Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund

Each year the Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund raises money to support programs serving families and children in the Palo Alto area. Read on for profiles of grant recipients, to be featured each week over the holiday season, highlighting the way each organization has used the funds this past year.

Checks totaling more than $400,000 were handed out to the executive directors of 60 non-profit organizations at a reception held April 23, 2018 at the Palo Alto Weekly, bringing the total distributed over the 25-year history of the Holiday Fund to almost $7 million.

Giving youth a voice

In slam poetry, the hands speak as much as the mouth. As Crystal Trevillion stood in front of a crowd of students and families in Palo Alto Art Center, her hands moved between her head and stomach, at one point beating the air in a curled... [ Read More ] Posted Jan. 5, 2018

Youth art creates positive impact

Chances are you've seen the work of the Mural, Music & Arts Project while passing through East Palo Alto. The colorful murals, conceived and painted by youth artists, blanket the city's parks, public buildings and schools. Each painting — depicting... [ Read More ] Posted Dec. 22, 2017

Saving the homeless

Darlene Berryessa was just 40 years old when her vision began to blur. She had no idea she had high blood pressure, but she was having a stroke. Berryessa, now 54, also had diabetes, but she didn't know that either at the time. She hadn't seen a doctor... [ Read More ] Posted Dec. 15, 2017

A 'force for good'

In the midst of dozens of donations for $25, $100 or $500 received earlier this month to the Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund, one jumped out: an unsolicited and completely unexpected check for $25,000 from a first-time donor. While the Holiday Fund... [ Read More ] Posted Dec. 15, 2017

Students given the gift of knowledge

The classroom sat in captivated silence in late November as science teacher Scott Bell explained the day's lesson, lecturing from a pristine textbook. Each of the 27 eighth-grade students at St. Elizabeth Seton School... [ Read More ] Posted Dec. 7, 2017

Educating students, one by one

Inside a quiet classroom at Brentwood Academy in East Palo Alto on Monday afternoon, Gyna Monroy reclined on a blue beanbag, carefully reading aloud from a picture book called "There's a Bird on Your Head!"... [ Read More ] Posted Dec. 1, 2017

Ada's Café gives people with disabilities a chance to grow

Wodd Cerf never saw himself as a leader, but he's now a manager-in-training at Ada's Café in Palo Alto. He opens up most mornings with card access to the building, one of his many duties since getting promoted... [ Read More ] Posted Nov. 24, 2017

Junior Museum and Zoo brings hands-on science to the classroom

"I did it!" said Brian, a second-grader at the Los Robles Magnet Academy in East Palo Alto, as he balanced on his finger an upside-down paper cutout of a man. He was the first student in Monica Banuelas' ... [ Read More ] Posted Nov. 17, 2017

Weekly launches 25th year of charitable-giving campaign

This week marks the start of the 25th Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund drive, a charitable-giving effort that annually raises about $350,000 for local nonprofit organizations serving children, families ... [ Read More ] Posted Nov. 17, 2017

Editorial: Give for the kids

Don't let the booming Silicon Valley technology-driven economy lull you into thinking that there isn't a continuing divide, even in the affluent Palo Alto area, between those riding high and the many families... [ Read More ] Posted Nov. 17, 2017

Getting justice and a safe home

Jose Cabrera cranked up the heater to full blast in his duplex unit to keep his wife and three children warm. It wasn't the coldest day of the year, nor was the winter excessively frigid. But he was willing ... [ Read More ] Posted Jan. 3, 2017

TheatreWorks encourages playful learning, creativity

"All the world's a stage," according to the king of theater, William Shakespeare. TheatreWorks Silicon Valley has taken that concept to heart by fostering theater skills and creative thinking throughout ... [ Read More ] Posted Dec. 27, 2016

Jasper Ridge Farm connects kids with animals

After 14 brain surgeries over the past three years -- including three this past month -- few things can get 11-year-old Austin Morgan to jump out of his hospital recovery bed and leave his wheelchair ... [ Read More ] Posted Dec. 16, 2016

