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By Cathy Kirkman

Guest Post from FoPAAS: Meet Sam the Dog!

Uploaded: Dec 29, 2014

Here's a guest post from the Friends of the Palo Alto Animal Shelter, about a lovely dog named Sam, who is available for adoption. Sam is available for $12 on Tuesday & Wednesday, December 30th and 31st. Those are the final two days of the $12 Home for the Holidays fee for adopting adult dogs & cats. After that, the regular adoption fees, which are still very reasonable, will apply. Thanks to FoPAAS president Scottie Zimmerman for the text, and to Jill Thompson for the photos.

Sam was picked up as a stray in Palo Alto on June 23rd, 2014, and brought to the shelter for the usual evaluations and health check. They estimate his age at 2.5 years. Sam is an energetic, strong, healthy youngster, and he's also very sweet tempered. One of Sam's many human friends gave him a stuffed Santa toy to play with, and Sam likes to please his friends. So he picked up Santa and took him for a quick gallop around the play area at the shelter. You can see the joyful gleam in Sam's eye, right?

Sam, like most pit bull mixes, is a smart, sensitive dog. He watches to see what wins your approval and what doesn't. He wants to play fetch with Santa and is not eager to tear Santa into small pieces of white fluff.

For most of his stay at PAAS (6 months so far) Sam has worked on leash with experienced dog trainers, learning good manners and basic commands. For example, Sam knows what it means to "sit."

And he understands "down."

After 6 months at the shelter, Sam is ready for his own home and family. We recommend that he go to a family with lots of practice working with big, high-energy breeds. And his new owner should continue Sam's training, possibly in a class provided by Our Pack, Inc, a rescue group that specializes in pit bulls & chihuahuas. You can find the class schedules on Our Pack's website

Sam is a gorgeous, smart, friendly sweetheart who's been a good sport about waiting to be adopted. If he looks like the dog for you, meet him at Palo Alto Animal Services, 3281 E. Bayshore Road.