft answers audience questions at Books Inc. in Palo Alto. (Posted April 3, 2009)

MARCH 2009

POWERPOINT: Rod Diridon: High-speed rail on-track, needed

Powerpoint presentation on high-speed-rail projects worldwide. (Posted March 18, 2009)

VIDEO: Mayor: Green revolution will aid economy

Palo Alto Mayor Peter Drekmeier stresses environment, economy in annual "State of the City" speech. (Posted March 9, 2009)

VIDEO: Uncut 'State of the City' address, part 1 of 5

VIDEO: Uncut 'State of the City' address, part 2 of 5

VIDEO: Uncut 'State of the City' address, part 3 of 5

VIDEO: Uncut 'State of the City' address, part 4 of 5

VIDEO: Uncut 'State of the City' address, part 5 of 5

VIDEO: Protestors march against high-speed rail

Palo Alto residents and their children rally against the high-speed-rail project. (Posted March 2, 2009)


VIDEO: Music from the heart

Heartstrings Music founders Al Fabrizio and Hugo Wainzinger perform a tune. (Posted Feb. 13, 2009)

VIDEO: 'Freedom Riders' of technology honored

Three prominent African-American Silicon Valley technologists are honored at Palo Alto City Hall. (Posted Feb. 3, 2009)


VIDEO: Palo Alto crowd gathers to honor King, Obama

Scores of people jam King Plaza on Martin Luther King Day to honor the memory of the Civil Rights leader. (Posted Jan. 19, 2009)

VIDEO: Learning to fly — and land

Members of the STREB company — which combines modern dance, gymnastics, ballet and stunt work — rehearse for the "STREB vs. Gravity" performance at Stanford. (Posted Jan. 16, 2009)

VIDEO: Special feature: Facing off

Palo Alto high school students sound off about Facebook and gossip websites. (Posted Jan. 16, 2009)

VIDEO: Stanford students protest Israeli military actions

About 100 Stanford students gather Friday on campus to protest Israeli military actions in the Gaza Strip, calling for a cease fire to end the conflict. Meanwhile, perhaps 75 pro-Israel supporters stage a counter-demonstration. (Posted Jan. 9, 2009)


VIDEO: Born fighters

Slide show/video about the East Palo Alto Boxing Club. (Posted Dec. 31, 2008)

VIDEO: Survey of sound

Video about the theremin on display at the Museum of American Heritage. The invention is a futuristic musical instrument that requires no physical contact whatsoever by the player. (Posted Dec. 18, 2008)

VIDEO: Teach your students well

Veteran folk-country musician Carol McComb teaches students how to play the guitar. (Posted Dec. 12, 2008)


VIDEO: Sea Scout building restoration begins

Construction workers hired by the Environmental Volunteers begin the process of moving the boat-shaped Sea Scout building that sits on the edge of the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve. (Posted Nov. 14, 2008)

VIDEO: Marchers protest 'racial profiling'

A Sunday afternoon march by East Palo Alto residents and their supporters in protest of racial profiling ends at Palo Alto City Hall with a call for the resignation of Palo Alto Police Chief Lynne Johnson. (Posted Nov. 9, 2008)


VIDEO: Police told to check out persons based on race

Palo Alto Police Chief Lynne Johnson tells residents that blacks and Hispanics may be questioned based on descriptions of burglars and robbers. (Posted Oct. 31, 2008)


VIDEO: The golden rule

Palo Alto resident Tom Wyman talks about the history and utility of the slide rule. (Posted Sept. 19, 2008)

VIDEO: Moonlight Run draws record crowd

More than 3,000 people attend the 24th annual Moonlight Run & Walk in Palo Alto. (Posted Sept. 15, 2008)


VIDEO: Still spreading his wings

Professorville resident Arthur Morse, 86, talks about and demonstrates his passion — flying. (Posted Aug. 20, 2008)

VIDEO: An exclusive interview with Pat Briggs

A one-on-one interview with retired Palo Alto Children's Theatre Director Pat Briggs. (Posted Aug. 6, 2008)

JULY 2008

VIDEO: Meet Mr. 1776

A look at the expansive Revolutionary War collection of Palo Alto resident Richard Alexander. (Posted July 29, 2008)

VIDEO: An Eichler remodeled with honor

Architectural designer Leena Kharkar-Kalakkad gives a tour of her remodeled Eichler home in Palo Alto's Meadow Park neighborhood. (Posted July 17, 2008)

VIDEO: iPhone fervor

Scores of eager iPhone fans pour into the Apple store on University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto for the release of the new iPhone 3G. (Posted July 11, 2008)

VIDEO: Apple of my iPhone

Buyers line up outside the Apple Store on University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto the day before the release of the new iPhone. (Posted July 10, 2008)

VIDEO: Chili competitors cook up hot July 4

Footage from the 27th annual Chili Cook-off, July 4 at Mitchell Park. (Posted July 5, 2008)

JUNE 2008

VIDEO: New Palo Alto city manager James Keene

James Keene, a former city manager of both Berkeley and Tucson, speaks to a packed City Hall after being announced as Palo Alto's new city manager by Mayor Larry Klein. (Posted June 26, 2008)

VIDEO: Castilleja graduation caps good year

Highlights from Castilleja's 2008 graduation. (Posted June 12, 2008)

VIDEO: O.N.E. voice for unity

East Palo Alto residents hear speakers and music during an event at Bell Street Park organized to celebrate unity. (Posted June 10, 2008)

VIDEO: Keep it simple

A Palo Alto couple gives a tour of their remodeled house in Midtown. (Posted June 5, 2008)

VIDEO: Measure A supporters cheer results

Supporters of Measure A celebrate the passage of the bond for Palo Alto schools. (Posted June 4, 2008)

MAY 2008

VIDEO: Stanford janitors stage protest

Almost 100 janitors who work at Stanford University go on strike after a stalemate in negotiations for a new contract. (Posted May 22, 2008)

APRIL 2008

VIDEO: A Victorian with 'style'

Palo Alto resident Brigitte Gassee gives a tour of her remodeled Victorian home. (Posted April 17, 2008)


VIDEO: $14.5 million Castilleja sports complex

Castilleja School unveils its new, multi-level fitness complex. (Posted Jan. 9, 2008)


SLIDE SHOW: Looking back

A slide show of the best photographs from 2007. (Posted Dec. 26, 2007)

VIDEO Streetwise: 'What will you be doing differently for the holidays this year?'

Palo Alto Weekly reporters ask everyday citizens what they plan to do differently during the holidays given the state of the economy. (Posted Dec. 5, 2007)


VIDEO: Paly shuts down M-A for CCS football championship

Highlights from the CCS football championship game between Palo Alto High School and Menlo-Atherton High School. (Posted Nov. 30, 2007)


VIDEO Streetwise: 'What was your favorite Halloween costume?'

Palo Alto Weekly reporters ask everyday citizens what their favorite Halloween costume was. (Posted Oct. 30, 2007)

VIDEO: Superintendent Skelly speaks up

Superintendent Kevin Skelly answers questions during a community Q&A. (Posted Oct. 27, 2007)

VIDEO: Council candidates talk about the issues

City Council candidates from 2007 -- Pat Burt, Dan Dykwel, Sid Espinosa, Victor Frost, Tim Gray, Mark Nadim, William Ross, Greg Schmid, Smokey Wallace and Yiaway Yeh -- talk about city issues in separate interviews. (Posted Oct. 20, 2007)

VIDEO: Specialty high school a no-go for Palo Alto, group says

Members of the district-appointed High School Task Force respond to questions about opening a specialty high school in Palo Alto. (Posted Oct. 18, 2007)


SLIDE SHOW: As time goes by

Slide show about historic Palo Alto businesses. (Posted Sept. 4, 2007)

MAY 2007

SLIDE SHOW: A harmonic spirit

Slide show about the Spectrum Singers, a women's ensemble at Palo Alto High School. (Posted May 24, 2007)

SLIDE SHOW: Tribes and traditions

Slide show about the 36th annual Stanford Powwow. (Posted May 13, 2007)


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