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By Cheryl Bac

Our kids' alarm clocks

Uploaded: Sep 24, 2015

Our son started preschool this fall. One of the many things we did to prepare him for school was change his sleep schedule. Like most parents, we hope he arrives at school both on time and well rested.

My original plan was just to gradually shift his bedtime earlier over the course of the summer. But, with a family vacation planned for the beginning of August, I ended up waiting until after our trip to alter his sleep. Vacations usually mess up our kids' schedules and this one was no different.

His sleeping patterns didn't change overnight but I have our daughter to thank for altering our son's sleep. After our vacation she not only woke up early but also made sure all of us knew she was awake and ready to play. Our son is now used to his sister's "wake up call" and is generally happy to wake up to her babbles. And whether she likes it or not, he doesn't hesitate to return the favor when he is the one waking up first.

How did you change your children's sleep schedules to prepare for the school year?