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By Steve Levy

I am Voting Yes on Measure RR to Provide Caltrain a Dedicated Revenue Source

Uploaded: Sep 27, 2020

Continued and expanded Caltrain service will provide benefits to residents, the environment and the economy. Conversely, the diminished or eliminated service that will occur without additional and dedicated revenue will have the opposite effect.

I do not drive myself but support the tax for those who must drive for commuting. Large increases in jobs and housing are planned in many Caltrain cities (Redwood City, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and San Jose) and the tax will help save time and money for those who can take the train and save time and really crowded freeways for those who must drive.

Even if readers do not personally benefit from continued and expanded service (I can walk to work or work from home for example), we can understand the benefits to others and the environment.

The capacity increases funded by the tax revenue will take drivers off the road, reduce environmental damage and help remaining drivers by reducing congestion.

The new regional housing allocations ask peninsula cities to plan for and support increases in the number of low and moderate income housing units that by virtue of being here are closer to jobs than if they lived in Tracy or Los Banos. The cost of Caltrain for these riders is increasingly being covered by programs from employers and cities like Palo Alto.

So Measure RR by continuing and expanding Caltrain with firm funding adds equity benefits to the reduction of congestion and pollution.

Yes, these are difficult economic times for many but the threat of diminished or eliminated Caltrain service is real.

I realize there are people who wish there were fewer jobs and residents but that is not going to happen along the Caltrain corridor no matter what Palo Alto chooses.

This is a good investment for people, the environment and the economy.