Children's Health Council aims to aid community's teens

Earlier this year, the Palo Alto Children's Health Council launched the CHC Teen Mental Health Initiative, designed to meet the needs of teens affected by mental health issues -- anxiety and depression ... [ Read More ] Posted Dec. 13, 2016

Tennis coaches, tutors give kids a leg up

The East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring (EPATT) program has long sought to show disadvantaged students new possibilities in life, whether a new sport, better academic skills or a local college. It's also... [ Read More ] Posted Dec. 9, 2016

Keeping art in East Palo Alto schools

As first-graders spilled into Amy Modrich's classroom, they marveled at masks set out on desks, picking them up and eagerly asking what they were going to do in class that day. Modrich called the students... [ Read More ] Posted Nov. 25, 2016

Local family gives $100,000 to Holiday Fund

A Palo Alto family has made a $100,000 donation to the Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund in hopes of inspiring other donors to join them in supporting local programs for kids, families and individuals in ... [ Read More ] Posted Dec. 16, 2016

Palo Alto Weekly's annual Holiday Fund kicks off

Support for the homeless population. Training for developmentally disabled employees. Summer camp for low-income children facing life-threatening illness. Tutoring. Counseling. Science lab materials... [ Read More ] Posted Nov. 18, 2016

Editorial: Give for the kids

Don't let the booming Silicon Valley technology-driven economy lull you into thinking that there isn't a continuing divide, even in the affluent Palo Alto area, between those riding high and the many families... [ Read More ] Posted Dec. 2, 2016

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2018 Grant Recipients

10 Books A Home
Expansion of in-home tutoring and literacy program helping parents prepare their preschoolers for kindergarten through age-appropriate books and reading exercises$15,000

49ers Academy
Consolidation and relocation to a single middle school of the reading intervention and academic support program at to help prepare Ravenswood middle school students for high school $5,000

Able Works
Financial literacy education for students at Menlo-Atherton High School and East Palo Alto charter high schools and for young families$5,000

Energy audits and solar installations aimed at reducing utility costs for low income residents of East Palo Alto and Belle Haven$5,000

Ada's Café
Training and support of developmentally disabled employees and high school interns$5,000

Adolescent Counseling Services
Outlet Program providing support services and counseling for LGBTQ+ youth $7,500

All Students Matter
Launch of new literacy intervention program focused on 3rd-5th grade students in Ravenswood school district$10,000

Art in Action
Art education program serving more than 900 students in the Ravenswood school district$5,000

Art of Yoga
Yoga, creative art and other mindfulness activities for juvenile girls in the criminal justice system$5,000

Bayshore Christian Ministries
Academic "Create" summer camp providing multiple tracks for Ravenswood district middle school students$5,000

Buena Vista Homework Club
New homework center for elementary school aged youth living at the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park$10,000

School-based mental health services to students and families in six Ravenswood elementary and middle schools$10,000

Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto
Legal assistance to East Palo Alto residents facing eviction and other rental housing problems and conflicts$10,000

Downtown Streets Team
Stipends for homeless volunteers who perform community services in downtown Palo Alto as they transition to regular employment$7,500

New system to document student progress and improve communication among tutors of Palo Alto middle school students$10,000

East Palo Alto Kids Foundation
Educator Micro Grants Program, providing up to $600 grants to teachers in schools in East Palo Alto and east Menlo Park$10,000

East Palo Alto Tennis & Tutoring
Literacy evaluations for first through eighth graders in Ravenswood schools to determine needed interventions$7,500

Environmental Volunteers
Monthly public environmental education programs for youth and adults$5,000

Family Connections
Early childhood education program for parents of preschoolers in East Palo Alto and east Menlo Park.$7,500

Foundation for a College Education
College Knowledge middle and high school program designed to prepare students and their families to pursue a college education$7,500

Friends of Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo
Science Outreach Program providing hands on science instruction at Willow Oaks Elementary School$5,000

