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By Max Greenberg

Can Coffee Shops Offer a Safer Alternative?

Uploaded: Jun 11, 2020

As of today, June 11, 2020 Peet's Coffee on Charleston near Middlefield has switched over from taking your order and payment at a table blocking the front door and having you pick up at a table in front of their other door, to you need to come into the store to order and pickup your drink (unless you order and pay ahead, then just come in and pick up.) I'm feeling like the day before it was not safe to go inside, and now the next day it's OK, all is well? They said they were asking folks to wear masks and only 6 customers let inside at a time.

Is there any reason they can't offer customers a choice: order and pick up inside the store, or order and pick up outside by the rear door? The reality is customers who are going inside are more or less guinea pigs and if there is a spike of cases traced to Peet's, they could end up with zero customers for a while.

I'm assuming as of today dine-in is allowed at cafes, restaurants and coffee shops in Palo Alto. Let's cross our fingers, wear masks, social distance and hope for the best. But just because "people were asking to be allowed inside" doesn't mean you would want to possibly eliminate half of your current customers who feel just safe enough for exterior ordering and pickup to patronize you these last few months.