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By Cathy Kirkman

This Saturday at the Animal Shelter + A Dog Named Sam

Uploaded: Sep 23, 2014

The Palo Alto animal shelter is holding an event this Saturday, September 27th, that you won't want to miss if you have pets or are thinking about adopting. It is their annual Responsible Pet Owners Day.

It's co-sponsored by the City of Palo Alto Animal Services, and the Skyline Pet Fanciers of San Mateo County. Skyline Dog Fanciers is an AKC licensed all-breed purebred dog club located in San Mateo.

If you have pets, you can get them vaccinated at a special low cost ($6 for rabies and $15 for DA2PP & Bordetella). You can also get AKC microchipping for $20. It's also a great time to get your dog licensed, which not only are you *supposed* to do, but it also supports city services, keeps your dog's shot records handy in the city's database and rewards you with an official Palo Alto Dog Tag for your dog to sport on their collar.

If you are thinking about adopting, you should know that all adoption fees will be 50% off. You can see available animals here on Pet Harbor. Presently there are over 30 animals looking for homes, including numerous dogs and cats of various ages and types, along with several bunnies and hamsters.

The event hours are from 11am to 3pm on Saturday. For more info, call 650-496-5971. The shelter is located across 101 at 3281 East Bayshore, between Embarcadero and San Antonio.

Also, we are featuring here one of the dogs up for adoption: this beautiful young male American Staffordshire Terrier named Sam, with photos below courtesy of volunteer Jill Thompson. I am told that Sam is eager to please, learning obedience and will overcompensate such as by lying down when asked to sit, as he tries his best to do what he's asked.

A word from Sam: "Yo Sam here, I'm looking to be a great dog for you. I think it would be fun to run together or alongside while you bike, and also to learn more commands. I'm super devoted and loyal, and you can always count on me to be at your side, whether we're watching that flat screen thing you people like so much, or doing something a bit more interesting like cooking up that meat supply which I totally respect you for having."

Go meet Sam and learn more about him and the other pets up for adoption!