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Palo Alto Kids' Blog (Palo Alto)
A great place to find information about kids and parenting. Keep updated about current topics including library events and programs, kids' book reviews, kid-friendly websites, parenting tips, and easy craft projects for kids and so much more. (Added on January 9, 2009)

Palo Alto Community Site w/Creek Monitor Mirror (Palo Alto)
A basic set of useful links and information for Palo Alto residents. Anyone is welcome to join and edit or add content. There is a mirror of the Creek Monitor as well. (Added on December 29, 2008)

Surfette (Palo Alto)
A political blog that focuses on women in politics. (Added on July 25, 2008)

Silicon Valley Moms Blog (Palo Alto) FAVE!
A collaborative group of moms writing about their lives in Silicon Valley. (Added on July 25, 2008)

VTA Watch (San Jose)
Taking a close look into the offices at 3331 North First St. (Added on July 25, 2008)

WeMatter (Palo Alto)
An Internet town meeting to assist interacting with our government. (Added on July 25, 2008)

The Difference Between Money and Real Wealth (Palo Alto)
Local activist Carol Brouillet's main website, originally created to educate people about money, local currencies and global economics. Since 2002, the site has included large sections about the citizen effort to demand a real investigation of 9/11, and has chronicled the growth of the local, national and international 9/11 Truth Movement. (Added on December 29, 2008)

Palo Alto 360 (Palo Alto)
A podcast about all things Palo Alto that includes an eclectic mix of useful information and happenings around town. (Added on July 24, 2008)

Palo Alto History. Com (East Palo Alto)
A website featuring articles recalling the people, places and events throughout the history of Palo Alto, California. (Added on September 9, 2008)

Watch Dog San Mateo (San Mateo)
Keeping tabs on what is happening in San Mateo County government and politics, with daily updates. (Added on December 29, 2008)

Fat Envelop: Free Vlog Guide to College Admissions (Palo Alto)
A Paly grad and an Ivy League School alum offers FREE advice on how to navigate the increasingly competitive landscape of college admissions. (Added on October 4, 2010)