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By Laura Stec

Women ? More Adventurous Eaters Than Men?

Uploaded: Oct 29, 2013

Moles, molecules and joules, blah, blah and blah. This week's Science and Cooking really has me confused. Professor Cutie Pie had us determine the number of molecules in his favorite recipe, Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies. We measured flour in moles (large groups of molecules), butter temperature in joules, and learned our first equation; Q= mcp∆T. Aahhckkk! I can't explain it to myself and certainly not to you. This class is going to be harder than I thought.

Time for my own scientific hypothesis.

Last week, I catered a veritable vegetable feast; Grilled Fort Bragg Salmon, Fall Veggie Risotto, Grilled Persimmon Salad with Maple Spiced Walnuts, Roasted Candied Carrots and Maple Dijon Brussels Sprouts. One of the appetizers came from my book, "Cool Cuisine;" Carrot Daikon Canape: a mix of tahini, miso, brown rice syrup, lime juice, toasted sesame seeds and Sriracha, mounded onto a thin slice of daikon radish and topped with a Kalamata olive and cilantro leaf. Crunchy, yummy sweet and spicy, mmm, mmm good!

I was hesitant to make them because of a not-so-great reception at a recent Appy Hour class. This time however, the guests kept saying, ?More, more.? What was the difference? Event A was a tech company with a lot of guys. Event B was all women.

I started to hypothesize?

What if women are more adventurous eaters than men? More open to trying new things, different tastes? Not the same ol? way, night after night?..

My thoughts immediately went to Anthony Bourdain, chef and author of Kitchen Confidential. This guy travels the world eating things I'd never touch. Sheep testicles, ant eggs, or raw seal eyeballs anyone? Definitely adventurous ? hypothesis needs revision.

But wait - I cooked for this guy at the East Bay Vegetarian dinner he writes about in Kitchen Confidential. Remember that part of the book? He goes on about how "scary the meal was," bashing vegetarian food as not flavorful, and down- right stupid. Was it the tofu that freaked you out Tony? Not very adventurous. For the book, (I might add) he only ate at restaurants with trained chefs, except for the vegetarian meal, where he purposely chose untrained cooks. That chapter was a setup.

No matter ? I think I am on to something. Laura?s Law; There are "male" appetizers and "female" appetizers. An important deduction as we head to the holidays. Check back in November for a special ?Holiday meal tips and tricks? Food Party!, but for now your homework is to start thinking of the balance.

Class adjourned. Discussion open.

p.s. ? I got an A+ from Marlboro Man on my dish that night. Why? I cooked my vegetables more "male." Remember, treat your vegetables like meat. See Food Party! blog #1 for a how-to.

p.s.s. On Nov 9th, our local cool gym in Portola Valley, Pacific THERx, hosts "Home for the Holidays" (my appetizer class) at 1 PM. Check out their website. Please join us!