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By Sally Torbey

An early Mother's Day gift

Uploaded: May 6, 2015

This year, my preteen and teenage daughters gave me an early Mother's Day gift. They permitted me to do a really embarrassing thing in public and some of their friends even witnessed it!

We have cohabitated with teenagers for over a dozen years. For the most part they have us well trained not to behave in ways that humiliate them. Other than the occasional lecture to the carpool on the dangers of underage drinking, I try to be sensitive to their extreme self-consciousness and contain myself when we are in public together. Until last weekend. The girls and I performed in our annual church musical. For this year's show, I was unexpectedly called upon to don a large, sparkly, fruity, Carmen Miranda-style hat and dance the cha-cha front and center while shaking maracas. It was a total blast.

Thank you, girls, for indulging your mother, and allowing me to do such a wacky thing, and for even giving me high-fives afterwards. It almost makes up for the fact that instead of being served a scrambled-eggs breakfast in bed this year, I will be on my second camping trip within a two week period with one of your Girl Scout troops this Mother's Day!