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By Cheryl Bac

The Gift of Google Home

Uploaded: Dec 31, 2016

One of the gifts our family received for Christmas this year was a Google Home. When we opened it, I first thought of a commercial I had seen about a dad using Google Home while reading to his daughter. I was excited to see how our kids would like the product.

We haven't used Google Home to answer questions while reading a book yet. Instead, our son enjoys just asking Google Home questions that pop into his head. I was surprised that Google Home can understand and answer many his questions. Of course some aren't answered, but it's been fun to see our son learn what he can ask Google Home and how to ask his questions.

I was excited to check out Google Home's ability to translate, as we are spending time with a relative who speaks very little English. However, I didn't end up using that feature. I quickly realized that I usually need an entire conversation translated rather than just a key phrase or one word.

I'm curious how our family will interact with Google Home in a few months. Right now our kids think of many questions to ask Google Home while we are away from home (at a play date, in the car, at the grocery store). But, maybe they will use it more once baby is born and we are spending a bit more time at home and I am a bit more unavailable.