Get Involved Palo Alto
Service-learning internship placement program for high school students wanting to work with low-income youth$10,000

Health Connected
Sexual health education instruction in Ravenswood middle schools$5,000

Hidden Villa
Summer camp scholarships $5,000

JLS Middle School
Homework Habitat after-school homework and tutoring program three days a week$4,000

Jordan Middle School
Jordan Academic Wellness Support (JAWS) providing after-school study center for students three days a week$4,000

Spanish language peer grief support program$7,500

Live in Peace
"Gap Year Project" to guide and support at-risk high school graduates unprepared or uncertain about careers or college$5,000

Marine Science Institute
Environmental and marine science education program for low-income students$5,000

Music in the Schools Foundation
Music education in Ravenswood school district$5,000

New Creation Home Ministries
Parenting and life skills classes for teen mothers in East Palo Alto$5,000

New Voices for Youth
Video production equipment and training for middle school students at the Boys and Girls Club in East Palo Alto$3,000

Nuestra Casa
ESL classes for East Palo Alto adults$7,500

One East Palo Alto
Summer job and mentoring program for at-risk East Palo Alto youth$5,000

Palo Alto Art Center Foundation
Cultural Kaleidoscope, an arts-education program linking Palo Alto and East Palo Alto schools and using professional artists$5,000

Palo Alto Housing
Family Reading Club for parents and youth living in subsidized rental apartments managed by Palo Alto Housing $4,000

Peninsula Bridge
After school and summer academic support programs for low income middle and high school students with a goal of attending college$5,000

Peninsula HealthCare Connection
Health care supplies and services provided at the Opportunity Center clinic$5,000

Project WeHOPE
Classes and counseling to support the homeless in East Palo Alto$15,000

Quest Learning Center
Parent education workshops for parents of 2nd to 5th graders in East Palo Alto $5,000

Ravenswood Education Foundation
Purchase of washing machines at three district schools$10,000

Rosalie Rendu Center
ESL and life skills classes for East Palo Alto adults$3,500

Silicon Valley FACES
Scholarships for East Palo Alto teens to attend Camp Everytown youth diversity training weekend$5,000

Silicon Valley Urban Debate League
Summer debate camp for at-risk students in East Palo Alto$5,000

St. Francis of Assisi Youth Club
Meals for low-income third to fifth graders attending East Palo Alto after-school program$5,000

Stanford Jazz Workshop
Pilot of new after-school jazz music program for Ravenswood school district 6th graders$2,500

Terman Middle School
Homework Habitat after-school homework and tutoring program three days a week$4,000

YMCA East Palo Alto
Summer "Full STEAM Ahead" program for high school students, combining academic curriculum with recreational outings$7,500

YMCA Ross Road
Six-week summer enrichment camp for low-income students attending Barron Park Elementary School$5,000

Youth Community Service
Support of Summer of Service day camp scholarships, service clubs at local middle and high schools, service days and life skills programs for at-risk teens$15,000

Youth Speaks Out
Expressive arts program enabling teens whose voices may not be otherwise heard to collaborate on artistic projects with each other and supportive adults.$15,000

Child Care Facility Improvement Grants

Children's Center of the Stanford Community
New classroom tables and chairs and additional trikes$5,000

Children's Pre-School Center
Replacement of climbing structure$5,000

Friends of Preschool Family
Replacement of climbing structure$5,000

Grace Lutheran Preschool
New cabinets and counters$5,000

The Learning Center
Installation of new Nature Explore "Outdoor Classroom"$5,000

Palo Alto Community Child Care
Upgrade of outdoor play space at Barron Park Children's Center$10,000

Palo Alto Friends Nursery School
Replacement of single-pane windows$5,000

Parents Nursery School
Repavement of parking area$5,000

Peninsula Family Service
Repairs and improvements of outdoor play area at Haven Child Development Center$5,000

As of Jan.23, 2018, 413 donors have donated $402,176.
* indicates amount withheld

