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By Steve Levy

Questions About the Acquisition of the Buena Vista Site

Uploaded: Jun 25, 2016

In discussions with friends, several questions arose and I am interested in learning the answers.

1) in the proposal announced last week, who would own the site?

2) upon acquisition of the site, what rules would apply as to who can live there now that public money is involved?

3) My understanding is that currently the residents own their mobile homes but rent space on the site. How if at all will this change when the site is owned and operated by a public housing agency? Will the mobile homes remain, need to be upgraded, converted eventually to apartment type units?

4) What are the rules related to succession? If a current resident leaves, how is succession determined? By working off the agency wait list?

5) My memory from early meetings with Supervisor Simitian is that all 117 units will not be allowed even if the site remains a mobile home park. Is this correct and if so how will those who must leave be determined?

6) Will those who are allowed to stay be required to be qualified under rules for receiving public assistance for housing? How many current residents qualify?

7) I understood that besides acquisition costs, there are renovation costs and operating costs. What is the magnitude of these costs?

8) What procedures will the Housing Authority follow in determining whether to invoke eminent domain?

9) Are there options that allow existing residents to remain AND provide housing for additional eligible low income families?

I hear a lot of discussion about whether the acquisition is a good idea or not but very little information on what will actually happened if the site is acquired for housing for low income residents.