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By Cheryl Bac

The Terrible Twos

Uploaded: Mar 25, 2019

Our youngest is two and I feel like I am in uncharted territory. She is our third child, but this is the first time I am experiencing the "terrible twos" as a non-pregnant mother.

It is the first time I don’t have to deal with the frequent obgyn appointments. The first time I’m not nauseous and uncomfortable. The first time I’m not extra hormonal and emotional. The first time we aren’t preparing her and everyone else in the family for a big life change.

There is something so overwhelming about being pregnant and dealing with a toddler. You want to spend lots of quality time with your little one before baby comes, but at the same time your little one wants more and more independence.

So far the “terrible twos” have been a bit more manageable this time around. Of course there are challenging days, but I’m not trying to juggle quality time with our youngest while also preparing for the birth of a baby. And just remembering that I have one fewer thing on my plate right now helps me keep a little calmer during those extra challenging moments.