33 Anonymous110,960
Karen & Dick Olson250
Douglas & Leslie Murphy-Chutorian1,000
David & Diane Feldman1,500
Susan & Harry Hartzell100
Ellman Family50
Krebs Boothroyd Family1,000
Clare Warner150
Susan Hine100
Spreng Family250
Weil Family1,000
Stuart & Carol Hansen*
John & Ruth DeVries2,500
John & Lynn Wiese100
Kingsley Jack250
David Labaree300
Ellen Krasnow500
Edward Shapiro500
Roxy Rapp5,000
Lawrence Baer500
Reed Content300
Richard & Penelope Ellson100
Jean Doble*
Elgin Lee250
Eileen Brooks500
Charles Katz500
Ed & Linda Selden475
A.C. & Kathryn Johnston250
Alan Wachtel*
Sarah Bemus*
David Thom200
Jill Bicknell*
Kerei Yuen500
Peter Beller300
Bob Aulgur*
Jane Holland*
Kay & Don Remsen*
Carol Gilbert50
Amy Harris & Juss Geiduschek100
Duane Bay & Barbara Noparstak*
Elizabeth Shepard*
Charles Williams100
Jean Luc Laminette & Deborah Williams500
Beth & Peter Rosenthal300
David & Betsy Fryberger100
Brigid Barton2,000
Michael Chen & Cathy Lee300
Steve & Gayle Brugler1,000
Bruce & Mary Beth Train250
Margaret & Curt Weil50
Claire & Ed Lauing250
Gavin & Tricia Christensen*
Karen Sipprell250
Jonathan MacQuitty & Lauri Hunter1,000
Sherry Brown*
Werner Graf*
Ellen King200
Ted & Frances Jenkins50
Anna Welke50
Gwen Barry*
Delle Maxwell2,500
Carolyn Williams & Mike Keeler*
Barbara Allen200
Ralph Wheeler300
Catherine Dolton200
Monica Engel Williams200
Patricia Levin*
W.J. McCroskey100
Miriam Jacob200
Marc & Margaret Cohen250
Gail Woolley500
Xiaofan Lin50
Ellen Vanderwilt*
Colleen Anderson250
Patrick Radtke2,000
Mitchell Rosen100
Diana Diamond250
Norm & Nancy Rossen250
Jeremy Platt500
Doris & Arnold Petersen100
Klaus & Ellen Porzig200
Susan Elgee500
James Taylor200
Romola Georgia*
David Fischer100
Sandy & Rajiv Jain100
Peter Rudd50
Annette Isaacson100
John & Meg Monroe500
David Backer500
Leonie Walker100
Dena Goldberg500
Nancy Peterson100
Kathleen Kelly200
Carol Kersten200
Nigel Jones50
Anna Messner250
Marian Adams100
Patricia Bubenik200
Ken & Michele Dauber500
JoAnne Zschokke100
Vermeil Family*
Susan Osofksy200
Dawes Family250
Hoda Epstein*
Tom & Nancy Fiene*
Nina & Norman Kulgein 250
Barbara Rieder100
Karen & Steve Ross*
Irvin & Marilyn Yalom100
Guy DiJulio*
Robert Raymakers & Bonnie Packer100
Dennis & Cindy Dillon*
Charles & Barbara Stevens*
Tony & Priscilla Marzoni*
Bob & Joan Jack250
Constance Crawford*
Susie Richardson & Hal Luft*
Nancy Moss*
Marilyn, Dale, Rick & Mei Simbeck*
David & Nancy Kalkbrenner100
Jacqueline Rush100
Bjorn & Michele Liencres1,000
Fran Codispoti500
Richard Johnsson7,000
Mike & Loren Gordon250
Dave & Lynn Mitchell300
Bruce & Jane Gee250
Bill Reller*
Helene Pier*
Edward Kanazawa100
Don & Bonnie Miller100
Boyce & Peggy Nute*
Ralph Britton200
Wendy Sinton*
Mike & Lennie Roberts150
Patti Yanklowitz & Mark Krasnow*
Janice Bohman250
Erika Jurney100
Steve & Diane Ciesinski500
Ron Wolf200
Richard Zuanich150
Thomas Rindfleisch*
Wendy Max50
Eileen Brennan500
Arthur Keller*
Diane Finkelstein150
Sandra & Scott Pearson500
Margo Sensenbrenner*
David & Mindy Sitzer100
Debby Roth200
Carol & Mahlon Hubenthal *
Herbert Fischgrund200
Hal & Carol Louchheim400
Shari & Donald Orstein300
Jerry & Linda Elkind*
Arna & Hersh Shefrin*
Barbara Klein & Stan Schrier*
Anna Olsen150
Pat & Nancy McGaraghan250
Shirley Ely500
Sallie & Jay Whaley*
Nancy & Jim Baer*
Ann Burrell & Allen Smith250
Roger Warnke300
Jennifer DiBrienza & Jesse Dorogusker250
Carroll Harrington100
Diane Sikic*
Cynthia Costell100
Daniel Cox200
John & Pat Davis*
Betty Gerard100
Jim Lewis*
George & Betsy Young*
Merrill & Lee Newman250
Mike & Cathie Foster500
Diane Doolittle*
Roger Smith300
Lani Freeman & Stephen Monismith100
Page & Ferrell Sanders100
Laurie Jarrett*
Ellen Place Lillington200
David & Virginia Pollard150
Hugh McDevitt250
Mandy Lowell*
Bobbie & Jerry Wagger*
Al & JoAnne Russell300
Robert & Barbara Simpson*
Robyn Crumly100
Vic Befera100
John & Mary Schaefer*
Suzanne & Bert Bell*
Carolyn Brennan*
Drew McCalley & Marilyn Green100
Lee & Judy Shulman100
Lawrence Yang & Jennifer Kuan1,000
Veronica Tincher*
Michael Couch250
John & Florine Galen*
Julie & Jon Jerome*
Sally & Abdo Kadifa1,000
Judith & Warren Goodnow300
Don & Dee Price45
Jan Thomas & Roy Levin*
Bruce Campbell200
Diane & Bob Simoni200
Dennis Clark150
Leif & Sharon Erickson250
Arden King25
Richard Alexander1,000
Scott & Jan Kilner500
Stephen & Nancy Levy500
Elaine & Eric Hahn*
Bill Johnson & Terri Lobdell1,000
Keith Clarke200
Havern Family5,000
Dorothy Kennedy200
Gwen Luce and Family*
Janis Ulevich100
Hamilton Hitchings250
Andrea Smith100
Bonnie Berg*
Ellen & Mike Turbow200
Ruth Hammett*
Lijun & Jia-Ning Xiang100
Phil Hanawalt & Graciela Spivak1,000
Nancy & Joe Huber100
Ann & Don Rothblatt500
Felecia Levy100
Elizabeth Kok*
Carol Bacchetti*
Virginia & Don Fitton25
Ted & Ginny Chu*
Judy Ousterhout*
Ruth Rosenbaum100
Glenn Affleck25
Judy Kramer*
Dorothy Saxe*
Lawrence Naiman100
Steven Feinberg5,000
Freddy & Jan Gabus250
Susan & Doug Woodman 150
Brigid Barton1,000
Margot Goodman100
Peter Stern*
Sally & Craig Nordlund500
Joe & Marlene Prendergast*
Carol & Roy Blitzer*
Sally O'Neil & Ken Bencala100
Chris & Beth Martin*
Judith Appleby300
Margaret Fisher50
Phil Fernandez & Daniel Sternbergh*
Betsy & George Bechtel100
Marcia Katz200
Beth Marer-Garcia25
Richard Mazze100
Greg & Penny Gallo500
Braff Family500
Chris Kenrick1,000
Art Stauffer500
Kenyon Family500
William DeBord1,000
Linda & Steve Boxer*
Eugene & Mabel Dong200
Barbara Riper*
Harry & Susan Hartzell100
Jim & Alma Phillips500
Elizabeth Salzer & Richard Baumgartner*
Luca & Mary Cafiero500
Tom & Pat Sanders*
Teresa Roberts2,000
Joanne Koltnow300
Hal & Iris Korol250
Kaaren & John Antoun1,500
Ellen & Tom Ehrlich400
Richard & Tish Fagin200
Chuck & Jean Thompson100
Godfrey Family100
Dorsey & Katherine Bass300
Judith & Hans Steiner100
Sue Kemp250
Cathy & Howard Kroymann250
Gordon Chamberlain300
Denise Savoie & Darrell Duffie*
Micki & Bob Caredelli*
Joan Norton*
Rosalie Shepherd100
Diane Moore*
Don & Adele Langendorf200
Jody Maxmin*
Gerald & Joyce Barker*
In Memory Of

