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By Paul Losch

Adios Newsweek, Hola Economist

Uploaded: Mar 10, 2011

My Newsweek magazine subscription that I have had since college is up for renewal. I will let it lapse.

I plan instead to subscribe to the Economist.

I no longer subscribe to the Mercury News or the New York Times, and I think my behavior exemplifies the dilemma the print media faces.
The content that I value from the Merc and the Times I can get on line. Newsweek is another story.

It was owned by the Washington Post Company for years, and tried a major makeover a year or two ago, and actually I liked it. Although it was a thinner magazine, I thought it was sharper, albeit DC focused. Then it got sold for One Dollar.

Enter Tina Brown, formerly of British rags, Vanity Far, the New Yorker, and most recent the Daily Beast, an on-line site. I got my first issue under Tina's thumb this week, and that did it for me. No renewal.

Newsweek and I have grown apart, along the lines of my impending divorce from my spouse. Tina is a brilliant editor, and she is reaching out to people other than my profile. I wish Newsweek well, but I think they are pushing strings. And it no longer is for me.

The Economist, for those so inclined, offers deep articles on global and national policy issues. I have constantly bought it off the news stand and the check out line at the grocery store, and it will now be the weekly I look forward to getting in the mail.

It is sad to end a long relationship, be it a marriage, readership in a magazine, or other things that have involved a commitment and involvement. But I don't think the Newsweek that I have enjoyed over the years will be the same, and what I perceive Tina doing with it ain't my thing.

I will "date" The Economist with a one year subscription, and I hope it turns into a LTR.

What are you subscribing to?