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A roadway Odyssey -- Palo Alto-style
While some of my friends binge on their second safaris, cruise European canals or time-share in Hawaii, I consider a trip... Last comment 39 minutes ago | 10 comments

Committee recommends no stakeholder group in rail redesign
Palo Alto could move ahead with plans to transform its rail corridor without a formal community stakeholder group to provide... Last comment 1 hour ago | 27 comments

Editorial: Judge Persky's misjudgment
Regardless of whether one believes Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky should be removed from office because... Last comment 2 hours ago | 21 comments

A Palo Alto son asks: 'Would I raise a family here?'
In June of this year, both my body and mind were in strange places. My body, in Thailand: racing through bustling Bangkok... Last comment 22 minutes ago | 110 comments


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Sign up for the 33rd annual Palo Alto Weekly Moonlight Run and Walk. This family-friendly event which benefits local nonprofits serving kids and families will take place on Friday, Oct. 6 at the Palo Alto Baylands.

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Logan Lucky
Whole star Whole star Whole star
Logan Lucky The caper comedy "Logan Lucky" isn't about very much. Nominally, it's about love of family and bogus notions of curses or luck, but primarily it's an escapist lark that just wants to tickle audiences for a couple of hours. And on that level, "Logan L...... Read the full review

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