Joe, Mary Fran & Stephen Scroggs100
Al Bernal50
Bob Kirkwood100
Dave Thomas' Dad*
Lindsey D. Draper*
Aaron O'Neill50
Betty Meltzer25
Bob Markevitch*
Tinney Family250
Russell C. Evarts*
Bill Land*
Jim & Dottie Mellberg*
Anna Zemei Wang41 Lee Domenik50
Leonard Ely250
Ted Linden200
Mary Floyd35
Ken Sletten*
Ando & Barbara MacDonell100
Jacques & Wanda250
Elliot W. Eisner*
Eric Demant50
Katharine Rogers King*
Ernest J. Moore200
Boyd Paulson, Jr. *
August Lee King30
Steve Fasani*
Emmett Lorey*
Becky Schaefer*
Kathy Morris*
Yoko Nonaka100
Our loving parents Albert & Beverly Pellizzari*
Don & Marie Snow100
Carol Berkowitz200
Bertha Kalson*
Marsha Alper250
Ronald Popp*
Yen-Chen & Er-Ying250
Dr. Nanci Yuan1,000
Jim Byrnes100
Ruth & Chet Johnson*
Robert Lobdell*
Pam Grady250
Helen Rubin500
Tracy & Alan Herrick*
Ken Sletten*
Nate Rosenberg150
Bob Donald100
Duncan Matteson500
Thomas W. & Louise L. Phinney*
Leo & Sylvia Breidenbach*
Florence Kan Ho*
Dr. David Zlotnick250
Janet H. Hermsen200
Jack Sutorius300
As a Gift For

