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By Paul Losch

Bain, Mitt Riomney and Meg Whitman

Uploaded: Feb 25, 2012

I am of the opinion that Bainies, as they are called, are not well qualified for political office.

I have worked as a client with the Bain folks on the consulting side, and I hold them and my epxerience with them in very high regard. Met Meg Whitman when she was there, never met Mitt Romney. The Bain people with whom I had close interaction, including current EBay CEO John Donahoe, were just great people.

Perhaps they are too highly trained in how to manage clients, and think it is the same as managing voters. For good and for bad, when Bain is consulting for a company, there will be manipulation by the Bain folks. Bain is very good at corporate politics.

It does appear that such skills do not translate into effective national politics in the case of Mitt, or a run to be Governor of California in the case 1 1/2 years ago in the case of Meg. They both have been lfat-footed in the campaigns for high public office.

Don't get me wrong, both of these people are very effective and succesful executives, and have had a positive impact on things in which they have been involved.

Like both of them, I have a Harvard MBA. I have been turned down for jobs over the years because I was not viewed as "qualified," or had the "right relevant expenrience." I got over it.

Meg got a similar rejection letter Novmeber 2010, and Mitt will get the same, most likely in the general election in November.

Not bad people, just not right for the job.