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By Sally Torbey

Packing for the Women's March

Uploaded: Jan 18, 2017

This week I am traveling to Washington DC. My Houston-based daughter and I are meeting there to attend the Women’s March on Washington this Saturday. On the event website, there is a detailed and exhaustive list of Rights for which we will enthusiastically march, and a location and start time for the rally, but otherwise, specifics of the event are scant.

When traveling I take great pains to pack whatever I might possibly need for safety, comfort, productivity, and enjoyment. With over 200,000 people expected at the Women’s March, and the possibility of rainy winter weather, inadequate facilities, and spotty cell coverage, I would prefer to carry my entire earthquake-preparedness kit so we would have everything we would need to be self-sufficient for three days, including a portable radio, spare batteries, and a bedroll. But I can’t. For security reasons, attendees are limited to one 8-by-6-by-4-inch tote, which is barely enough room for my reading glasses. What to do about my waterproof-but-breathable rain pants, first-aid kit (complete with mouth barrier for administering CPR), and laminated Metro system map?

Tomorrow I am heading to REI, tape measure in hand, to find a fanny pack that when stuffed full of essentials exactly fits those dimensions. I will also buy a coat with numerous huge pockets to stash my gear. I will look like the Michelin man, but it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind I will have by being totally prepared!