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By John Raftrey And Lori McCormick

Once Again, UC’s Confuse and Disappoint Top Seniors

Uploaded: Mar 19, 2016

(Written by John Raftrey)

The UC’s are once again giving out confusing results to frustrated high school seniors. Davis must have one long wait list. I’ve been talking with other college counselors and a lot of high performing students have been wait listed at UC Davis. One counselor suggested Davis is following what they did last year when they admitted 2,030 (two thousand thirty, not a typo) students off the wait list. This how how colleges control their numbers in an era when students are applying to more and more schools and colleges are having trouble forecasting how many students they admit will say yes.

One student was waitlisted by Davis and won a full ride to Stoneybrook University, the gem of the state of New York university system.

If you are waitlisted at a UC, make sure you read and understand the rules to make sure you stay on the wait list. You have to accept a spot on a wait list by a specific date and that date varies from school to school. You can also send a brief email. Last year 6,300 students did not tell Davis they wanted to stay on the wait list.

If you are denied at a UC and want to appeal, read closely and understand the rules and the dates to file your appeal. It is very rare to win an appeal. Something dramatic has to have changed since you filed your application. Think of it like when the innocence project uses new DNA technology to exonerate a man who has been wrongly convicted and a judge grants a new trial. It almost has to be a clear mistake made by the UC or you have to win the Intel Science Talent Search.

Where to get help. Just like there are lawyers who are expert on appeals, there is a counselor who is an expert on UC appeals. Wei-Li Sun who is a friend of mine, is an expert on UC waitlist and denial appeals. Her website a loads of free advice on what to do. Check out her website:

Good Luck everybody. Just remember, like the old-time player and Manager of the Yankees Yogi Berra used to say, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”