Holiday Spirit

The East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring program used a grant from the Palo Alto Weekly's Holiday Fund helped seven high school juniors visit seven colleges all over the state. Photo taken Dec. 6, 2016. Photo by Veronica Weber.

Posted December 15, 2017

A 'force for good'
First-time donors give $25K to holiday-giving campaign

In the midst of dozens of donations for $25, $100 or $500 received earlier this month to the Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund, one jumped out: an unsolicited and completely unexpected check for $25,000 from a first-time donor.

In the case of our newest major donor, two Palo Alto residents who both came here to attend Stanford University more than 40 years ago, their expressed motivations perfectly captured our vision when establishing the Holiday Fund 25 years ago.

"We both are particularly interested in directing our resources and energy into highly local giving looking for ways to help those in our community who have been less fortunate than we to gain opportunity, education, a roof over their heads and the health care they need to survive and hopefully thrive," they wrote.

"We were paging through the Weekly a few weeks ago, saw a full page piece on this year's Holiday Fund and the kinds of recipients to which you have contributed in the past and basically just moved immediately to send the contribution your way.

"We've been Weekly readers for decades and know and trust the Weekly. We love how you have focused and structured the Holiday Fund. We also know and trust Silicon Valley Community Foundation and like how efficient you and they are at getting funds to work in the community.

"We are thrilled to be able to help and thank you for your efforts to create a meaningful force for good in our community," they concluded.

The list of organizations the Holiday Fund supported this last year can be found to the right.

Along with the thousands of kids and families who ultimately benefit from your gift, we are grateful for your help.

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2023 Recipient Agency
Able Works$10,000


Ada's Cafe$25,000

Adolescent Counseling Services$7,500

Art in Action$10,000

Art of Yoga Project$5,000

Aspire East Palo Alto
Charter School

Bay Area Friendship Circle$5,000

Beyond Barriers
Athletic Foundation

Big Brothers Big Sisters
of the Bay Area

Blossom Birth and Family$5,000


CASA of San Mateo County$5,000

Christmas Bureau of Palo Alto$7,500

Community Legal Services
in East Palo Alto

Counseling and Support
Services for Youth (CASSY)

Downtown Streets Team$15,000


East Palo Alto Academy

East Palo Alto Kids Foundation$15,000

East Palo Alto Razorhawks
Rugby Football Club

Eastside College
Preparatory School

Ecumenical Hunger

Environmental Volunteers $7,500


EPATT (East Palo Alto
Tennis and Tutoring)

Family Connections$7,500

Fit Kids Foundation$5,000

Foundation for a
College Education


Fresh Lifelines for Youth$5,000

Friends for Youth$5,000

Friends of the Palo Alto
Junior Museum & Zoo

Heart and Home Collaborative$10,000

Hidden Villa$10,000

Hope Horizon East Palo Alto$7,500

Jasper Ridge Farm$5,000


Lauren's House 4 Positive

Learning Home Volunteers$10,000

Mannakin Theater & Dance$5,000

Music in the Schools Foundation$7,500

My New Red Shoes$5,000

Nuestra Casa de East Palo Alto$10,000

Palo Alto Art Center Foundation$10,000

Palo Alto Community
Child Care (PACCC)

Palo Alto Players$10,000

Peninsula Bridge$10,000

Peninsula College Fund$10,000

Peninsula Healthcare Connection $10,000

Peninsula Volunteers$15,000

Pursuit of Excellence
Scholarship Foundation

Ravenswood Classroom Partners$20,000

Ravenswood Education

Rebuilding Together


Rich May Foundation$5,000

Riekes Center$5,000

Rise Together Education$15,000

Rosalie Rendu Center$5,000

Sager Family Farm$5,000

Science is Elementary$5,000

Silicon Valley Urban
Debate League

StreetCode Academy$10,000

The Circuit EPA$5,000

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley$5,000

UNAFF (United Nations Association
Film Festival)

Vista Center for the Blind
and Visually Impaired



Youth Community Service $25,000

Child Care Grants


All Five$10,000

Children's Center of the
Stanford Community

Children's Preschool Center$5,000

Covenant Children's Center$10,000

Grace Lutheran Preschool$10,000

Palo Alto Community
Child Care (PACCC)

Palo Alto Friends Nursery School$10,000

Parents Nursery School$10,000

The Learning Center$10,000

As of November 28th, 70 donors have contributed $65,452 to the Holiday Fund.
* indicates amount withheld at donor's request

11 Anonymous1,530
Steven Feinberg10,000
Marcia & Michael Katz*
Roger V. Smith500
Jody Maxmin*
Kay Remsen*
Penny Barrett*
Ted and Ginny Chu*
Scott and Jan Kilner500
Andrea B. Smith100
Andrea B. Smith100
Greg & Penny Gallo500
Dixie Storkman100
Ted & Ginny Chu*
Ken Bencala & Sally O'Neil100
Richard Johnsson500
Bruce & Jane Gee1,000
William Debord2,000
Barbara Klein*
J. W. Morton100
Dan Pappas250
Ellen Turbow500
Bonnie Packer & Robert Raymakers1,000
A.C. & Kathryn Johnston250
Barbara Riper*
Paul & Sarah Donahue2,000
Judy & Tony Kramer*
R Zuanich200
Chris Kenrick1,000
Veronica Tincher*
Cynthia Costell150
Leif and Sharon Erickson500
Julie & Jon Jerome*
Ed & Linda DeMeo500
Joyce & Gerry Barker*
Sallie and Jay Whaley*
Marjorie Bridges25
Jean Dawes1,000
Arthur Keller500
Jesse Dorogusker and Jennifer DiBrienza1,000
Charles Williams200
Martha Shirk1,300
In Memory Of

Ruth & Chet Johnson*
Nancy & Robert Lobdell*
Bob Donald*
Kathy Morris*
Bob Kirkwood*
Darla Tupper3,922
Dan Logan100
Aaron O'Neill*
Werner Graf*
E Yanosh ALT20
Jenna Hilleary750
Jack Sutorius750
Thomas and Louise Phinney*
Leo and Sylvia Breidenbach*
In Honor Of

Bill Johnson*
Marilyn Sutorius750
Businesses & Organizations

Arrillaga Foundation10,000
Peery Foundation 10,000

Past Holiday Fund Grant Recipients

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