Ned & Judy Lund*
Ada's Café50
In Honor Of

Our Grandchildren250
Walter Keller100
Steve & Susan Hamil*
Trina & Larry Lovercheck*
Kaye Kelley & Richard Van Dusen250
Ms. Georgia Lee*
Georgia Lee*
Peter Ullman*
Lucy Berman's clients2,500
Kathryn Avery*
Elaine Hahn*
Carolyn Reese300
Marilyn Sutorius300

Palo Alto Weekly Moonlight Run & Walk53,745
Sponsors of Moonlight Run:
    Palo Alto Medical Foundation5,000
    Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation5,000
    Stanford Federal Credit Union5,000
    DeLeon Realty5,000
    Wealth Architects5,000
    Lakin Spears2,000
    Bank of the West1,000
Peery Foundation10,000
Arrillaga Foundation10,000
Packard Foundation 25,000
Hewlett Foundation25,000
Good Bear & Co. Charitable Fund5,000
Alta Mesa Cemetery & Funeral Home1,800
Attorney Susan Dondershine200
Bleibler Properties500
Communications & Power Industries500
Harrell Remodeling*
deLemos Properties500

Apply for a Holiday Fund Grant

Nonprofits serving children and families may apply for funds by downloading our Grant Application Guidelines and Grant Application Form. Application deadline: 11:59 p.m. on January 4, 2019.