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By Sally Torbey

Breakfast for dinner

Uploaded: Oct 7, 2015

My daughter's Girl Scout troop enjoys cooking, so an important part of our meetings is preparing and consuming a meal together before we accomplish our other tasks. We meet monthly on a Friday night. At the last meeting it was decided to make breakfast for dinner, because breakfast is really everybody's favorite meal. Thirteen girls cooking together in a home kitchen is at best chaotic, and at worst enticingly dangerous. Between the flaming burners, hot oven and sharp knives it is a wonder that nobody gets hurt! Crowded around four burners, the girls flipped pancakes, grilled French toast, broiled bacon, scrambled eggs, and heated a marshmallow syrup for the fruit salad. What is most remarkable, besides the lack of injuries, is how the results of all this chaos taste pretty good!
Some of the scouts shared that they had enjoyed a breakfast for dinner tradition with their own families, and they reminisced about the dinners of egg sandwiches and pancakes they had when they were younger. I suspect that, like me, their parents made breakfast for dinner when life had become overwhelmingly busy and a grocery run was long overdue. Eggs and bread were the only ingredients in the frig, but were enough to make a satisfying meal on an evening of back-to-back carpools or after a meeting that ran late. We probably made the meal chastising ourselves that we didn't have it together enough to cook a proper supper. Ironically, though, it is not the meal created from extensive planning and preparation but the one made as a last resort that is remembered by the kids as the special occasion!
This is not the first time that I have experienced my kids fondly remembering the simplest of events, while elaborate efforts go unnoticed. I plan to remind myself of this often as the holiday season rapidly approaches!