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By Laura Stec

More Plastic in the Ocean than Fish?

Uploaded: Jul 31, 2017

What if the ocean had more plastic than fish?

It's a question being posed by scientists and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They report that plastic is found "in almost every aquatic habitat on Earth—including the ocean, lakes and rivers—and it impacts over half of all marine mammals. From water bottles and plastic bags to straws and coffee cups, the plastic problem is literally in our hands—and we have the power to make positive change."

The majority of throw-away plastics used by Americans comes from our food and grocery store choices. In response, Monterey Bay Aquarium has joined 18 other aquariums across the country to launch a new campaign called In Our Hands, an effort to educate, reduce single-use plastics, and choose alternatives.

Please check out the website and learn simple actions to reduce your plastic use.

Thank you from the sea.