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Hidden Gems (Palo Alto)
A blog written by a Palo Alto resident on business and the Internet. (Added on July 24, 2008)

Jeff Clavier's Software Only (Palo Alto)
Musings, rants and thoughts of an investor and early stage venture consultant about Web 2.0, search, social media, communities and venture capital. (Added on July 24, 2008)

Barron Tech Trader Daily (Palo Alto)
Local blogs about news, analysis and insights on technology investing. (Added on July 24, 2008)

Cyberqueen Virtual Assistant Solutions (Millbrae)
A blog site geared toward aspiring Virtual Assistants, small business owners and individuals who want to learn how to start their own business, learn how to use Social Media Marketing tools and resources and to meet local virtual assistants. (Added on October 7, 2009)

Palo Alto Real Estate Market News and Trends (Palo Alto)
Palo Alto real estate news and statistics, snapshot activity of local market, trend graphics, school information, review of new listings, community information, school information. (Added on January 11, 2010)

Scobleizer (Half Moon Bay)
Robert Scoble discusses technology. (Added on July 24, 2008)

SearchQuant (Palo Alto)
Insights into search engine marketing from an industry veteran and Palo Alto native. (Added on September 16, 2008)

Legal Blog - Brett A. Burlison (Palo Alto, CA.)
This blog provides a running commentary on law, society, and occasionally politics. It focuses on legal matters and issues that are important to attorneys and the legal community, injury victims, and individuals concerned about consumers’ rights. (Added on June 23, 2009)

Online Video For Your Business (Palo Alto)
Located in Palo Alto, Crow Digital Media produces marketing, promotional and educational online videos for local businesses, non-profits and other organizations. Visit the site for a full list of affordable online video services and while there view the blog for the latest in online video related topics. (Added on December 29, 2008)

Kung Fu Finance (Palo Alto)
Palo Alto resident and Accredited Investor Susan Fujii blogs about how to become a true "smart money" investor. (Added on March 13, 2012)

LaVergne Poe on Business Life (Woodside)
Focus is on people who lost jobs and find themselves starting their own business or stepping into self-employment. It's about motivating, validating and discussing the challenges involved with being on your own. (Added on August 30, 2010)

Payments News (Menlo Park)
News of the day regarding electronic payments, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and the like. (Added on March 9, 2009)

Peninsula Shops Blog (Redwood City)
Peninsula Shops is a merchant supported community website helping locals connect through the Internet, social media, community events and valued partnerships. (Added on February 1, 2010)

Photozini (Palo Alto, CA)
Launched in 2009, Palo Alto-based Photozini offers consumers a more convenient alternative in the form of a personal photo magazine layout service in a box. (Added on May 28, 2010)

Resume Help Blog (Palo Alto)
Teaching you how to improve your resume and land that dream job. (Added on July 26, 2011)

UpToUs (Stanford)
UpToUs is a free online communication tool for local communities including schools, day care centers, sports teams and scouts troops. (Added on December 21, 2010)

VentureBlog (Menlo Park)
Blog about the venture-capital industry by Palo Alto resident David Hornik. (Added on July 25, 2008)

Web Strategy by Jeremiah (Bay Area)
Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang discusses how web tools enable companies to connect with customers. (Added on July 25, 2008)