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By Paul Losch

Cellular & NIMBY

Uploaded: Apr 4, 2011

Who among us know people who no longer have a land line phone?

There are many in generations younger that don't need or value such a thing. It is a dinosaur.

I was driving along Middlefield over the weekend, and across from the Little League Park were signs objecting to the notion of cellular telephone antennas being installed at the ball park.

I live near the church on Channing Avenue which also has offered to provide a place for additional cellular capacity.

The alleged reason for opposition, without evidence, is that these antennas are a health hazard.

Let's face it: cellular phones are here to stay. Land lines will go away, after a long and dignified service.

I am of the point of view that those objecting to antennas in their neighborhoods are the new NIMBYS.