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By Cheryl Bac

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Uploaded: Mar 17, 2021

Not surprisingly, last St. Patrick’s Day we focused our time and energy on learning how to stay safe during the pandemic, how to get the groceries we needed, and how to keep our kids happy and healthy.

This year we are very excited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We are focusing on rainbows as our kids remember all of the Covid rainbows of hope last spring.

1. Colored lights: This colored flashlight activity was a hit! It reminded me of some of the light exhibits at the Exploritorium. Using the colored flashlights, we enjoyed making white light and rainbow shadows on our walls.

2. Green flowers: We enjoyed making a rainbow using endive for Valentine’s Day. With the extra food coloring, we decided to try to dye our daffodils green for St. Patrick’s Day. After a day, it is fun to see green steaks appearing.

3. Rainbow cards: We enjoyed making 2 rainbow cards this month. The accordion rainbow was a lot easier to make than the heart waterfall card. But we were very happy with the end result for both.

4. Favorites from last year: Over the years we’ve tried many activities with rainbows. We enjoyed repeating a few of our favorites: Growing rainbow, Magically appearing rainbows, Skittles circle, Walking water rainbow, Rainbow sugar water

5. Steve Spangler’s Leprechaun Trap: Our daughter made her first Leprechaun trap for school this week. Afterwards we checked out Steve Spangler’s Leprechaun trap and his other St. Patrick’s Day science activities.

What are your favorite St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids?