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By Rebecca Wallace

Ad Libs: Art league at work

Uploaded: Jun 14, 2013

Classes at the Palo Alto institution known as the Pacific Art League are being held 'round the corner at 227 Forest Ave. while the building undergoes major renovations. Exhibits are there, too. During this time, it's strange to peer into the venerable old Ramona Street building and see a wide open space instead of a gallery, folks painting and framed art. Space busy with construction workers and equipment, that is.

I strolled 'round the corner this morning and visited animal-themed art in the big group exhibit. Instead of being a dedicated gallery, the large room was displaying its shows on the walls while housing an ongoing art class in the middle of the room. The ambiance was noisier than at a gallery, but cheerful. I like an exhibit with a creative buzz.

In the adjacent foyer gallery the artist Duan Zhaonan is displaying portraits of Chinese opera singers, heavy on the reds, with swift-looking brushstrokes.

Construction is scheduled to finish next April.

Pictured: The Ramona Street facade of the Pacific Art League, currently under construction. Photo by Rebecca Wallace.

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