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By Sally Torbey

The best Mother's Day ever

Uploaded: May 10, 2014

I have unintentionally set myself up for the best Mother's Day ever, not by being an especially caring, patient, and attentive parent in anticipation of the big day, but by being completely absent. I was away unexpectedly helping out our eldest daughter in the Midwest for a week, and then returned home only to be promptly bedridden with the flu. Everyone in the family, including the dog, coped admirably during my absence and illness, but there was much left undone, making it even more obvious than usual what I contribute. Our youngest was the most amazed and actually uttered that time worn phrase,"I never realized how much you do, Mom, until you stopped doing it!"

It was difficult being away unexpectedly, and completely miserable being sick, but the silver lining is that my family is really happy to have me back, and I am happy to be back, and feeling more appreciated than ever.

Happy Mother's Day!