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By Paul Losch

Cloudy Skies--Katrina, Irene

Uploaded: Aug 29, 2011

My daughter still is home here in Palo Alto, due to the weather from Hurricane Irene on the East Coast. 11,000 flights cancelled over the weekend.

She had plans back at college in Vermont that Irena has disrupted. Major scramble on the internet and the phone to re-schedule.

My ex-wife and I were driving back to Palo Alto about this time in 2005, after our son started his college time in Spokane. NPR was on in the car, and we heard the drama develop well before Katrina actually introduced herself to New Orleans.

I am grateful to all those who erred to the fault of caution with regard to this current disaster: overall did it turn out to be less of a disaster due to their actions? We never will know.

I just remember driving home 6 years ago for 1 and half days and hearing on the radio of little or nothing being done to deal with the storm that New Orleans would experience. Overall, did it turn out to be more of a disaster due to their inattention? We never will know.

But I know what sort of people I prefer to have in charge of our nation's safety in such circumstances.