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By Elena Kadvany

Redwood City's Woodside Deli undergoes remodel

Uploaded: May 30, 2018

The first day Kyle Vogel was officially the new owner of local sandwich standby Woodside Deli, the county health department conducted a surprise, coincidental inspection. He was informed that the 1453 Woodside Road deli, which Dan Galinetti opened in 1958, needed to be brought up to code.

Vogel closed the deli temporarily in late January to make the necessary upgrades and other cosmetic changes. The space is still under construction but he hopes to reopen soon.

There will be new bathrooms, indoor seating, wiring, plumbing and parking lot, but the sandwich menu will not change. The deli will continue to make sausage, deli meats and prepared foods in house. There will be a slightly smaller selection of imported Italian products to make room for the seating.

"The look and feel will be a little different … but it will be at heart the exact same deal," Vogel said.

Vogel, an East Coast native and frequent Woodside Deli customer, bought the deli last spring when Galinetti decided to retire. He describing owning a deli as his "dream that would not die."

Simply put: "I love sandwiches," he said. "(They’re) super accessible. Everybody eats sandwiches."

Vogel was introduced to Woodside Deli while working for a meal-prep company in Menlo Park years ago. He was craving a quality Italian sub and found the deli to be "everything I was used to from the East Coast."

Years later, when thinking about what he wanted to do professionally, Vogel decided to work there in preparation for opening his own deli. He and Galinetti struck a deal when the longtime owner decided to retire.

Vogel has been frustrated by the pace of the remodel, which has been set back by several delays, and repeatedly thanked loyal customers for their patience.

"It's a delay …but it is only a delay and we will absolutely be back and it will be great," he said.

For updates on the deli's progress and reopening, check the Woodside Deli Facebook page.