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By Paul Losch


Uploaded: Dec 21, 2012

What transpired last week in Connecticut was indeed tragic beyond my imagination.

While my kids are now grown adults, I kept thinking about how the schools they attended could have been assaulted by some nut case who shot while kids were in the playground, not even a classroom

I had a conversation with my son, who is an elementary school teacher, about what his school did at a staff level and with the students in the classroom this week. They tried to play it down. Kids should not be concerned about this sort of thing. Teachers and Administrators should not either. This should not be an issue, because we have safe environments for people.

I then heard a spokesperson from the NRA (National Rifle Association) assert that the "solution" to the problem of mass killings is to have armed officers in schools. What BS.

What about movie theaters, where an incident in Aurora Colorado took place. What about a Sikh temple in Wisconsin? I could go on with other examples, and I think the point is made.

I am of the opinion that there is so much disingeuity around guns in this country. Too much hiding under the guise of the 2nd Amendment that makes little or no sense in this day and age.